App Giveaway: Alert Notes for iPhone

Alert Notes is a nifty little apps that converts normal, plain English notes into reminders.

If you're a fast typer, Alert Notes is probably quicker than other apps that require you to turn dials to select times and dates. I love how Alert Notes recognize contacts but doesn't make you choose anything about the contact until the moment you need access to the information. It's one less step to the alert-created process.

This app understands dates, relative dates and phrases that indicate recurring alerts. It's also smart enough to detect email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, URLs, names and initials from your Contacts for quick access later. It's the ideal app to keep all those tidbits you want to be reminded of later.

  • Set alerts using plain English
  • Recurring alerts
  • Detects emails, phone numbers, street addresses, URLs, names and initials from your device's Contacts
  • Fast search that updates as you type
  • Full support for landscape mode
  • Archiving of past notes
  • Send a text message, initiate a FaceTime call, or share the contact info for detected names and initials
  • Persistent alerts mode
  • TextExpander support

Update includes:

  • Landscape mode support
  • Ability to quickly send a text message, initiate a FaceTime call, or share the contact info for names and initials detected from your notes' text
  • Lengthened some of the alert sounds, when appropriate
  • Improved detection for the days of the week
  • Improved detection and behavior for phrases like "nightly", "each night" and "every night"
  • Removed previously arbitrary limit to the number of info items (names, initials, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs) that can be detected in a note
  • Alert sound preview now stops playing as soon as you leave the alert sound chooser screen
  • Note titles and alert messages are now consistently capitalized


The gold folks at Purkee have given us 5 promo codes to give away to our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Alert Notes is available on the iPhone for $2.99.

[App Store link]

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Yaron Oaknin says:

I love your giveaways hope to win!

qtaran111 says:

Looks like a handy app to have.

L. Eng says:

love to give this a try...

Joseph Quintas says:

Lets do this! I love free apps!

Kal-El Rai says:

ill take a free one !! :)

Mr Mcvaughn says:

Tipb always has the best stuff.

PeterYoo says:

Would definitely love this! It's kind of like soulver but with time. Would help me day to day stuff with my daughter ;)

Heidimax97 says:

I want to win this!
Please check out my technology-based videos

Larry Darnell says:

I need someone to make the alert for me!

Jon Hope says:

That's sick I hope nuance will allow something of this nature. Seems like reminders already has some of these capabilities but this looks really sick!!

jhoffmeyer says:

Sounds cool! I'd love to give it try!

WatersWest says:

This would be great in conjunction with Dragon Dictation.

Steve says:

Give me this and I won't stress anymore by waiting for the included in iOS 5. ;)

WatersWest says:

This would be great in conjunction with Dragon Dictation!

Dforbis says:

Sounds like a great app...

Rgarza70 says:

cool app on an awesome website. Good to see TiPb working it out with app vendors.
cheers guys

Cdriggers615 says:

Looks like a pretty useful app!!

tintcommerce says:

What a time saver! Hope it works as advertised.

Paul Ouzounis says:

Just what I need for my new job next week.
Thanks guys.

Iain says:

Awesome! Please count me in

Williamjwood76 says:

This app looks awesome would help at work.

Harsharan says:

i will love this kind of app in my iphone

Erikstuff says:

Nice app, such a great idea. I've been looking for something smarter than the detection build in iOS4. Thanks!

aaron says:

Whoa! This is looks awesome, it would totally wake me up for school!! I could use it during class to set alerts and reminders for upcoming test days and homework due dates. Using regular old text to set alarms... genius!!!!

OrionAntares#CB says:

Submitting entry with this comment.

Turnermd says:

I can't wait to try this app out.

KunZ says:

Well, this app looks very promising. Combining Notes and Calendar with alert is useful specially when I use Notes a lot to keep everything.
So I can get rid of other task reminder apps for good.
$1.99 is not expensive at all, but possibly getting it as a gift is better.. ^_^

Murali G says:

Looks like a very useful app. Would love to try it out.

Kareem says:

I'd love to try this. It looks interesting!

Mellissa Pottle says:

This app looks neat, I'd love to win a copy.

Rickjpercy says:

I would like this and I my B-Day is 9/17. This would be a good start!

Dan Lizette says:

I'd like to give it a shot!

aidan berry says:

At last an app that allows a bit more joined up stuff
looks good

bzmomx4 says:

As a busy Mom with four kids, this app would be great to win!

Pastor Wilson says:

Looks pretty nice, I'l take one

Crescentb says:

I really would like to get this app also i need it getting older and starting to forget things. Forgot what else is was going to type.

terryzx says:

Looks to be an interesting app

Lbecker68 says:

Even on a keyboard as good as the one on my Iphone, my typing is painfully slow. This looks like it could make life a bit easier.

langolier says:

OK. I'd like this I think.