2011 iPod touch review

2011 iPod touch review

Rene Ritchie

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Michael Olsen says:

This is amazing. You, sir, win the universe. :D

Garz says:

Easiest review yet for Rene to do lol

Flamur Dellovci says:

Unbelievable, TiPb has done it again. (Claps)

Chin Haow Lim says:

This is the device that worth the review!

James McArthur says:

I was honestly excited about getting an iPod touch with an A5 and IPS backed retina display too... :(

Andy Kotas says:

Another searing, hard-hitting review.
Thanks ;o)

Applelove says:

Tipo and apple both SUCKS now! You think a color is something amazing? Getting a sgs2 tomorrow

Donald Kelly says:

Too bad your spelling and grammar sucks more.

Daniel Tilem says:

This gets the Chuck Norris Stamp of approval.

Guest says:

That would imply all readers are dead.

eahinrichsen says:

The Chuck Norris stamp of approval is reserved for articles that talk about how the liberals and Jews are controlling the media. Or banks. Or whatever crazy people think these days.

David Mendoza says:

Rene just trolled the review. Lol

J_MAC29 says:

This has got to be the funniest post I've seen on this site! Congrats!!

Rademe says:

Lmaoooooooooooooolo!!!!! Awesome post!

Serj says:

Best review I've ever witnessed :o :o :o :o :o

icebox93 says:

This is my favorite review here. But it IS a monumental upgrade. I mean, people went nuts for the white iphone which was just as much of a monumental upgrade. So why all the disdain when apple uses its massive R&D knowhow to come up with the way to attach that vibrant white shell of purity to the touch? Time to squeal with joy, isn't it?

Rchrisgomez says:

By rule of thumb, we're not supposed to be as excited by the iPod touch as by the iPhone. :/ Go figure.

Osama Dakhil says:

ah ya what can be more disappointing ? i think they tried so hard to disappoint people; thats what apple really did this year. great post thank you

Kiel GaGa Henry says:

wait what, no way, that is amazing, this is the best feature ever. A White iPod Touch, Im quivering in excitement. Not really, i don't care, i love my 4thGen in black just fine. However this is the best review I have ever seen. So detailed.

Swarm1424 says:

So effen funny, and true wth!

NameRequired says:

first review in history without so much trash talk <3

Deka says:

That's it?? LOL! Nice!

Georgia says:

Awesomeness Achievement Unlocked !

iCello says:

This is incredibly awesome. You, sir, are a genius.

Mavwin says:

Hahaha, funniest post ever ;)

DavidArr says:

I disagree with the reviews I've read of this smart-ass, non-helpful "review," and reads as condescending to anyone who's not as "in the know" as the reviewer. It could have said what is the same as the 2010 product. Specifically: Is the processor the same? (Apparently - heck if I know from this "review.") Does it come with Siri, or can Siri be installed on it? Oh, and since Apple's advertising it as a "new" feature for the new iPod Touch, is iMessenger really a reason for someone to get a new iPod Touch? (Apparently not since it seems to come with iOS - but you wouldn't know from reading this "review.") Is there anything new about this new product that keeps it one of the top options for consumers looking for a (relatively) low-cost portable digital media player - or should they hold out for a Kindle Fire? (Probably not, and maybe - who knows?)
The reason I read this blog and the other blogs connected to it (particularly Android Central and Pre Central) is because they're entertaining and useful, most of the time. This post is the opposite of it. I hope you don't publish any more reviews like this one.

Cooz says:

Really? Well, as you stated, you come here because it's entertaining. I believed most of us got a kick out of this, therefore, it's entertaining.

DavidArr says:

I also come here because it's informative - most of the time. The review was just smart-ass. If that's all they were going for, awesome. Smart-ass can be entertaining. But this site is billed as an iOS information site, last I checked. And since I actually came here for information on the latest iPod Touch, this review was a disappointment. I had to figure out for myself what was not different. Here's a novel idea - maybe the reviewer can actually talk about how there's basically no difference, instead of merely make fun of it and leave it up to the reader to figure it out? This was, in fact, the least-helpful review I've read on this site.

Kevin says:

Get a life man. It's the same thing as the iPod that was launched in 2010. Just in white colour. If you needed all that information that you were mentioning, I think you're stuck in 2010, cause anyone visiting tipb would at least know the basic stuff about an iPod touch.
The fact that there was another post created to accommodate this "rerun" was a bonus. Better than reposting the same review just with a white iPod touch.
I think Siri would be good for you.

Trawwlin says:

Trolling is successful'.

lol@tipb says:

Your just jealous that the real sites go to go to the event and you got to watch it on Engadget

pgarret09 says:

I won an ipod touch on friday for 21 cents.cant wait to get it,it looks the bees knees.happy days

Jonatan Karter says:

Apple innovation at it's finest! It's brilliant!

Carl Mumford says:

Rene likes the SEO traffic he will get here from the simple post.

Robert White says:

You left out the most critical information that we simply must know... What is the 'Quality" of the white used in this high tech device?
It is too important for that to be skipped over. Apple after all perfected, & probably has a patent, on white technology gizmos.

Courtney Dewdney says:

This is why I love TiPB so much, all of these wonderful, in-depth multi-character reviews (such as this one), it makes my buying decisions so much easier when I have this kind of information! :)

beantown00seven says:

This should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize...

tqmcguire says:

Thanks Rene. I just got some weird looks from my coworkers for bursting out with a big "HA!" :) Thanks for starting my day off right.

Rmeza5 says:

hahaha this is awesome. Easy end of the year for Rene.

Siamac says:

Rene Ritchie, you have won the interwebz!

Ed says:

This is one of the first reviews I have read that I could fully understand!

Tyson Trogdon says:

Apple sort of dropped the ball on this one. I figured they'd at least give it a better camera. My fiance has an iPod Touch that I got her earlier this year, and it's camera is worse than the first camera phone I ever had (V3 RAZR).

Whatsupchia says:

Hey at least there is no Spelling errors! Go Rene a first for you!

Taz955 says:

I guess I'm not so easily amused. Moving on.

Benjo says:

My IPhone 4S review is similar:
It comes with Siri now.

felface says:

Congratulations to you rene ritchie for your accurate and in-depth review

Jfooza1 says:

I actually prefer this over my phone!

Amy H says:

As soon as they announced the "4G" iPod Touch that I'd been waiting on for a year, I went to Best Buy and bought the 3G for $25 off.
Seriously; I took the gift cards I'd been saving and went the same afternoon. I got an iFrogz case on clearance, too. (The prices probably went back up when they figured out they were still good!) The only bummer was I'd been wanting a 3mp camera, but I guess I'll have to live without it.

Deej Barens says:

the Tech equivalent of Malibu Stacey with new HAT?

Scott David344 says:

the battery life on my ipod touch 4g is pure dose eny one think the same
the a4 chip is bad also just performing the smalest of tasks it heats up like a bitch wy is this ?

Bob Mac says:

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pramod chauhan says:

Very good iPod Reviews !!
Very detailed & insightful..
Incredible, how Apple has over the years transformed the first generation iPod to today's iPod touch... with excellent features. Though I own an iPhone 4 still I would like to lay hands to ipod touch....