iPhone 4S brings 1080p HD video recording

One of the many features announced on the iPhone 4S is 1080p HD video recording. This is a nice improvement over the iPhone 4's 720p HD video recording.

The goodness does not stop there, however. In addition to 1080p, the iPhone 4S is equipped with video stabilization to help steady those non-professional, bouncy video recording skills.

Since the iPhone 4S video camera is the same 8MP camera used for stills, it will benefit from the larger aperture and improved illumination sensor, bringing you more accurate colors and better low-light videos.

You can see examples of the camera and stabilization on Apple's website. I encourage you to check them out, it really shows off how great video recording on the iPhone 4S will be.

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

iPhone 4S brings 1080p HD video recording


Is there such an option on the 4? (I'm a 3GS owner). I never thought about it, but assumed there must be an option to switch to standard-def. If not that's unfortunate, as you said that video can take up a lot of space.

with iCloud won't it be sent to your computer/ other devices? so if its hogging to much space couldn't you just delete it and if you wanted to show someone have it pushed back to you? or am I not understanding iCloud ?

Isn't Sony the supplier for the camera sensors?
Because I think the camera in the iPhone 4S is the same (or a slightly modified version of the) camera found on the Xperia Arc/Ray/Neo. They also feature an 8MP sensor with f/2.4, video stabilization, and that low-light thing. Their video capture is however capped to 720p. And their photo quality is stunning too.

I'd say get the 64gb model. It'll have more than double the storage capacity. 1080p won't use double the space of 720p either.

As a filmmaker, I am more excited about this than any other feature of the iPhone 4S and it will be my main reason to upgrade. 1080p and image stabilization will allow me to fit iPhone footage into my HD projects, so when I just happen to come across a great landscape/cityscape or other scene, I can grab some great stock footage. Or shoot "cell phone" footage for films (where the character is using a cell phone to record video) without it looking all jello-y. The uses are endless. The iPhone 4 video just doesn't quite cut it for this purpose, but the 4S brings it home.

Im hoping this also means that iMovie for ipad will also be supporting 1080p video files as the current version only recognizes 720p video captured with the ipad 2s awfull camera. If iMovie infact does support 1080p starting oct 14th im hoping that that update will provide support for other cameras besides idevices such as DSLRs

Does this mean that iMovie (Ipad) will now support 1080p video files as well? If so when would the iMovie update be available? Also, if and when the update is available does this mean that iMovie (ipad) will now support other 1080p cameras other than the iphone and the ipad2 such as DSLR's?
Right now there is a workaround to edit video from other cameras however it requires converting the footage and downsampling the audio to 41khz from the standard 48khz (Since the iphone and the ipad2 both record audio in this format) Basically you have to fool iMovie (Ipad) that the imported footage is from an idevice. Very annoying.
I hope now that the iPhone 4S will bring about this much needed change to imovie (ipad) as thats the main reason i bought one.

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