Apple posts "See how Siri works" video

Apple has posted a video guide to its just announced Siri service. It starts with a jogger using a wired headset to ask Siri to read his messages. He then he dictates a reply all without breaking stride. He then asks Siri to start to play his running mix to continue his run! If Siri works this well, it is going to be a really compelling feature on the iPhone 4S.



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Getchell Jordan Williams says:

Is Siri going to available for iPad 2?

James Curtis says:

This is what I'd love to know... bought an iPad2 for my parents last week, this would just be awesome for them.

jameslaz says:

Just watched it and if it works as shown it may be a great thing, would prefer it on an iPhone 5 though.

Joe Sacher says:

Why? If Apple released the iPhone 4S and called it the iPhone 5 would that magically make you happy?

Tim Zachmann says:

not enough to warrant buying a new phone.

Jay Mobile says:

This looks like one of those things looks nice to have but will rarely get used

USA Rocks says:

If you can reply to e-mails and texts without going through an app like dragon dictation I am all over it. With Dragon you still need to copy and paste, that is after you edited all the mistakes it made.

taharka says:

I use something similar on Android when I'm out biking. It's one of the features I've been very interested in seen where Apple can take it. From the video, there seems to be a few things that are "better" with Siri. I'll be looking deeper to see if it works over bluetooth and what accessories will support it.
Will I make "heavy use of it"? Meh...all I can say is that I use it a lot for very specific situations and I'd love to see the tech get better and better.

tazh89 says:

jailbreak will bring it to the iphone 4 and ipad 2 for always love to hold back on features to make it exclusive...

Johnnyreb09 says:

Siri needs nearly a gig of ram. If jailbreak devs can get it to run with 512mb, I'll definitely try it but im not expecting much on iPhone 4. :/

USA Rocks says:

scaled down versions works now on the i4. I use Siri to update tweets by voice command.

Guest says:

Siri already works with the iPhone4, now it just needs to be integrated...which seems more like an iOS feature more than an iPhone4S feature.

Ben Peterman says:

well i had the original SIRI app on my iphone 3g! it worked well there! and if it is available on jailbreak i will be all over it

Dave_minall says:

Silly question but is Siri exclusive to the 4S?

tazh89 says:

have to admit if it works like that in your natural voice and dont have to alter your voice in anyway then thats awesome but still is not worth it for me to upgrade my ip4 and alsp am sure google voice on my gs2 works nicely already am sure will be upgraded to work similarly to siri very soon

ricbon says:

So this it's why Stevie wonder gave thanks

Gardner47 says:

um why did my siri app stop working and why is it gone from the app store now?

Lars says:

So, the big question - Is it exclusively for the 4S?
I'm hoping it will at least work for my 4.

Bhamgroundhog says:

Having watched the live streaming and read about every available post-announcement site, I'm sorry the answer is 4s and, obviously, above. Sorry for you, sorry for me, sorry for the hopes that went crashing!

ndnz says:

Is exclusively for iPhone 4S. Won't run on iPhone 4.

patricksmangan says:

didnt think i'd be talking to my phone, but i might if my phone strikes up the conversation first.

Mark says:

I'll believe it when I see it, doubt it'll be that slick

Bhamgroundhog says:

I tried (using the 2 week return policy) two different Android phones: Verizons Samsung Bionic and Sprint's Motorola Photon. Both have larger screens so I expected increase in iphone screen whether 4s or 5. Huge disappointment. Now deciding what to do in available upgrade

Jrdatrackstar1223 says:

totally stole this from Mango....i'm just saying....

Bulldogbobby says:

Was Mango around when Apple bought Siri?

John S. says:

That doesn't mean that Microsoft wasn't already developing their Voice recognition system. Was Apple buying Siri when Microsoft was developing Voice Command several years ago?

fastlane says:

Nobody cares about junk they've never heard of. Goodbye,.

Jared Gibbs says:

If I were switching to Sprint, I'd consider the 4S I suppose, although I'm absolutely positive someone in the jailbreak community will figure out how to enable this for previous-gen devices.

ndnz says:

Is exclusively for iPhone 4S. Won't run on iPhone 4.

Ww says:

Siri, 'mistress is calling'
me: arrrrghhhh. Wife's here. Shut up.
Siri: Reply to Mistress that wife said shut up.
me: oh no......
Siri: Oops...

Ben Peterman says:

will Siri work on the IPAD 2

patricksmangan says:

a released api would be good as well. commands like "begin audio (or video) recording", "launch _____ app", "what is this song?"

failmatic says:

Forever alone once more.

Redshirt says:

During the keynote, they were showing it responding on NASDAQ. It would have been really interesting if they had asked about the APPL stock. :)

K Chesney70 says:

So I had Siri, and clicked on it, it updated automatically. It said that "it" would be waiting for me on the iPhone 4s, but available for me until then. Apple let us down, and now is forcing people towards the iPhone 4S. No thanks!!! Looking more like galaxy 2 or something in the future!

taharka says:

So does mine, but this has some nice enhancements as well. I hope Apple and Google have an epic battle over this (improving it to one-up each other rather than the "sue-you-sue-me" thing) because we consumers will get better tech in the end.

Sandy says:

Wow, the best feature no one will use!

plunder says:

So would siri pass the Turing test? I almost hope the demo is a bit optimistic.
The worrying bit is when your phone gets hired to do your job, because your communication skills are inferior to it. Consider that when you are looking for an upgrade.

Julian Pichelski says:

And people thought that autocorrect was an embarrassing nightmare when it came to texting people.

Joe Sacher says:

Tell me about it. I use Windows Phone voice texting that is 95%. I was texting the wife with it and said: "I'm stuck in traffic, I will probably be home at six thirty." What was composed: "I'm stuck in traffic, I will probably be home and sexy xxx."
I swear my phone is a perv. six -> sexy I get. The only thing I can figure is thirty -> dirty -> xxx.

Mr. Brett says:

Ask Siri: Where is the iPhone 5?

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