App Giveaway: Bop It! for iPad

The classic game and toy Bop It! is now available on the iPad! In case you don't remember, in this game, you are given commands that are associated with specific objects (such as Bop It, Twist It, and Pull It) and you must correctly complete them.

I love Bop It! I would spend hours and hours playing it as a kid, both by myself and in groups. I'll never forget the time when we had a group of about 20 kids playing "Pass It". Good times, indeed. It may not be the same, but playing Bop It! on the iPad brings back those memories and is quite a lot of fun.

BOP IT! You have to try it. Get the hit action-reaction Hasbro game on your iPad. Just listen for the commands and get ready to respond – FAST! Go solo or team up with friends in All Play mode (only with iPad) and go for the highest score you can get. Plus, with HD-quality graphics, you’ll enjoy some real visual pop while you bop!

  • It's easy to Bop It on iPad - Making moves is totally intuitive on iPad. Use the simple Multi-Touch display controls or do an X-MOVE with the Accelerometer to Bop It! Twist It! Pull It! And more! In every mode, just listen for the BOP IT! commands and respond to them quickly before time runs out. It’s super easy to play – and crazy addictive fun!
  • Play it solo in 4 challenging modes - Bop, twist and pull in Classic mode. Take on one “Bopject” at a time in Basic mode. Manage up to 6 objects on screen at once in Extreme mode. Go for the super speed challenge in Blitz mode and see how quickly you can get to 20 correct moves. Don’t forget to show off your scores with Facebook friends, too!
  • Play it with friends - It’s best to Bop It! with your friends! Play with an infinite number of people in Pass It Basic. Match up against a single friend in Head 2 Head action or take turns with up to 10 players to see who’s fastest in the Blitz Challenge. Or jump in to the iPad exclusive All Play mode with 4 friends and see how high you can score as a group. With so many ways to play, the Bop just won’t stop!
  • Go way beyond bopping - Think you’ve really got with it takes? Unlock new “Bopjects” that require all kinds of moves. SPIN IT! FLICK IT! CRANK IT! And more!


Because we think Bop It! is just so great, TiPb is gifting copies of Bop It! for iPad to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, think back to the original game and try to remember the largest group of people you had in a single "Pass It!" match. Let us know in the comments below!

Bop It! is available on the iPad for $2.99.

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: Bop It! for iPad


At a high school party we had 10-15 people in a "Pass It" match. Bop It was one of my favorite games as a kid. It would be great to get a copy for the iPad.

Actually I never played the original. But it sounds like a fantastic game! Now that it's on iPad I defiantly want to check it out - especially the "Pass it" mode! Thanks tipb for the chance to win :)

Il never forget my first experience playing bop it! ... It was at my 8th birthday party at shakeys pizza! And someone had brought it as a gift and I was beyond ecstatic! I remember seeing the commercials like crazy and decided to throw a challenge to get it across the entire table! All the kids got in their places and we had passed it around so many times... Our group/party was so loud and ecstatic that even some of the employees wanted to see what was going on!? Lol it was a pretty intense/epic game of bop it! And it's still one of my best childhood memories to date.

At Thanksgiving when my whole family was over. We always have game time after dinner, during dessert and it was so much fun! It's such a great family game since almost any age can play... It was loads of fun! Thanks for allowing me to relive that....;>}

Their were approx. 25 family members playing. Of course we didn't make it around once, we just kept starting over, it was hilarious, especially watching the people that were playing for the first time.

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  1. We had a whole P.E. class playing it for motor skills practice, as well as hand-eye. I just remember it always fox bop solo, fox bop one on one ALL THE TIME!

I think the largest group I remember playing was on Christmas time when my Sister and her kids were at my house. So that would have been about 9 -10 when everyone was playing. It was lots of fun...It is funny we still have the Bop it sometimes it gets pushed down in one of the kids toy boxes but when it comes back to the top and always get played for a while before it gets "lost" for a while. Always fun!

Largest game? One. I'm a loser.
But now it would be six! Married with children. Not a loser anymore!
Unless I don't win this. Then I would be a loser again.

It was just me. Just. Me. And my bop it was from a garage sale, and barely worked.
Now, however, I have. 2 6 year olds who would go ape with this, they'd have a total blast. Help make that happen! ;)

The most people I ever had in a Bop It! Pass It match was 5. My family got together and played for a while. I think my younger brother beat us all!

Me and my whole class played a
The game including the teacher it was a total of 24 people it was fun back den in elemantary school

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