App Giveaway: FX Photo Studio HD

MacPhun LLC have updated their popular iPad photography app, FX Photo Studio HD. It now has 7 new effects and the Masking Studio that they recently introduced to the iPhone version of FX Photo Studio.

The new Masking Studio is such an awesome addition to FX Photo Studio. I thought it was great on the iPhone, but on the iPad's big screen, the Masking Studio is amazing! You can zoom in real close to make sure you don't miss any details, and while painting (or erasing) the mask, a little box pops up in the corner so you can see precisely where your finger is placed on the photo. Very cool.

Powerful, creative and intuitive application to keep everyone amazed with your photography.

  • 194 photo effects and filters: lomo, vintage, art, tilt-shift, 3-D, textures, blurs, graffitti, pixelate, 3-D, etc
  • Masking - paint with effects
  • Color Splash Tool
  • Import from Facebook
  • Share to Instagram and other popular social networks

The update includes:

  • Masking Studio: apply effects to any part of the image
  • Color splash tool: apply selective colors to the image
  • 7 new effects, including 3-D filter
  • Performance improvements - with some filters 2X faster processing
  • Improved editing tools: gamma, saturation, hues, etc
  • Improved in-app camera
  • Possibility to import images from Facebook
  • Instagram sharing
  • Centering for Tilt Shift, Radial Blur effects
  • Printing via Air Print
  • Square crop option
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Restore in-app purchases from inside the app


The good folks at MacPhun LLC have given us 5 promo codes for FX Photo Studio to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just let us know how many photos are sitting in your photo library waiting to be edited with FX Photo Studio in the comments below!

FX Photo Studio is available on the iPad with a promotional price of $1.99.

[App Store link]

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: FX Photo Studio HD


I can't count the number of pics in my library and it's even worse with my wife.

I have 1,232!! And 1,232 photos that are in desperate need of a little something extra! Without FX Studio, I'll be forced to move them all back to my laptop! :(

I keep my camera roll pretty clean since I take a lot of pictures. Currently is has 42 but I take about 30 a week, edit them and add them to galleries.

Have a number of apps, but not really big on most of them. Looking for something for my pic. I have about 1000, now on the iPad, and am constantly adding.

5 photos on my iPad, god knows how many on my iPhone waiting so be sent over (thank you camera kit!) and probably 100+ sent to my Mac that I would rather edit on my iPad anywhere than sit in my office/studio editing on a desktop machine. I need more instagram fodder!

I have about 500 photos sitting in the camera roll that could use some masking and editing! Would be a heck of a lot easier that running to Photoshop for a quick fix

Sitting pretty at 872. Like a past commenter I'm even to lazy to put it in my Dropbox even after buying the 50gb lol

I have 50+ waiting because I am guilty of snapping 4-5 shots of the same item just so i can review them and pick which shot out of the bunch is the best for Instagram :)

All of them. Going back to a motorcycle trip I took in May of this year. So 351 on my iPhone & 919 on the iPad. Plus I have a slight addiction to Flickr interesting on Flipboard, so there are a lot of sideways backgrounds too.

I have countless photos on my mac and I'm sure a ton of them could use some professional touchups! I take a lot of pictures on the go with my iphone and I always have my iPad with me. I just transfer them over and I can snazz them up on the fly!

I'm a photographer and I think it would be fun to do a photoshoot and edit the photos solely on my iPad. Hmm, I think 20-30 photos would be a good start!

After reviewing the potential of FX Photo App, I easily have over 200 photos just on my iPad that would benefit plus many more on a back up drive.