AT&T sells 200,000 iPhone 4S' in 12 hours

AT&T sells 200,000 iPhone 4S' in 12 hours

Reuters is reporting that AT&T sold 200,000 iPhone 4S' in the first 12 hours of it being available on pre-order. They said it was in "extraordinary demand".

In the next paragraph they report fans were "underwhelmed" by it. Obviously not enough to hurt sales.

No word yet on Verizon or Sprint, or Apple's own numbers.

Source: Reuters

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Reader comments

AT&T sells 200,000 iPhone 4S' in 12 hours


At least there are people that still realize that the 4s, while being meeting the hyped expectations of the people that read blogs and believe every 'randomly accurate rumor' passed on if they take the phone at face value it is or rather will be a great phone.
I wouldn't expect as high a figure for Verizon Customers, they do not get a benefit of HSPA+ and will wait for the next few months until the development of the iPhone 5 is complete and they launch the phone.
Saying that though, HSPA+ is not going to be a big advantage for a considerable number of people, those that have always complained about the AT&T dropped calls or poor data service will always have that and the gain will not be beneficial to them.
Again, the iPhone 4s is a great phone and will make a lot of people happy.

In NYC we will never see those hspa+ speeds more like 3-4 mbs/sec hence is why I switched to Sprint. I will save $15 a month

Still doubting Apple? That's so Fandroid talk. You would think to respect a phone that is only 5 strong and on top unlike Android who have hundreds of phones and still can't be #1.... So sad :(

Excuse me John, I never said anything negative about the iPhone? Are you confused. I did say something negative about AT&T and I merely said that less people will purchase the 4s on Verizon because they won't get the advantage of HSPA+? Hardly a negative statement, merely that their broadband experience is not going to improve immensely and certainly it's not a negative statement about Apple or the iPhone it is that unfortunately there is not LTE but of course HSPA+ is not a big advantage with AT&T either because they never made a sufficient commitment to their infrastructure in the first place and they will drag their feet on LTE and do the same with the HSPA+ infrastructure. They claim they have it in place and just have to upgrade the backbone, don't expect that to occur in blaze.
Again these are provider issues and if you read the very first paragraph, peoples' disappointment is in the lack of the features that were implied to be coming to the phone. Again the 4s is not the 5 and I am an apple iPhone and iPad customer and while I am not a fanboy I am not a fan of Android devices, Windows Devices, Palm or Blackberry devices. I purchase the device that meets my needs and Apple meets my needs.
As for Android, I will not purchase a device running it because it is always yesterday's model, you make a purchase and tomorrow it is replaced with a newer model by the same company. Look at Samsung, I can't keep up with the roll out of their devices.
Sorry if I offended you but I won't lose sleep over offending you or anyone else, you will just have to get over it.

why do you keep typing that? Nobody is saying anything bad. Are you like trying to pick arguments. lighten up man. It's a friendly discussion. Not a pissing contest.

Still doubting Apple? That's so Fandroid talk. You would think to respect a phone that is only 5 strong and on top unlike Android who have hundreds of phones and still can't be #1.... So sad :(

i think he's doubting that Verizon sold 500k in 24 hours. I don't think that means he's a fandroid. And i thought the Verizon launch was good but less then the AT&T one. Thus if 200k for AT&T was a record that could be more then Verizon. regardless i'm not sure it's a fandroid thing.
by the way sprint sold old of preorders for the 16 gb version already.

Actually most companies would love to sell that many in the lifetime of a phone.
Apple devices sell because you don't have to think to use them, you don't have to worry about having to do battery pulls like the Blackberry devices or deal with OS bugs that won't get fixed for months or deal with what you see on a screen of one device looking different on another or the software not even running.
I know that when I upgrade from my iPhone 4 it will just work how I expected it. I know that if I have an issue with my iPhone or iPad I can ask Apple and they will help me and thankfully for the extended cover with them it will be fixed or replaced and I won't have to stress out.
And yes, if reports say that 500,000 devices were sold in the first 24 hours after launch collectively over all carriers world wide then I would most definitely believe it.

Yeah. 200,000 isn't that much. All phones move 200,000 units in12 hours! I sold 200,000 old bag phones made in 1993 the other day! And then I sold 200,000 fake plastic cell phones right after that! It's nothing! Get the Fu(k outta here dude! 200,000 on one carrier in 12 hours is amazing! Wait til Friday if your not impressed yet! Watch those numbers triple and more! That would translate to over a million a week if it stayed at 200,000 a day when it hits stores. But it won't. And then the real hate can begin!

It was only 199,999 but I just ordered mine.
First 8 gig iPod touch2
6 months later 16 gig 3GS
2 yrs 3 months later 32 gb 4s
22 months later iphone6 64gb?

Last year Apple sold 600,000 phones in the first 12 hours but from what I understand is that that number is from ALL carriers worldwide that were taking pre-orders.
So 200,000 pre-orders from AT&T only, plus Sprint selling out the 16GB iPhone 4S versions sounds promising so far. I'm sure on Monday we'll hear the numbers.

I wonder how many of these sales are either new to iPhone or upgraded from a 3Gs. To upgrade from a 4 to a 4s is just plain insanity. There aren't enough upgraded features to warrant a full upgrade price tag. I'll wait for the 5, TYVM.

"To upgrade from a 4 to a 4s is just plain insanity."
That depends on your needs and what features are important to you. I enjoy taking pictures on my phone & playing the odd game. The camera & GPU enhancements alone, for me anyway, are more than worth it.
With the A5 processor, I can only imagine the kinds of apps that will be built to take advantage of it.

Tough call. 4S would be a great upgrade for you but it all depends on if you can wait. If you're fine w/ the 3Gs, wait. If you have that internal itch for some new tech, go for it. :)

In your shoes I personally would upgrade. The camera & CPU / GPU performance improvements smoke the 3GS.

I don't understand all the hate for AT&T as they have had the iphone the longest and I think they have worked out a lot of the issues as I have had much much better service over the years now so I am quite happy. Verizon has the largest deposit and you can't surf and talk at the same time so AT&T is good enough for me!
I look forward to my iphone 4s as I got a confirmation email telling me that my order could not be canceled or changed and that my items are back ordered so it will be interesting to see when it actually ships next week!

Absolutely true.
We, people that spend 30' or more daily checking mobile/tech news are just, maybe 3-4%?
As an act of human nature, we think we know what will fail or be extraordinary successful, which features are going to be deal breakers and which ones an epic fail.
But eventually reality shows that we generate a lot of opinions but don't represent the market.
This probably happens in any product that generates interest, like cars for example. I'm sure that there are thousands of people out there that when they see the cars we buy think: How in earth this guy bought this? It doesn't have this, it's go that...

Absolutely true. And with one iPhone released a year that 3-4% is not the market Apple is shooting for...

Agree with you totally, the bogeys and tech community are not the ones who drive smart phone sales in todays market, it is the average joe. With that said the iPhone 4s to them is a new phone as it faster and has more capability. I do not think the every day person really looks at a phone and thinks a new model is not a real upgrade because it looks like last years model, that seems to be more tech community related.

1 OS, but no android phone has sold half of what the iPhone sells. Its easy to be #1 when you have a billion phones against a company that sells one.

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Did any other AT&T customers get their pre-order mysteriously cancelled? I woke up early Friday & ordered an upgrade to the iPhone 4s on one of my lines through the AT&T website (not Apple). All was well until last night when I got an email informing me that my order was cancelled due to ordering too many lines via the website (what?)!! After 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T I was thoroughly mad & they wouldn't explain what that meant. I have since re-ordered via Apple, so "we'll see"!! Curious if this was a massive "mistake" by AT&T?

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