Seidio Innocase Active for AT&T iPhone 4 review & giveaway

The Seidio Innocase Active case for the iPhone 4 is a nice choice if you want decent protection but don't want something as bulky as an Otterbox Defender. The case is made up of two separate pieces - a harder outer shell and a rubberized case that goes on first to give the phone a little more protection and padding.

The Innocase Active provides good protection and easy access to all ports. Port accessibility is something I've noticed to be a downfall with cases that provide more protection. Sometimes the ports are harder to access or the buttons are hard to push through a thicker casing. Since the Innocase Active goes on in two pieces, the harder outer shell gives you more protection but only the rubber portion covers all your buttons, making them easy to press which is always an added bonus.

I also didn't feel like the case added a ton of bulk which is a huge issue of mine with cases as heavy as the Otterbox. I love the iPhone 4's smaller form factor and adding a heavy case to it always seemed to ruin that for me. My iPhone is never in my purse but always in my pocket. So a thicker case makes it more of a pain to slide easily into a jean or shirt pocket. I was happy with the thickness of the Innocase Active and thought it provided more than adequate protection without adding tons of bulk.

I also had no issues with any accessories (3rd party or original Apple). All my chargers fit in nicely including my Griffin car charger. I despised the original Apple bumpers because no 3rd party chargers typically fit. You'd have to remove them. You won't need to worry about this with the Innocase Active. All my accessories worked just fine with the exception of the Apple dock. But that's to be expected unless you have a case where the bottom comes off such as the Innocase II line for iPhone 4 which is a great line of cases made by Seidio as well.


  • Provides extremely decent protection in a slimmer form factor
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Good price for the amount of protection it provides
  • All buttons and the volume switch are easy to press/toggle
  • All ports are easily accessed without removing the case


  • The case is a bit tough to get on at first as aligning the inside rubber case inside the grooves in the outer shell is a bit annoying
  • After taking it off and putting it back on several times I found that the inner rubber case started to fray around the edges a bit

The Seidio Innocase Active for AT&T iPhone 4 can currently be found in the TiPb accessory store for $27.95.


We're also going to give one away. If this is a case you think you want, leave a comment letting us know why you want one or your favorite thing about the Seidio Innocase Active. We'll pick one lucky reader and mail you one on us!

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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Reader comments

Seidio Innocase Active for AT&T iPhone 4 review & giveaway


I LOVE to have this case case much you like you said, the otterbox is too bulky and just, ugly. This would be the perfect change up!

The Otterbox Defender is a good case, but the rubber on the outside stretches and wants to come off... I have had other Seidio cases on other devices and been very happy. I wouldn't mind trying this one- so feel free to send me one!

Would love something that fits in my cool hipster pouch and so I can easily hook it up to a dock or wide mini plug.

My Defender case is popping loose way too easily and often. I sometimes miss calls because I'm trying to pop the outside case back on so I can hear and be heard.

I'd love to try "the real thing," after having tried a knockoff which was ill fitting on a good day (the rubber inside was "baggy"). Thanks for the great review!

Would LOVE to give this a try, since I enjoyed the innocase for my 3Gs so much! Maybe now I can have protection AND dock-a-bility?

I have had such a hard time finding cases I like that fit the white iPhone - most are just slightly off. I would love to try the Seidio!

I've been searching for a slim case with adequate protection. My iPhone 4 is currently in a different slim case that offers very little protection. If I were to wIn my phone would be safe and secure.

The case I currently have only protects the sides of my iPhone and not the top and bottom edges. I'd love to try a new one!

I would like the case because of the size looks way slimmer then my Otterbox! And I always do carry it in my pocket!

I would love this case because while I'm careful with my phone, I do drop it sometimes, especially when I'm a inebriated or moving around quickly at work.

I would love to have a Seido innocase because of it's sleekness and the wonderful colors. I would love to sport it at the high school where I teach.

I have tried many many cases and have not found one I'm satisfied with... Even in the $70 range. PLEASE! My wife doesn't want me to spend any more money on cases.

Had an OtterBox Defender. Hated it. Made my phone impossible to put in my pocket or to get out of my pocket to answer a call while driving. I tend to be a klutz with my phone and would love a case with good protection but less bulk! Gotta protect this investment as long as I can. I can't upgrade to the iPhone 5 until next summer.

I am very tired of my black Otterbox Commuter. Had the Defender and downgraded, and mine is currently all black. This is pretty and would add some bling for me. Pretty please!

I wanna have this kind of case for my Iphone 4 because I know it will protect my Iphone from drops and bumps and I know it would be nice to see an Iphone in a case like these.

I've been wanting to order the Sage Green Seidio case for a long time. Getting a free one would be an answer to my prayers :) I've had other Seidio cases and have just loved them.

I would love to win a new case so I can safely remove my Otterbox Defender. My color of choice is black. Thanks!

I've spent so much money on cases and none of them have ended up really lasting. This looks like an interesting design that both looks nice and is functional with both Aluminum and silicone sections. My color of choice is the featured green or whatever is left.
Thanks tipb for this opportunity!

I'd love to have one of these for my son. While he does a decent job of taking care of his phone, he is rough on cases. I'm thinking one like this would last a good long time. Seeing as he's a teenager, a black or dark colored case would be great! Thanks!

Why is the case branded AT&T is that iPhone different than say Rogers Telus or iPhones from other carriers?

I'm a cop and love my Otterbox™ but hate the bulk! If this case allows me to slide my precious iPhone into a pocket rather than fiddling with the holster then I am in!

This thing looks super rugged but it's not as bulky as the Otter. I could definitely see myself using one of these since I always have my iPhone out at my construction job sites.

I'd love so my phone stays safe all the time! I use a Griffin right now, but it doesn't provide much protection.

I really need a new case for my iPhone 4. It's use and abuse really shows at the moment.
I enjoy the look of this case very much and I like the added protection of having double layers of case. It's also my favorite color!
I love TiPb and love the giveaways!

I love my Griffin case for when I travel, but I need a case that isn't so obtrusive for the rest of the time. I especially want a case that lets me shoot pictures at any time.

FUCK APPLE !!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't mind having a more durable case to protect my iPhone 4! I am past due for a new case! Startin' to get PRETTY scuffed up!

I would love to have a cover for my Iphone like this. The other day, i held open a door for someone, and i dropped my phone. as it came crashing down, the cover broke into 3 peices, and the phone got all scratched. I was so sad! So much for trying to be nice to others... :0

my story is sad, funny & disturbing......I dropped my phone (1) in a pot of simmering pear-cream sauce......2 days later, once it began to work somewhat normally again, it dropped into a toilet shortly after I began an internet search for a new case (previous one was stretched out & cracked).
Help !?!? I want a pink case that can stand up to my daily grind as a chef!