China Syndrome: iPhones Stolen From Chinese Factory, Then Sold on Grey Market.


Psst! Hey, buddy. Yeah, you! Over here. You want hot merchandise? These here iPhones just ahem fell off the truck today. Oh these are real beauties too. Fresh from from the factory, as they say. Get'em while you can because my supplies are rather limited, if you catch my meaning, and the Chinese Police are very interested in my wares. Meet me tonight behind the workers dormitory and we can discuss this further.


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China Syndrome: iPhones Stolen From Chinese Factory, Then Sold on Grey Market.


I wonder what percentage of the population the Chinese actually have that practice thieving as a career choice? And I thought they had their own pirated...I mean version of the Iphone for sale at a fraction of the cost. At least, it looks like an Iphone, doesn't it?

wholesalers in china get official iphones buy getting workers to accumalate them and bring them over the boarder where they are bought for a measly sum and sold at a cheap price to the public.
chinese wholesale is risky

I love my iPhone, the real one. I like the combination between iPhone and iTunes library. Although if you want to backup music,videos,photos,playlists,podcasts etc from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer and iTunes, you will need to use some third party program, like this popular one
I still love iPhone, the creature by talents.