Logitech announce the Harmony Link universal remote for iPhone and iPad [video]

Logitech is well known for its range of Harmony universal remote controls and now it has announced one which will give you all the control you need; using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Instead of using an ugly dongle or case, this uses a WiFi enabled receiver which converts the input received from your iOS device into an infrared output to you home theater kit. The companion iPhone and iPad apps will be available as free downloads from the App Store.

The Logitech Harmony Link connects to your existing home wireless network to receive Wi-Fi signals from the Harmony Link App and turns them into IR commands that home-entertainment devices can understand. Harmony Link can control up to eight devices, is compact (about the size of a hockey puck) and was designed to integrate neatly and discreetly with your home entertainment system. Harmony Link can even connect with more than one iPad at a time, letting multiple family members use their own iPad - with their own set of favorite channels - rather than fighting over a single remote.

Logitech has also teamed up with Rovi Corporation to provide detailed program information within its app. This will deliver show synopses, movie information and images as you navigate available TV channels.

The Harmony Link should be available in October for around $99.99. The price does seem reasonable when compared to stand alone universal remote controllers. The apps will be available as a free download from the App Store when the Harmony Link is launched.

[Logitech via Engadget]

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Reader comments

Logitech announce the Harmony Link universal remote for iPhone and iPad [video]


My Harmony 1100 was $500, $100 is a SMALL price to pay for a better touchscreen experience and overall faster use.
Now, I'm assuming your comment is a scoff at the price not praise.

Now this is something I can get behind. Right now using a Harm 650. Works great but only five devices. With the comob of items I have that gets used up fast. One question, where are they going to get the program data like they had in the vid?

Hmm...tempting, but only as an additional option. TV watching is an instant-gratification thing. Judging from the video, changing the volume would involve:
1) Push the home button to wake the iPad
2) Swipe to unlock
3) Launch app (if not present in foreground) and wait
4) Slide across to get the on-screen remote present
5) Enter my channel/push volume-up
By the time you want to mute that annoying too-loud commercial, the commercial is half-over. Contrast that with my stone-age Harmony remote:
1) Push the volume up button
Now, if the additional program guide lets me use some of the iPad's goodness to avoid my cableco's abysmal on-screen keyboard for searches and similar tasks, I would definitely use it, but, for day-to-day TV use, it seems awkward.

This one was one of my concerns but I have found that with other apps that I use in which I do not want this to happen, I can simply turn off the locking functions and dim the pad. Doing this, the battery lasts for the more than the day and I can easily turn off the screen when I'm done. Further, the app is always running when I need it.

True, and that does get rid of those extra steps...but at the cost of turning your iPad into a $500 TV remote that is harder to use with one hand :)