iPhone holds highest retention rate over competing smartphone makers

A new UBS survey suggests Apple currently holds the top spot in smartphone retention rates by a long shot, holding a strong 89% rating over the nearest hardware competitor HTC at just 39%. Apple also had no trouble beating out the Android platform in general, although being a platform gave Google an added "stickiness" of around 60% retention among consumers.

Despite Android holding a higher rate than most other hardware manufacturers in this space, roughly 31 percent of current Android device owners are planning on jumping ship to the iPhone as their next purchase.

UBS also noted that the app catalog for platforms has had limited importance in the determining factors involved when consumers choose their next smartphone. That really says something about the iPhone 4 specifically, of which the hardware is over a year old yet still continues to beat out the newest, cutting edge smarthphone offerings.


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Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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iPhone holds highest retention rate over competing smartphone makers


You have a big pile of filth on your passenger seat so nobody can ever get into your vehicle, don't you?

In other news, people who prefer vanilla ice cream over other flavors have a higher chance of buying vanilla ice cream instead of trying other flavors.

What gets me about these studies is they just don't go deep enough and don't really pinpoint the real issue, as either side skews them to their favor. When you have a platform that is too hard to use for average people, has too many problems and breakdowns, and is too easy for hackers to get into you wonder why MORE android users than 45% are not planning on dumping it soon (according to the survey). I'm suprised its not more like 75%. I mean, its really THAT BAD. I'm just thinking either too many people either don't want Apple, don't want to follow the trend, or don't know that iOS is so much better and just live with what they got. Sad. Very sad.

it's funny how all android fans poll all apple web blogs cause they know when the iphone 5 drops they are gonna sell 30 million units the 1st month and while your grasping your galaxy sII thinking its the shit cause it has a faster processor you will soon in 6 months be getting a warranty piece of shit cause your phone is a piece of shit!!!

The new samsung offerings will change these stats in the future. I just powered down my iphone after using the infuse for the past 3 weeks. I found the iphone killer.

Thats the best argument they can make. So shallow and emblematic of the low tech apple fanboys who would rather have apple dictate what they should do and use rather than taking control of their own device. So pathetic.

I believe Android fans have already conquered everything and solved the mysteries of the universe and therefore the only question left now is "Why anyone would lock themselves in to an iphone/ipad product when there is obviously a better choice available." Reality TV show and Apple product popularity continue to show how little the Human race has evolved.

And yet you continue to resort to personal attacks, still believing every pretty graph you see - proving exactly what I said before.

OH that's right I forgot that's the word (troll) people use to call people when they can't come up with an intelligent response.. It's the modern day "I know you are, what am I response.." - That's cool - enjoy your pretty graphs and believing in your products because that's what you read makes you a better, smarter, more wealthy person.. ENJOY!

He probably sold his backseat to a junkyard so he could buy a Droid from the salesperson who told him "yeah, it's kinda like an iPhone, but cheaper."

i have a iphone 4 and a gs2 and they are both great devices...i dont find one harder to use than the other...agree the apps are better on iphone but android is most certainly catching up...hardware wise,the iphone is better design but the gs2 is just a speed monster and is faster than the iphone in everyway...my point is that all these people who say android is complicated or is slow etc either is just a fanboy and sees nothing but apple and never used a android phone or have but used one of those shitty android phones with old software...if you actually use a phone like the gs2 spec with the latest software then you will see how good android is....also lol at the people who keep on saying you have a android because you cant afford iphone...thats just shows how childish some apple fanboys are...gs2 sim free is £499 maximum and if you look aroun can get it cheaper...iphone 4 is about £530 and can get maybe lower if you look arounf....just shows that apple overcharge and no wonder they have a large cash reserve and also shows that android is a cheap iphone is just childish apple fanboys comment who have yet to hit puberty...

Actually, almost all phones have a one click root method released within about a month. IE you install a app on your PC, then connect your phone, hit a button and you're rooted.

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