T-Mobile addresses the iPhone (or lack thereof) to customers

T-Mobile addresses the iPhone (or lack thereof) to customers

In a company blog post earlier today, Cole Brodman, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile USA, told customers that they were interested in offering a "no-compromise iPhone experience" on their network, but offered little details on the negotiations between the carrier and Apple.

We’ve heard from many customers who love their T-Mobile service, but are disappointed that we don’t carry the iPhone. To these customers, first, thank you for your business. Please know that we think the iPhone is a great device and Apple knows that we’d like to add it to our line-up. Today, there are over a million T-Mobile customers using unlocked iPhones on our network. We are interested in offering all of our customers a no-compromise iPhone experience on our network.

One interesting takeaway is the current amount T-Mobile customers using an unlocked iPhone on the service. Although T-Mobile has never offered the iPhone to its customers, over a million users have been able to unlock the iPhone to run on the network.

Funny, though, that Brodman went into how T-Mobile offers a plethora of Android devices to cull would-be iPhone users until they're officially under the Apple umbrella. Given recent surveys suggesting roughly 31 percent of current Android device owners are planning on jumping ship to the iPhone as their next purchase, this doesn't bode well for T-Mobile who currently has the lowest number of US customers (around 32 million).

It will be interesting to see how the AT&T/T-Mobile merger plays out and if that will have any impact on T-Mobile finally offering the iPhone to its customers.

Source: T-Mobile via AndroidCentral

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Reader comments

T-Mobile addresses the iPhone (or lack thereof) to customers


It could be that people are waiting for the release of the new iphone. The numbers don't show # smartphones purchased by month, just the %.

There are two reasons for this:
1) nobody is going to buy an iPhone and get locked into a 2-year contract when a new iPhone comes out next month!
2) you have 999877765445665 $50-$100 android phones out there! On every carrier.
Don't get it twisted though! Tons of people with huge super fast battery draining Evos will be switching in a few weeks. I'd like to see what Android article you provide for us on the article saying how many iPhones are sold when the new one is in stores. Or what Android bullshit you'll spout when people are lined up around the world and back to get their hands on it. Will you still troll this site or sit at home sad and hating Apple and their phone that continues to outsell every individual model that runs the Android OS? Will you admit that your Evo is an inferior dinosaur? Will you buy a newer piece of crap with ugly apps? Will you finally cross that line and get the best phone on the planet? We will see I suppose! LOL

Nah. Just hate to see the same people who are obviously Fandroids on an iPhone site EVER SINGLE DAY! Always trying to find a way to make you feel bad about your chosen device. Why though? Isn't your love for Android enough to keep you on Android Central?! Or do they hate Android so much that they want to try to get you feel bad because they do? I'm wondering what makes them do what they do. It's like a guy who can't wait to get up every morning so that he can piss on your door knob! Is that the best part of their day? Is that the only thing that life offers for them. They don't even get checks for that. Or is it the opposite of free love? Free hate for everyone?

I can appreciate that. Trust me I really can. I check all these sites out on Smart Phone Experts because I happen to teach a class on mobile operating systems. And I have in my possession one of multiple devices running Android, iOS and WP7. No webOS you say? Nope it's a dead platform.
But back to the point. I get where you are coming from with the whole people needing to have their choices affirmed by others to make them feel good. But I've read that guy John's blog a little and he isn't that. If anything he is very much into Adobe. I get that affection too as I'm a graphic designer by trade.
I don't think it's hate that draws these folks to other sites as much as it is curiosity to see how the most devoted followers on those sites will react to certain news stories or opinion posts. At the end of the day it's all opinion and nothing more so don't take it personal. You choice is just as valid as the next guys. Cheers

See my other comment. I'm far from a Fandroid. I call it like I see it and enjoy a good discussion, which you seem incapable of engaging in.
If what I say makes you feel bad about your tech, find your security elsewhere. I'm here to discuss tech [good and bad, just check my Disqus profile to see me give credit where it is due].
Ignore me if you don't like my comments.

@Robert White
Much appreciate an objective view. Yes, my blog shows where I stand on Android, iOS, and other tech.
Yes, I have an affinity for Adobe products so I became an Adobe Community Professional [great perks!!] and write books on Adobe tech [http://www.amazon.com/John-C.-Bland-II/e/B002G57DZ2/ref=nttathrdppel4]. I still call it how I see it w/ them too though. :)
As I stated in my other comment, I'm here for my love of Apple tech and enjoy the blog. I get on Rene a lot [in jest the majority of the time] and dig tech discussion.

Take a deep breath kid.
John is one of the more intelligent posters on here, and I don't think I've ever seen him bashing iPhone.
Speaking of "the only thing that life offers them", it's time to relax a bit, don't get so emotional over the comments, k?

1) I agree. That's highly likely and probably outright true. I just found it an interesting survey related to the survey he pointed out.
2) Ok. That works.
I'm sure there are tons of people who will switch. It happens all the time [iPhone -> Android -> iPhone]. People use what works for them...if it stops working for them...they switch.
I don't find articles to counter arguments here. If we were in a room discussing this, your chest wouldn't puff nearly as much as it is right now. You'd see me merely spurring a discussion on a related topic...since...well...that's what we're doing here, right?
Who cares about lines around the world or sales of the iPhone? It is unrelated and matters not to the discussion at hand, which is the iPhone apparently being relegated purely to AT&T/Verizon again.
Actually, I left iPhone last year for the Evo: http://johncblandii.com/2010/07/why-android-blows-away-the-ios-for-me.html.
Don't get it twisted...I'm not blinded:http://johncblandii.com/2011/03/where-android-blows-itself-away-for-me.htmlhttp://johncblandii.com/2010/11/what-will-move-you-from-android-to-ios.html
Learn who you're trying to blast before commenting and know I'm here because I have Apple tech, love Apple products [even the iPhone, I just prefer Android], and dig the blog. So I have an opposing view...live with it. I'm not leaving.
It is commenters like you that make this place so hostile. Calm down and check your anger at the door. We're here for discussion. Discuss.

Speaking of something interesting, GCI just finished deploying a "4G" upgrade to part of their GSM network and are planning 3G GSM upgrades to their other 2G areas. This week they started an offer, "activate an account with an unlocked iPhone and we'll give you a $450 account credit".

Now that's interesting. I haven't considered the international T-Mobile arm. Do you guys get the same phones as the US?
What's the #1 carrier in the UK?

When they talk about offering a 'no compromise iPhone experience', why is it that I hear 'Apple won't let us load our stupid software and block VoIP apps'. Unfortunately that's a little too easy to believe.
While people complain about the walled garden of iOS, I'm just glad to have a manufacturer who thinks I am the customer, rather than my carrier!

we don't want apologize we want apple only, they have to do some thing for us, im very disappointed by their this type of decisions which are not in the favor of customers