iPhone 4S name and design leaked by iTunes

A leak in iTunes may have settled the rumors and debates about the design and name of the next iPhone. iTunes 10.5 beta 9 includes image files for the new iPhone - and they look exactly like the CDMA iPhone 4. Additionally, the files reference the new handset as 'iPhone 4S'. Both of these findings are exactly what TiPb has been hearing all along.

Also notable is that the files reference only two new iPhone 4S models: black and white, whereas the iPhone 4 references 4 models: black/GSM, black/CDMA, white/GSM, and white/CDMA. This is a strong indicator that the iPhone 4S will be a dual-mode, GSM+CDMA handset.

We are now only 3 days away from putting all the rumors to rest, because on Tuesday, Apple will reveal the truth.

Continue speculating in the meantime!

Source: 9TO5 Mac, AppleInsider

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Leanna Lofte

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iPhone 4S name and design leaked by iTunes


Android is far more powerful than iOS. Good choice. Had an iPhone 4 for a few months. Had to go back to Android. Way too many features missing. The Nexus Prime is the phone I am waiting to use my upgrade for.

I love apple and all but if they release a iPhone 4s I really hope the crowd boo's them 16 months for just a spec bump I hope there one more thing is big one that leaves us and the tech world in wow

More proof: apple released its iOS 5 video overview on its website. They use a device that looks a lot like the iPhone 4 (or maybe 4s). If the iPhone 5 was bing released on Tuesday, they would have produced their iOS 5 promo video with the latest and greatest (iPhone 5), and not posted it to their website until the day the iPhone 5 launched. Otherwise, they would have a new hot iPhone 5, and the old outdated iPhone 4 in their iOS 5 promo video.
Sorry kids, but this is proof iPhone 5 is not coming in 2011. what a huge letdown.

Why would they show iOS 5 on anything other than the latest official device (in this case the iPhone 4)?
That demo video proves nothing and NO one but Apple knows what's coming...until Tuesday.

I disagree. If Apple is planning on releasing a newly designed iPhone 5 within a week, they wouldnt have recently produced an iOS 5 promo video with the 2010 model iPhone in it. Apple doesnt roll like that. Apple doesn't have IOS4 videos with the 3GS in it.
They would have produced this newly released ios 5 video with the brand newiPhone 5, and released it on or after oct 4th.
This is subtle, but just think about it. And yes, only Apple knows what it is releasing, I'm only speculating based on the evidence I see. Based on the recent release of this video, my money is on the dissapointing iPhone 4S only.

if Apple knows it's going to launch a phone on tuesday and takes all this time to hide the design why would they ever spoil that launch by posting a video with said new phone in it 3 days before the launch? That makes no sense. If they were going to post a video intentionally with a new design in it they'd wait till after any public reveal.
This was intentionally posted on apples sight so we can rest assured there is likely no new phone on the video. If there was an unreleased phone in it i'd bet it wouldn't be publically on their site yet.

That is my EXACT point! If there were and iPhone 5 coming next week, Apple would have produced this ios 5 video with the upcoming iphone 5, and NOT RELEASED the video until the October 4th announcement!
Why would they waste time and resources to release a video with a phone that will be obsoleted in 3 days? They wouldn't...thus, the next iPhone looks exactly like and iPhone 4, and by releasing the video early they are spoiling nothing...because there is nothing to spoil. Get it?

@Dr. Brad
That is NOT your point. Your point is the existence of a video proves no iphone 5. my point is the public release of a ios 5 video shows only what they already talked about at an ios event earlier this year.
you say "If there were and iPhone 5 coming next week, Apple would have produced this ios 5 video with the upcoming iphone 5, " But that's illogical. They already announced ios 5 months ago and released it to the public. This is an "IOS 5" video. It's not about iphone. It's a logical leap to claim the only way they'd release an ios 5 video is on an iphone 5, especially when they've shown it off already on an iphone 4, released a beta that works on iphone 4.
video is not obsolete in three days. every one of those features is still in the phone and new. Not only that there's no requirement that they post all features in that video.
I'm quite sure you'll have the "assistant" feature in the ios. But it's not mentioned at all. Where is it? do you think it doesn't exists? by you're rational they released a video, the video shows all and thus all including the assistant should be in there. that just makes no sense.
and still, if you spend all this time on secrecy why would you release a video with spoilers? You wouldn't. Apple didn't. They released a video showing only what they've already showed you.

@ Dr. Brad. One last thing i've found out. The ios 5 video has been posted since June of 2011 and was posted after the announcement at wwdc.

I just watched the iOS 5 video. An impressive update, for sure. Tabbed browsing, I mean wow. Congratulations to Apple for yet another amazing invention.

but by you're rational they'd release a video showing the iphone 5 in it. They wouldn't do that. If they are gonna release a video before launch it wouldn't have the actual iphone that they are gonna preview in in.
Plus if its' true that there is a new features of voice commands and assistant, that's not even mentioned. i think it is cause i've always thought siri would get added in some way. And it's been long enough. So that makes me think that the video holds back. other wise they'd have posted it after not before. It's a video with no spoilers for my money. If it revealed all why would they have a press conference and what would they talk about?

I totally agree, I would definitely buy an iPhone 4S @ $400 versus an iPhone 5 @ $749 or whatever crazy price they always sell it for...

I don't understand the big disappointment about the chance there won't be an iPhone 5, Apple haven't ever said there would definitely be one.
And just because it might be called the 4S or whatever, it doesn't literally mean it will just be a minor spec increase.
Also, I hope it isn't a cheap iPhone, as that would ruin their reputation.
And the last thing, why is everyone expecting a big change to the iPhone as the iPhone 4 has nothing wrong with it. So they are most likely doing a few minor tweaks to the shape and boosting the specs and giving it a bigger screen. Because what else do you actually need?

We were expecting a big change because a spec bump had no reason to be pushed back 4 months from the traditional launch. I think this woulda been less dissappointing had they released it in June. I'm really hoping there's something worth this wait. Cause honestly "Assistant" isn't enough. Neiter is iCloud.

TiPb, you guys reblog/report on nearly all of the rumors concerning the new iPhone, right? I mean, you all have posted on the possibility of radical redesign while gently reminding your readers the likelihood of just a moderate spec-bump, and everything in-between.
So my question is, what haven't you "heard"? It's really lame that with every new rumor or post comes a self-promoting tagline of "...yep, we were right this whole time"

4S expected. One more thing will be iPhone 5. 4S will be the 'cheap' model, set at lower price than 4 was. 5 will be the high end redesign at the normal iPhone price

I guess "useless" means "well-adopted by the public" - I have a 3GS and couldn't be happier, and I have several friends who like me stuck with it even when the 4 came out.
With the above said, 4S or 5 - either way in the case of 3GS owners, there's something to look forward to.

I absolutely love my 3GS (Factory Unlocked). My only concern is will I get all of the feature IOS 5 has to offer?
And when will we get BiteSMS of non-jailbroken iPhones?

Twice the Ram
Twice the Processor
In all... Twice the HP so it can carry twice the weight (iOS5).
I don't care about the design as I think the iPhone 4 looks great. But I sure hope they have fixed the Death Grip and the Proximity sensor they refused to fix and change.
That alone is worth a new iPhone.
What I really expected and if this is an iPhone 4s, is a bigger screen. I expected a bigger screen. I am tired of the small screen the iphone has.
Before the iPHone I had a motorola A1200. I always wondered why no one made a bigger screen, until the iPhone came out. The iPhone had a USABLE screen. Now I really want a bigger screen.
I don't think i'll buy something else other than an iPhone, but I somehow feel cheated that Apple delayed the iPhone just to pull a 3GS card.
I really liked the power increase of the 3GS and I am sure I will like the power increase of the 4S, but.... A bigger screen was what I expected out of the delay in release.

twice the ram and twice the processor might be nice on a computer with 4 gigs of ram and a qc i7 processor... but on a mobile phone.. meh... my text message, and ssf volt apps open fast enough already lol

Wait people still think death grip was widespread? Why did almost everyone who reported be from the US and on AT&T? Why has no one i know ever had the problem? Why have i never been able to replicate it over here, on several networks (on several devices)? Why did the 4 sell more and get sent back far less than the 3GS (percentage wise) for problems? Death grip = Fud. Fud. Fud. Fud.

In the U.S. I always see iPhone 4's hidden in cases, and this has becone the norm. However, recently I've visited Europe and Austalia and I see iPhone 4's everywhere without a case. It makes you realize how pervasive this phone really is and how Americans really bought into the Antenna Gate.

Better to improve the insides than to cosmetically improve the enclosure. Only us fanboys (and the occasional troll) will actually care if there isn't an all-new physical design. The average consumer will just keep on buying them (and it will keep up the resale value of the old-school "4".)
The thing we'll all remember about Apple's 2011 announcements is iOS's "PC Free" feature. Years from now, we'll look back and wonder how Apple managed to sell 100+ million iPhones before they were truly set free by iCloud. And we'll agree that PC Free + iCloud together are what really launched the post-PC era.

To me post-PC is rubbish. PCs will be around for a very, very long time. I prefer PC-complementary, or perhaps something less silly sounding.

you honestly think this is all they have? I'm "surprised" that something other then this would be a surprise.
even now they basically have two models a 4 and a 3gs. What i expect is a 5 and a 4s. even the article above says this is "exactly what TiPb has been hearing all along. " So i don't see why people would be shocked to hear this. or why they'd think that this is all there is.

I actually think there'll be three
1) An 8GB version of the current iP4
2) an iPhone 4S
3) brand new iPhone 5

You could be right but I predict the iPhone 4S with the following features & as Apple's "cheaper" prepaid option;

  • same physical design & screen size as iPhone 4
  • 16GB of storage & 1GB of RAM
  • A5 processor
  • dual GSM & CDMA support but with no "3G" speeds
  • 5 Mpixel camera

And I predict the iPhone 5 with the following;

  • totally new design
  • 4" screen
  • 16GB & 32GB storage options & 1GB of RAM
  • A5 processor
  • 8 Mpixel camera
  • dual GSM & CDMA with "3G" capability

That way there's a low-end, mid-end, & high-end phone covering all the price points without sacrificing the quality or the experience of the iPhone. There's a lot of people in 3rd world countries that Apple sells in, that want but cannot afford an iPhone. This helps Apple sell to that market.
But again I'm just postulating. I don't know if I'm right. I just hope I am.

I think you nailed it dantzig. The 4S will be the low end 8gb CDMA+GSM iPhone4 and the 5 will be announced next week.

If there is no iPhone 5 I think I will get the samsung galaxy S 2 instead. I'll still have an iPad and the 3GS so I'll have access to the apple ecosystem until apple comes out with a 4" screen, plus with all due honesty I would like to give android a try, please apple to let me down with a 4S.

here's one thing. Everyone doesn't have an iphone either. I don't. I'm on sprint. a huge number of verizon users by many polls decided in march to wait for an expected new iphone to be launced in june but when it was late just continued to wait. So there are likely many on verizon as well w/o iphones that would buy it if it was all that was available. I've noticed on tipb and especially on the podcast people often talk assuming every person has an iphone and just sits waiting for every launch and won't buy a spec bump. i don't want a spec bump mind you but i'm on an absolute crap palm pre and i'd take a spec bump if that's all i got over this paper weight any day. still think there will be two phones.

my guess is the 4s will be virtually the same as the current 4 and the 5 will have much more ram, more memory, 4 inch screen, a 8 megapixel came, 1080p, image stabilization, that voice command feature etc.
evne the 4s may have more ram for that assistant feature but hey who knows.

Not to mention the whole "changing CEOs" thing that happened. It's like people fail to realize that there are other things going on in companies than scheduling release dates, or notice trends like you pointed out.

I agree, people just expect a whole new amazing phone to come out in 16 months, while all the work going into Lion, iOS5, iCloud and the CEO change is going on.
I don't even understand why there would be a need for a big change.

Considering what has transpired since the last Iphone change. Tim Cook needs a new Iphone5. Otherwise this could be a gigantic flop for him and the company. As has been mentioned Apple is like the Russians to quote The Hunt for Red October. They don't do anything without a plan. That is what this was, part of the plan. Everybody hold your powder dry until we know more on the 4th.

I'm going to be pissed if I waited all this time and the same phone form factor comes out. Apple had plenty of time to remake this phone with at least a better back than the silly glass one. Why wait so long to release something with an updated processor and better camera. And I don't want to hear how good the 4 is still selling. I say BS.

ill believe it when they announce it this Tuesday.
there is so many conflicting pieces of evidence that its ridiculous. We have never had this many case "leaks" ever for a redesigned iPhone, but at the same time we have inventories saying there is an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S while others say it has only an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but not both. this has been one heck of a crazy rumor mill and boy am i excited. :)

Verizon has approximately 90 million customers. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they've sold 10 million iPhones so far. That leaves a ton of people on Verizon that still don't have iPhones.

How is Apple a software company? The make the iPhone and iOS. They make Macs and OS X. Hardware and Software.
I think OS X is amazing. I think iOS is dumb. It's basically a glorified app launcher.

Sorry if it's been mentioned before but has anyone noticed the
positions of the black dividers on the metal frame? Four in total. Two either side. None on the top. Interesting.

This probably won't happen but if there is an iPhone 4S I hope the "S" stands for slide. I have been holding off on getting an iPhone for years because I need a phone with a keyboard and if they released it with a keyboard that would be amazing. One can only hope.

From the looks of it I'm pretty sure there will be two versions, mainly because since we don't have CDMA in the UK (and most of the world) so a just 4S looks pretty rubbish and pretty much non news to have a dual mode antenna

Has no one realised that the pictures show the silver attena edge with the black parts in different places??????

Has anyone noticed that the diagram shows a CDMA antenna on top and a gsm antenna below Tipb's speculation may be spot in regards to the 4s being dual mode

I still think there will be an iPhone 5. You guys really think they would leak a picture of it on an iTunes beta? I truly think Apple is smarter than that. They'll release a new beta once the iPhone 5 is announced or released.

Why does everyone here assume that because of the iPhone 4S , there won't be a new iPhone 5 ?!
They will release both ;)
Of all the pics and rumors and speculations , I think the recent video from Giga and their prototype is the closest to the real iPhone 5 that will be shown on Tuesday.

The photo suggests that the antenna that is located at the top of the iPhone 4 by the headphone jack has moved to above the lock button and the other side as well.... Maybe they changed the internal workings to improve reception issues?

I waited 15 months for THIS? Great. Wonderful. Bye, Apple. My two year contract is up and it'll be an Android for me. sigh Funny how I would have accepted a 4S in JULY.

So long as Apple doesn't sue them out of it, Samsung has shown they will support their Galaxies insofar as much as they are copying Apple to do it. ;) So at least we'll get upgrades when they come - which was the only reason to STAY with an Iphone for 2 years.

"What we've been hearing all along"... every possibility under the sun has been rumored and posted here. Seems kind of silly to be tooting your own horn on this one. They could have released a star-shaped phone with 3 GB RAM and it probably would have jived with some rumor.

Excuse me... "exactly what TiPb has been hearing all along."
Do I need to reference all of the other rumors on different phone variations you guys have posted?

4gs no thanks im still on my 3gs. the only way i get a new phone is if sprint comes out with it and its duel mode so i can take it to any provider i want. sprint is 15 bucks a month cheaper for me then att due to discounts. there is nothing i need personally that the 3gs doesnt do. it texts it gets on the net and it calls (sometimes again im on att) as long as there is no real 4g then i dont need to switch . lte is 4g not whats out there now from sprint tmobile or att. they just like to play with names. honestly thinking of getting the bold 9900 and an ipad the iphone has lost its luster to me

I dont get what all the fuss is about to be honest, my iphone 4 works as good as any other phone ive tried, does all the stuff i need a phone to do and looks great doing it. I dont need or want anything different for me the 4 is the perfect device.

well if this is it and there is not an iphone with a redesign i will stick to my ip4 with ios5...16month of wait and if only a spec bump is a joke...prove me wrong apple please

The biggest problem is that your average, normal person doesn't need 99.9% of the features found in Android and not found in iOS but does need the reliability and ease of use that comes with iOS and tends to be lacking in Android (especially the special, carrier or manufacturer-branded versions). Too many screens, too many phones. Power users do not make the market for smart phones anymore and it seems a little ostrich like for the internet to keep pretending they do.

Very cool analysis, iPhones I anything are easy, techno geeks like myself, want to check them all out LOL

thats why android devices are outselling iphones. because people don't want them. like your phone if you want, but get your head out of your.... sandbox.

Typical Apple move to suck money out on a slightly updated device, waited this long for what? Same crappy design? Maybe because Apple is so sue happy against Samsung they didn't want to lend any more hardware to Apple and they are recycling parts and overclocked the CPU and market it as a "revolutionary new device"

Or here's a crazy thought, they release an iPhone 4S and call it the iPhone 5 because you really shouldn't try and guess product releases on the criteria of "the name sounds dumb." Bottom line, we could just be looking at an iPhone 4 with bumped up specs called the iPhone 5. Really, that's not a terrible thing. The form factor doesn't have to change all the time. The only part of the form people want changed is the screen and I think Apple is (rightly) terrified to do that. Anyone who's tried to find apps for Android and especially anyone who's developed for Android will tell you that the screen thing is a huge pain.

My dream situation for Tuesday:
1. Steve Jobs comes out to do a "farewell" of sorts to all Apple customers and talks up the great things he's been involved with and seen. He hypes up Tim Cook as a very suitable replacement which ushers in confidence for us that Tim is the new go-to guy for Apple's future
2. Out comes Tim with the first announcement iPod Touch 3G. Click-wheels iPods are a thing of the past, on to the future with iPod Touch 3G capable of utilizing iMessage and (hold for applause) FaceTime over 3G! (this will also happen to the upcoming iPhone 4S) THIS IS THE BUDGET "IPHONE" capable of having pay-as-you go contracts on a number of carriers worldwide
3. iOS 5 is heavily touted as the best mobile OS around and it gets even better on the new iPhone 4S w/it's dual core processor and 8 megapixel camera...yada yada yada... FaceTime over 3G capabilities so the iPod touch people don't feel like they're only getting iMessage love. Lastly, Nuance voice controls are INSANE and shown off like crazy (Voice controls are ONLY possible on the new iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 4S because of the A5 chip which is where the iPhone "newbies" will turn out in droves to get their hands on as their intro device(s) to the Apple mobile galaxy, just in time for the holidays; us who know better however will wait out for the iPhone 5)
4. ONE MORE THING... coming in first quarter of 2012, iPhone 5. Crazy excitement, everything the iPhone 4S has as far as software is concerned, many new hardware enhancements and now available on another carrier, Sprint.
5. End of show!

the existence of one doe not make it any "more likely" that there is no other phone. The existence of one is only proof of it's existence. Every other conclusion is just speculation.
And there are plenty of leaks pointing to an iphone 5 from cases, to entries in computers, to popping up on websites then being pulled. but evidence of an 4s doesn't make it more likely there is nothing else. It's just evidence of a 4s.

And most people on verizon are not up for an upgrade in march or april. By june they were waiting. when it didn't come buy july. verizon people decided to wait till september and here we are. And you're comment still didn't address all the people on sprint that would buy an iphone 4s if that's all they got. But again i've seen analysis of iphone penetration and polls of verizon users and many say verizon users are waiting for a new version. http://www.tipb.com/2011/06/21/verizon-users-waiting-iphone-5-ditch-andr...
"74% of Verizon iPhone buyers are waiting for Apple's next model"http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/08/01/74ofverizoniphonebuyersarewaitingforapplesnextmodel.html

Am I the only one who noticed that the proximity sensor for the white iPhone 4S as displayed is the same design as the white iPhone 4 before they redesigned if for final release? Maybe its a recycled icon acting as a place holder?

I totally disagree with that whole statement. I have been listening since day 1 and still enjoying the podcast and the content from Tipb. I love Rene's humor and he is very intelligent.

LMAO at Apple Android Droid Google wars and everyone who takes it so seriously, JUST get what you want and that's that

Did you see where a girl wanted someone as her maid of honor someone was holding up an IPAD with her on it at the wedding, no kidding!

Does anyone think Apple puts these images and leaks into their betas on purpose to spark all of these rumors?

its not the same design guys, please take a minute to find the additional 2 antenna bands at upper left AND right sides. probably to avoid the "youre-holdin-it-wrong" issue again!
i.e. just above the silent mode rocker.
ALSO , the rocker has been lowered down a little.
you have to agree!

I use an Android handset for work and would much rather use my personal iPone any day. None of the Androids I have tested for my employer have been able to hold a candle to the iPhones we ave deployed. Battery life sucks on all o tem except the Samsung Infuse, it's not terrible. My complaint to Apple is they need to open iOS a little more and give me real multitasking.

Android users have much better forums. And development, and choices, and price points, and....and....and....and....

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