App Giveaway: Air Horn

Air Horn is an iPhone and iPad app that mimics, well, an air horn. The sounds were recorded from real air horns for a realistic feel.

The loudest, the coolest, the fastest, and the best Air Horn for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The App features multiple high quality, and loud sounds that imitate an actual Air Horn! The sounds were recorded from real Air Horns so you and the people hearing the horn will think its a real, physical Air Horn!

The update includes:

  • Air Horn is now a universal binary for iPad!
  • iOS 4 and iPhone 4 support!
  • Retina Display Support - All Graphics have been amped up and look amazing on the iPhone 4 screen
  • Faster Loading
  • Air and Noise now come out of the Horns when pressed!
  • UI Enhancements


The developer (and noted 9to5Mac news ninja), Mark Gurman, has given us four promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just let us know who you plan to blast with the air horn in the comments below!

Air Horn is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 52 comments. Add yours.

Realadampowell says:

My brother!!! While he's sleeping!

Digital ME says:

probably my GF as she is a heavy sleeper and needs to go to work in the morning :)

Hamza says:

To make some effect in my room with my brother :)

Marsha Leigh B says:

We have workers that sleep in a back room at work on the sly. My shift is at 330am. I'd SO love to walk in there and ...well you know.. lol

2Pumped says:

During journal club...when somebody goes over the 5 min. time limit!!!

Donald G Adams says:

I will most certainly be using this on my wife!

James says:

I will use it to blast my podcast cohosts when I'm watching hockey while we record.

driazen says:

My two hardheaded boys to wake them up in the morning for school!

Bryan says:

I would blast Rene Ritchie.

markie68 says:

I have a co-worker who loves to scare people when they least expect it... Kind of "crouching tiger, hidden dragon-ish". This may be just the tool that I can use to turn the table! Thanks

Seewyte says:

The speeders on our children- filled neighborhood!

Michelle says:

To get my kids out of bed!

LovemyiPhone says:

I'll be rocking the Air Horn at my kid's HS football games where my son is a player and my daughter is a cheerleader.
Hook me up please!

Carson J Gallo says:

Telling when people to go down the rides @ Splish Splash (Water Park)

Lbecker68 says:

Maybe this could get the kids out of bed? Nah, but I'd like to try!

JLo says:

..For a 17 year old that can't get up on his own to get to school.

Amir Rashid says:

blast to whom?
Steve ****...

Dnny3000 says:

I would give it to my daughter so she could tease me in the morning

BetaVirus1025 says:

Will use on a co-worker who will not shut-up when others are trying to talk. My co-workers will be forever grateful to the developer, Mark Gurman, for his brilliant app!

El Jefe says:

I would use it to blast donkeys that post links to absurd bidding sites.

BetaVirus says:

I will use this on a co-worker who has a bad habit of interrupting any one who disagrees with him. The more you try to stop him from doing it the louder he gets. Thank you to Mark Gurman the developer!

Jim says:

I would use it anytime I hear "bipartisan" on cable news!

chris canty says:

Im gonna air horn your mom!
Thanks TiPB


I'm gonna blast whoever the Mets are playing till end of the season and also the opposing teams fans as they walk by and cheer

Djwright007 says:

Those people who try to run you over while running the RED light!

@simonjhardy says:

I shall be going crazy blasting out some Hornage for England over the rugby world cup!,

jjh2397 says:

"Oh kids. Time to get up" hehehe

Petty says:

I plan to blast the Cowboys!

Noah says:

I teach high school math so I would def use this app to get my students' attention. It would work great. Thanks.

Amccolgan says:

When I get kids attention off tv

Gonesouth1 says:

I plan to use it at work during our managers meetings. When people startup fall asleep. Give them the horn.

Jim says:

I would like to scare the heck out of the barking dogs in the neighboorhood.

Allen Presley says:

I plan to use it every time my wife is incorrect. Hot the button and annoy the hell outta her, lol!!!

Pastorjimfarris says:

I would use it over the PA at football games that I announce for our local high school when we score

Rubenarrr says:

Scare random people in class when they doze off

rsearight says:

I am a high school English teacher and right after lunch, my students enter class with a serious case of the sleepeez. I'd love to use the app as a "wake up call" for my snoozing scholars ... it might even cause some of them to pass English, graduate, and develop an "air horn antidote" app!

Cyberjohn11 says:

This would be a great app to wake my son up with. Might get his attention.

Anguish says:

My neighbors wake up every single day in the middle of the night. It's on purpose, too. We've been battling it out for over a year now.
I would use this app to finally stand up for myself and get revenge.
Please choose me. =( They've kept me in a state of sleep deprivation forEVER.

Tony A says:

My grandmother!
She can't hear very well being 80 years old, so yelling at her doesn't get her attention very often, even if the hearing aid is turned up full blast, and after yelling so much my throat hurts.
This app would be awesome!
Yell once to get her attention, if yelling doesn't work I'll pull out my handy-dandy iPhone with my FREE Air Horn app...and blast her...that will get her attention!
I'll even send in a pic showing how great the app works.

JenifaOHjenny says:

I would blast it at my.boyfriend when I want him to come out to the car. He hates it when I honk the horn

Luis says:

It's not like I have an evil plan, but since it's sunday, and I have to study I may even use it to keep me awake.

Phisigfred says:

As a new York islander fan, I'd blast any new York ranger fan I see

speedracer99 says:

At a good old Canadiens Hockey game of course to cheer them on! Go HABS!

Beach4obx says:

I plan to use it to blast my landlord across the hall to get him to get with it!

Pathtek4 says:

I'm going to blast my wife in the middle of the night :)

Pn2bade says:

LOL, you people do realize that there are TONS of free air horn apps in the app store rifts?

bergman says:

I plan to blast presenters who run overtime!

bamf-hacker says:

I plan on annoying my boss with it :)

Eclipse144 says:

I would blast my best friend.... In a diner or a restaurant. Somewhere that's crowded and is sure to be embarrassing. It would complete 2011 for me.