TiPb TV 21: The 2011 Comicon mobile survey

TiPb Nation, Comicon finally hit Montreal so Rene and I hit Comicon to find out just which mobile device -- iPhone, BlackBerry or Android reigns supreme with geeks and nerds, cosplayers and booth babes alike! From Batman to Electra, Greedo to Garfield, I asked them all which cell phone they used, and the answers may surprise you! (Especially how many didn't use one at all -- what's up with that, data rates on Krypton just to high?)

So sit back, grab your popcorn, hit play, and see if the iPhone is strong at Comicon!

TiPb TV 21: The 2011 Comicon mobile survey


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There are 35 comments. Add yours.

masterbatorium says:

Wow. Very...revealing. I like.

johncblandii says:

Haha...nice. :-D Love the blue streaks Georgia. :-D
It does show the "I see more [iphone|android|blackberry|etc]s in my area" is not a valid metric, from the other thread last week or so.

numetheus says:

How do so many Canadians not know what cel phone they use?

Ghost69 says:

Because they don't give a crap.

HumanCannonball says:

I would argue that the people who cosplay at a comic book convention don't represent the average, and Canadians are no different.

USARocks says:

I have a phone, I make calls, that is all

Fawzi says:

Who doesn't make the average of what ? Comicon people don't represent the average of comicon attendees. And canadians are no different ? They don't represent the average of canadians ?
Wow, I'm lost here.
All I know is that the hot girls that we see in the video do represent the average montrealer girl.
And that I know. I live here. :)

speedracer99 says:

How do so many Americans not know who their President is? ; ) LOL

OrionAntares#CB says:

At this point I'd chalk it up to denial!

Cap'n America says:

We know who he (the president) is. That's why we want him in prison! If you knew the facts, and can think rationally, you'd agree unequivocally!

FlopTech says:

Not surprised by the number of BlackBerries. Montreal is in Canada, RIM is a Canadian company, yada yada.
Or is that Yoda Yoda? :-)

Daemon Blak says:

To many folks said "Blackberry". LOL!!!

DiamondDNice says:

Not a single palm phone. Very telling. Not surprising in the least but probably a rude awakening for the Webos Taliban that insisted for a long time that webos phones were selling great. A ok o.s. but it really never caught on. And two years on i've only seen three others in real life.

Ronn says:

That looks so fun. My area is prodominutely iPhones. I Push it on a lot of people, but I have not heard any complaints. Why weren't you dressed up Georgia. Where was your batgirl mask. Lol

FlopTech says:

The blonde is Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, by the way. And no, they're not real: http://mcbourbonnais.com/

Seriously Fake? says:

Does anyone really care? They look fabulous!

Jerëmy says:

i prefer real things but she is SMOOOOOOKIINNNNNG.. george is great too.

dloveprod says:

All I see in that pic is boobs, she's hot.

felface says:

who georgia or the charcater?

dloveprod says:

The character with the gun.

Dstran@me.com says:

It's spelled too. Not to.
Too high.

Usa Rocks says:

Georgia needs to borrow that costume for the next iPhone Live show.

n0thinghead says:

i love how the closer was "take that kevin!"... my name's kevin >.>
and Georgia looks really good in that zelda shirt lol

iMorePrime says:

I'd like to B my L on her T's.

Disappointed says:

Really? That's a pretty sexist remark, why are you afraid to fill in the rest of the letters?

Wicell says:

I see no sexism in this comment... Just a guy making a sexual innuendo with the acronym BLT.

Nuttz565 says:

No way that's the real Rene saying that! Hilarious!

Will Frame says:

Georgia is a cutie. First time I have seen her in video.
Also, what's up with all the blackberry people? Seriously?

Felixgangster says:

i phone's are de best phones very people should buy them more often

Brett Cooper says:

R2D2, it uses Android of course.

Geek for e says:

Georgia is the hottest one in the whole movie!

Geek for e says:

Georgia is the hottest one in the whole movie!