TiPb Asks: What are you expecting from the Let's Talk iPhone event?

TiPb Asks: What are you expecting from the Let's Talk iPhone event?

The Let's Talk iPhone event is less than a week away and can I say it's been the weirdest, most bizarre build up to an Apple event ever? First we got no new iOS beta event in spring, then no new iPhone at WWDC in June, then Steve Jobs resigned as CEO, and through it all we've seen everything from a rumored iPhone 4GS with no redesign whatsoever to a rumored iPhone 5 with a bigger screen and metal back.

Likewise with iPod touch. Will white be the only refresh we get, or will iPod touch also get an Apple A5 processor for AirPlay Mirroring, Assistant, and even better gaming? (Remember when iPod touch used to be slightly more powerful than iPhone?)

There are even rumors that Apple might be getting ready to severely downsize the existing iPod lineup as well (hey, they downsized the annual September iPod event to nothing already, didn't they?)

So worst case we get a very incremental iPhone hardware and negligible iPod touch hardware update, with some admittedly very sweet new software features, and best case we get a super sweet new iPhone and powerhouse iPod touch, and maybe even a 1080p Apple TV thrown in for good measure.

If you watched iPhone Live last night -- and shame on you if you didn't! -- you know Rene's expecting the worst, an iPhone 4GS and no Steve Jobs cameo. For the record, it's been 15 long months and I bloody well expect Apple to wow me not only with new features like iOS 5's Assistant, but with some new hardware to boot. As for Seth... he got assassinated by Verizon before I could force him to pick a side so we shall see.

As for you TiPb Nation, what do you expect? What will Apple show us at Let's Talk iPhone?

Picture Source: Giga.de (iPhone mock up)

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TiPb Asks: What are you expecting from the Let's Talk iPhone event?


If Apple makes changes to the iPod Touch or the rest of the iPod line this year... they might just issue a press release.
Apple sold 20 million iPhones last quarter... but only 8 million iPods during the same time.
iPods just don't demand media coverage anymore. I don't think there will ever be a big iPod press event ever again...

interestingly if i recall correctly that ipod number was actually an increase over what was expected and was seen as a good number.

Oh the iPod will still be the best-selling MP3 player ever... it's just not a featured product anymore. And here's why:
Each iPhone averages for $650.... and they can sell 20 million in a quarter.
Each iPod averages for much less... and they only sell 8 million.
Where would you put the focus? Hint... it's the product that brings in $12 Billion in revenue :)
The iPhone already stole the September event.... and the new tagline is: Let's Talk iPhone.
I think the iPod line will shrink to only the Touch and the Nano... and it will be a press release and a web page.

i actually think this event will feature the iphone. i do think they have some cross over but not completely. I know many teens that don't have iphones but have ipods because they use other phones. i know people that have ipods, me included, only for their car. I know peopel that have them with a bose dock as a stereo. and people that have a touch solely for portable gaming. so i'd be sad if they axe it and very sad if there are no high capacity models. i have a dieing old 80gb but my library is at 130gbs. if i bought a new one it's unlikely to be a touch.
and i don't like pandora and that stuff. i listen to lost of stuff not available on there. hip hop that's really local, old, mix tapes, stuff from other countries. and i'm never paying for something like i cloud. so though apple would love those to replace a need for storage they won't for me. i want my music. not pandora's idea of music.

Of course Apple will continue to sell the iPod Touch... it's a great bridge to the iPhone. iOS devices are so hot right now!
Like I said... Apple will still sell iPods and they will be the best selling MP3 players around.
They're just not gonna spend 45 minutes talking about iPods anymore at an event. And this Tuesday's event mentions iPhone in the title... and has NO mention of music related stuff like the last 4 years.
See here for previous September events: http://i.imgur.com/tL0Py.jpg
I have no knowledge about the future of the iPod Classic and Shuffle... only what I've read online. It might be a good idea to grab one now if you need one, though.
They didn't update the Classic last year... and I can't imagine the iPod Touch receiving any super changes this time around.
But yes... Apple may talk about iPods on Tuesday... but Apple is focusing more on iPhones these days... and less on iPods.

As usual, it won't matter what they actually turn up with, be it good, bad or indifferent. There will always be someone out there whinging about it either way! We'll get what we're given, when we're given it and we'll all go out and buy it in droves regardless!

if it's not a HUGE makeover there will be a lot of severely disappointed people ! you don't delay a product by 4 months and then give them an incrementally update, they would lose momentum and in this industry that's a very dangerous thing to lose! just ask RIM how things took a turn for the worst after the release of the storm 1

I am expecting they announce both a iPhone 4s with a release the following week. IOS 5 to be available on the day of the event. They also announce the release, details, specs and a glimpse of the iPhone 5 design. This is for an early spring launch. Just my quick thoughts,

Which would kill iPhone sales for the rest of the year. If they can't put an iPhone 5 in your hands before the holidays I don't think they announce it until Jan.

I'm honestly not sure what to expect. I want a newly designed iPhone 5, and I'm also going to have my finger hovering over the SELL button on my Apple stock if an iPhone 5 is not what they announce (then I'll buy back when it drops 40 or 50 points!). I have a serious fear that the event is going to be called "Let's talk iPhone, and we have some disappoint news". Disappointing in the way that we're going to get a 4S and not a 5.
I'm with you Georgia in that I'm hoping for an iPhone 5, 8MP camera capable of 1080p video, as well as a 4" screen and maybe some other fixins thrown in, but I have to say that I have this cloud of fear hovering around that it's going to be a pumped up iPhone 4 with new camera, A5 proc and maybe more ram. The world will collectively cry if the latter happens, at which point I may actually NEED to hire you Georgia as my personal therapist!

If you watched iPhone Live last night — and shame on you if you didn’t!..."

Shame on me because the Ustream app never works? I can't remember the last time I was able to watch (or listen). It's been over a month, at least. I've stopped trying.

I agree. I do like thennew format and abilty to use AirPlay with ustream. It has not been working on my iPhone4 or iPad. That's kinda sad being a podcast about these products and not able to work on them. I'm just barking at the wind here. I'm not sure it's ustreams fault or tipb but I would like some conisitency here.

As long as they give me a date for iOS 5 that isn't months away, I'll walk away happy. I've got an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 that I'm very happy with, but PLEASE give me iOS 5!!!

Shoe's on the other foot for all the people that upgraded to 4 and thought it was fine to abandon all 3GS support, and are on 2-year plans.
It's time for all the 3GS users you thought it was ok to ignore to UPGRADE.

I'm guessing, the announcements start off with new CEO Tim Cook announcing the iPhone 4s being available in November (refresh of current iPhone 4) with updated guts and iOS 5 goodness in time for the Holidays. Next up (and seemingly last): iPod touch with (hold for applause) 3G capabilities! This is talked up highly as it targets specifically the prepaid market and the "iphone for everyone" tagline; also with mention of discontinuing iPod classic and nano. iOS 5 goodness is also touted and voice control capabilities. Then... One More Thing... iPhone5 yay!!! Availability is the only BIG questionable due to supplier efficiency. Wishful thinking of course but hey, I can dream cant I?

Stupid. There won't be a iPhone 4s. That would be an iPhone 5. What are people thinking when they say stupid things like that? Use your heads!

I'm not saying there will be an iPhone 4s, but you'd look really silly on October 4th if they did announce such a thing, considering such strong accusations of others' stupidity.

I think the iPod touch will get 3G. And I think that it's interesting that in ios5 the iPod app is now just the "Music" app. I don't know what that means but I think it's pretty significant

If iPhone 5 is announced, it probably won't be available for weeks (or possibly Q1 2012). If iPhone 4S is announced, it could be available immediately after.
iPod touch might morph into a low-end iPhone-ish device. There could be a 3G version with a month-by-month data plan like iPad 3G. With an option to add 3G voice calls if and when the user is ready. (Just crazy speculation here, obviously.)
iPod classic will either remain the same or go away.
Plus iOS 5 / iCloud rollout.

Ok and why wouldn't the iPhone come out for 3 or 4 months? How did you come up that crazy idea? We will see the iPhone 5 in October.

I don't think apple will ever go with 4S like they did with 3GS. It's too complicated and a marketing problem. They will certainly market the features of iOS 5, but it would be weird to say the features of iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S.

I love the design of the iPhone 4 so I'm hoping they don't drastically change it. I see them keeping the same basic design with highly updated internals. I think I'm the only person who reads the blog (based off other comments) who wouldn't mind this. I'm guessing they will add HSPA+ and CDMA's equivalent (LTE is still new and spotty), camera update, NFC, and wireless charging. I'd like to see a 64 GB variant but I doubt they'll have it. As far as hardware features, I don't know what else they could do.
I doubt they will talk too much about iPods or Apple TV. The Assistant thing I could care less about, honestly.
They just need to hurry up with iOS 5 and iCloud! That's what I'm jonesing for!

I don't understand what some people are expecting. "I'm going to be pissed if it's not a complete redesign..." By redesign you mean "bigger screen", right? That's really only one feature. I don't see how that one feature is what bumps it from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, if it otherwise delivers on faster CPU and graphics, more RAM, Assistant, and higher-res camera (which in that form factor isn't necessarily a good thing, but most people don't realize that) and possibly better flash.

Why would they delay the announcement this long just to come out and say "hey the phones been delayed till 2012". Have a little more faith in Apple. You'll see the new phone and it'll come out this year.

I'm expecting an iPhone announcement. Hopefully a redesigned iPhone 5. If not, I guess i'll hold onto my iP4 another year.

Im expecting to see a bigger screen, hopefully 4 inches and not a 3.7 like been rumored earlier this year, 1 gb of ram, 1-1.5 ghz processing speeds and 8 megapixel with 1080P video capabilities if the camera is what I want imagine how great things will look! apple kills it on there camera stuff

Hard to imagine 18 months and only an improved iPhone 4. If that were the case they would have released it back in June. iPhone 4 refresh, iPhone 5 with a new design, and iPod Touch refresh with iPod classic out the door.

What a coincidence, 18 months is the timeframe for an early upgrade. At least through AT&T. Can't wait!

basic upgrade?. meaning what. ios5 and that it? lol. or you mean a basic upgrade would be more ram, speech software, the a5 processor, iso5, 8 mp camera, it's got to be thinner, maybe a bit bigger screen but come on, phones have 4.6inch screen. what are they going to have to do in a year. 7 inch, mini tablet phone, yea that will fit snug in someones pocket, really i wish people would think before they post crap. and you think just cause it looks the same ish design but with all the inside ramped up that alot of people won't buy it. how you even logged onto here is beyond me lol

I really hope there is a new re-design, but I'm not going to hold my breath. We will know for sure in a few days.

One... more ...thing.... Will iPad related, either incremental hardware update, price drop, or both

While I think Rene always has a really good idea of what's happening at Apple, I disagree with his thoughts about the big iPhone presentation.
I believe this will be one of Apple's biggest presentations ever. I see an iPhone4S and an iPhone5 with major changes over the current phone.
Reason for my beliefs? Steve wants to go out big and Tim wants to come in big.

I would like to see a thinner iPhone 5 with a larger screen minus antenna issues.. I like what I've heard about iOS5, iCloud, and OTA updates. I'm excited! It'd be nice if it did my laundry too

I expect just an iPhone 4S-type device along with iOS 5, iCloud. I think we'd have seen evidence of a redesigned iPhone 5 by now besides the third cases. Remember that Case Mate suspiciously did not have a picture of the front of their cases. But I could be wrong. Apple is masterful with disinformation.

Apple I think have been dropping '4s' hints to keep us off the scent. Gotta be a 5, especially after the delay. There were also too many faults with the form of the 4, for it to continue as the next flagship.

I expect them to add a few features that have already been around for years and act like they are newest and best ideas ever. They will act like they were the first ones to come up with them and everyone will believe them.

I sure won't. I will keep my platform (may webOS rest in peace) in mind to see how many features they "borrow" from it. If they implement them well, they'll have my business. I'll always know and say the difference, though.

I'm expecting to see the Smule weirdo I've seen at every single other iPhone event. I'll pay $1,000 to the camera person if he or she avoids him this time.

Since the new iPhone will coincide with the release of IOS 5 it has to be named the iPhone 5. If it's named iPhone 5 it has to be a redesign, hopefully including a 4" screen.

Assistant will be the new FaceTime, so I'm betting a 4s with new processor and more RAM (otherwise an iPhone 4), a 5 at a higher price point with bigger screen, better camera and a 64 GB option (close to basic iPad pricing) and iTouch with the 4S upgrade as well, all to take full advantage of the Assistant experience. Other iOS5 features will be highlighted, but Assistant will be touted as the killer app to make every other mobile OS obsolete (whether true or not). "Lets Talk iPhone" probably means "Let's Talk, iPhone" (note the comma). It's all about Assistant this year and the hardware to support it.
Personally, I still have a year on my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2 still has new car smell, so I'm really hoping to see an Apple TV with 1080p and app capability. If so, there's my Christmas list.