$99 iPhone 3G Not from Walmart but Refurb from AT&T!

Now they don't celebrate Boxing Day in the US (think Black Friday the day after Xmas), but it seems no one told AT&T! Why else would the carrier race Walmart to the bottom and offer $99 iPhone's: 8GB refurbs (and $199 16GB refurbs as well!) according to Engadget.

Since those rumors of Walmart selling them that cheap didn't pan out (according to BGR, they'll be putting them on sale -- new -- for a couple bucks below retail on Sunday), and you still haven't gotten an iPhone (or several) of your very own, will this finally get you to take the plunge?

(Thanks to KurtLyon for the tip!)

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Rene Ritchie

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$99 iPhone 3G Not from Walmart but Refurb from AT&T!


I think the The rumor mill is getting less foggy Rene. I think we now see the $99 price point that has been talked about Apple needing to hit.
My call - 2009 - 3 apple iPhones - 32G $299 - 16G $199 - and the 8G $99 a price that apple will again set the bar that will be very well received in our recent economy.

@Kurt Lyon Yup, I've thought that for a while now. I'm still on the original iPhone 2G 16GB and refuse to buy another until it's 32GB and doesn't crack. I also want that recessed headphone jack back. It just made more sense IMO and is stirdier than the current model.

lol...funny...i got fairly well flamed on this site a few weeks ago for saying I thought a $99 iPhone would happen...guess I'll go pick my "out of touch" self up a new 3g model to replace my 2g...for $99... ;-)

is the $99 price available if you are not eligible for an upgrade? I guess subsidized pricing?

Thanks for the heads up. Just bought the 8GB online. Had to add a line to my family plan to do it but it's worth it.

Well for me this $99 price point made me take the leap and switch over to AT&T and the iPhone. Sure its refurbished but that doesn't really matter to me, another ones trash is another mans gold so to speak. I've wanted one for the longest time but find myself shrugging it off. With this limited price point for the refurbed phones, I coudlent go wrong.

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