Apple said to be working on an iPad video app to compete with cable providers

Well known blogger, Robert Scoble claims that Apple will announce an iPad app to challenge the cable TV giants. The iPad app will provide video content which he claims is the main reason for Apple’s huge data center.

I'm hearing that Apple is working on a new iPad app that looks a lot like DirecTV without the dish, too. Again, that app will have Steve Jobs' fingerprints all over it as it will be more expansive than the press is expecting in its content availability. There's a reason Apple built a 500,000-square-foot datacenter (about twice the size of a Facebook one, by the way) and that new datacenter is for video and the data that video causes to be shared with everyone.

As today’s event is called “Let’s Talk iPhone”, I am not sure that this will be the place to announce such an app. More to the point, surely this service would be more suited to the Apple TV than the iPad? I guess we will have to wait and see, not much longer now!

Source: Robert Scoble Google+


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Apple said to be working on an iPad video app to compete with cable providers


Completely convinced that TV is ripe for Apple's next wave of disruptive innovation. And that iAd was designed for HDTV from the start. Apple has already built a swanky office in NYC, presumably for doing TV deals.
The North Carolina data center is just far too big to be for the current iCloud. And Apple has an option to build another 500k square foot data center across the street from that one. It's almost like iCloud is the cover story for the whole operation.

Apple tv would have already replaced my cable if the premium channels where up to date. I figured that with all of the shows I watch, including the ones I've only seen a couple of episodes of, if I bought all of those full seasons, I would spend about $400 less a year on television. Unfortunately, I'm to hooked on hbo and showtime series to be able to wait for iTunes to catch up.

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