iPhone 5 cases appearing in AT&T reseller inventory lists?

iPhone 5 cases appearing in AT&T reseller inventory lists?

TiPb received the above screenshot today which purports to show Case-Mate Barely There cases for iPhone 5 in an AT&T reseller point-of-sale system (POS). We've seen a lot of case leaks before, even Case-Mate leaks, and it's not hard to imagine case makers gambling on leaked designs, but retail systems stocking them already?

Seriously, October 4 can't get here soon enough.

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iPhone 5 cases appearing in AT&T reseller inventory lists?


I can't wait. Seems like it is just around the corner and the days are going by very slowly. Why can't apple just announce it already!

Casemate doesn't have an "in". They've clearly stated they learn as soon as everyone else - but their benefit is that at the very moment it comes out, they can be in production. Good case companies with good production tech can do that. They KNOW they'll make lots of money. They don't need to get a design aesthetic. They already have one they need to adapt.

this might be the worst "idea" ever.. why the @#$%^& would apple ever do that? Hey lets come out with a brand new phone and we will give our 1.5 year old device better tech and speeds.. PEWTER TSI.... stop thinking. you are making my head hurt

But u know what? Other phones are just going to get bigger and nicer all the time. Mango phones are going to get nicer screens soon and who knows what kind screens Android phones will have by March next year. If the Samsung Note is any indication, I will definitely be having at least some screen envy next year if the next iPhone isnt at least 4 inches. 4inches is the best size. Not too hardcore but satisfying for everyone. Larger screens are the trend. 3.5 is actually one of the smallest sizes now. Android is constantly gaining on Apple in software elegancy too. Since Apple takes at least a year to drop their next phone, they might as well address the issue completely right now.

960x640 is still one of the best resolutions for phones. Its no like it wont be better than most things out there. qHD is only 960x540 and Android users are just now going gahgah over that. The Galaxy S2 phones still use 800x480 and are still very nice. Heck, PSvita is going to have a 960x540 rez on a 5 inch screen for the next 4-5 yrs. How much rez do you really need. I know no matter how sharp something is I will ultimately want to see a little bigger. 960x640 on a 4 inch screen will still be pretty pixel indiscernable. Balance is the key. iPhone are suppose to be mainstream phones but they are still suppose to be high-end too especially since run at the highest price ends.

Do not buy Casemate products. I threw away $30 on one of their cases for my 3GS. It reduced the signal strength by 40%. It also came with a screen protector that did not fit the screen. With so many phone case companies out there, the first thing to do is make sure it's not a Casemate.

So Apple's already testing LTE radios and iOS5 code supports a quad-core processor, what's the chance Apple returns to their June/July release cycle and all the early iPhone5 adopters have buyer's remorse in 8 months when the next iPhone comes out? Originally I thought I'd be one of those early adopters as long as the iPhone5 was a redesign but now I'm thinking these delays were more about finding new parts suppliers, moving away from Samsung, rather than changing their release cycle to October, in which case the "iPhone6" may be viewed like the 3GS was when reality maybe the iPhone5 is merely a stepping stone to the LTE, quad-core A6 enabled "iPhone6" to be released in the summer of 2012. #justsaying