How to setup iMessage on your iPhone or iPod touch

Wondering how to setup iOS 5's new iMessage service on your iPhone or iPod touch? Using iMessage you can send text messages, photos, video and much more to other iMessage users around the world, all over your existing data connection. That's right, no texting plans or charges needed! Here's how to get started.

  • First off ensure your running the latest iOS 5 software
  • Select settings
  • Select Messages
  • Turn the toggle switch for iMessage to on

  • You should see a message saying "Activating"
  • You can now enter your receive to addresses, this can be an email address (Apple ID) or just your iPhone phone number, or both. The phone number part should already be filled out
  • If you have an Apple ID and want to use that as well as your phone number, enter it here

  • Once completed you will now have an active iMessage account on your iPhone
  • You can toggle various options on and off such as read recipts etc
  • Also you have an option to send as an SMS if iMessage data connection is not available

That is all you need, you now have iMessage set up on your iPhone!


Now for the iPod touch (and iPad)

Setting up iMessage on the iPod touch is slightly difefrent as these devices do not have any telephone number associated with them.

  • First off ensure your running the latest iOS 5 software
  • Select settings
  • Select Messages
  • Turn the toggle switch for iMessage to on
  • A new box will open asking you for an Apple ID

  • If you have an Apple ID, enter it here
  • If you don’t have one, select Create New Account
  • Once completed you will now have an active iMessage account on your iPad or iPod touch

Ok now we have iMessage set up there are a few things to consider. If you only have one device then you are fine. If you have multiple iOS 5 devices then you will need to think about how you want them to work. Do you want separate iMessage accounts for each device? More than likely, you would want one account that stays in sync across all of your devices.

If you want separate iMessage accounts for each device, you will need to create separate Apple ID's for each device, these can be created for free in the iMessage original set up screen. Just select Create New Account.

If you want to have all devices use one iMessage account then you need to input the same Apple ID details into each device iMessage setup page.

That should be all you need to get started with iMessage!

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Reader comments

How to setup iMessage on your iPhone or iPod touch


Same here I have no idea how to put my number in and whenever I try to send a text to someone using iMessage, it comes up with the alert button and I click on it and it comes up with the number and says that it's not registered but I thought u could send messages to anyone with iMessage?! Annoying! Grrr!!! Please help! Xxx

You can ONLY send messages to Ipods, IPads and IPhones!!! No one else and they have to have the Imessaging turned on on their device also.

My cousin have iPod touches and they some how got it set up tht they have a separate phone # for it so I'm wondering how to do tht and also I have texted them off my phone to tht cause they told me their iPod number so anyone can text u to it I just can't figure out how...

Well if you have iPod you don't have number beside I always find a way to make things work

Apple really need to update iMessage ASAP.. The iOS experience is all about seamless integration, and iMessage does not work seamless for people that own multiple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)...
If you only own an iPhone and want to send iMessages to other peoples iPhones - then you are fine..
-But if you want to receive your iMessages on for instance your iPad, and have all your conversations in sync, you have to tell people to send messages to your AppleID address instead of your phone number, otherwise you will not receive the messages on the iPad.. and it will then create a new conversation-thread (only in some random cases does the system merge the two conversation threads?).. Likewise you have to make sure that you send your iMessages to your friends AppleID address and not their phone-number, if you want him/her to receive the messages on their iPad/iPod Touch...

U don't have to "tell" people where to text u, all u have to do is message them and they'll reply back to the device you're on. If u then put down your iPad and pick up your iPhone and continue texting them, sure they'll receive the text in a new message window, but all they'll have to do is reply there and u continue with the conversation. It's no big deal really. I text my friend while on iPad and she for whatever reason loves to switch from device to device as she's running errands but I don't have to switch with her, they all come to me where I'm at and it's actually kind of cool picturing her sitting with her iPad, then using her phone as she goes for a walk, then back to her iPad as she lies down. Pretty seem less if u ask me.

I dont agree. It's Not very Apple like, and kind of embarising that I have to explain this to my friends and family, that are wondering why the conversation is split in two threads, and why they only receive some of the messages on their iPad/iPod.. And I have to tell them to make sure to delete the old thread, so that my messages sync to all my devices.... It should be automatically fixed and merged, so people don't have to think abort multiple threads, phone numbers and AppleIDs -- you know the way that Apple and Steve Jobs have made us all used to, in the past...

A) Its been out for a few days, the sky is not falling.
B) if you're actually "embarised" by this, then you need to seek help.

(Embarrassing* :-P)
Well I am not personally embarrassed, I meant that for Apple's "magical devices".. :-)
But besides the multiple thread issue - even worse is that some of the messages sometimes only gets delivered on the iPad, and not the iPhone! This means that while i'm out, and my iPad is left at home - I will miss some important messages...

its not like it would be hard for a person to send to a group of contacts for one individual and whatever device that person is using they will respond from.. its not rocket science people

AND, if you want to send a 'iMessage' to someone from your iPad , using their AppleId and they are NOT RUNNING IOS 5 - the message/Apple ID resolution WILL FAIL... NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I was wondering why someone using iPad couldn't text my unless they used my email/apple ID. On my iPhone where it says receive At only my email address is showing and can not add my phone number. On the set up instructions it says that your iPhone number should automatically show up in that received area? Does anyone know how to add that in that I believe possible then someone could text my iPhone using my number from their iPad?

I've been having issues with iMessage on my 3GS. I have successfully sent 3 iMessages on about a dozen attempts. My phone will recognize other iOS 5 devices but can't seem to complete the sending of iMessages most of the time. People sendin me iMessages also hav issues. The take a long time and eventually change and send as SMS. For a couple of hours yesterday I was able to send no problem. Then all of a sudden last night I was back to the same issue. Boo Apple!

I cannot get it to work as when I put someone on my imessage on my ipad it says the number is not recognized and will not send the message.
Needs to be an easier way to do this

The number you were sending iMessage has not set up an account, in short, both sender and receiver should turn iMessage on in Settimgs and register an apple id/email address. Phone number for iPhone automatically registers to Apple servers but it needs wi-fi connection (just for setup).

There, it is rubbish. I had the same problem. Could you try it again. Have you got a IPod! I have tried it with that. Don't go on it

iMessage runs on wifi or 3G maybe it's connection problem that's why it takes too long to send and receive messages.

Does anyone know if you can use iMessage without service over wifi on an iPhone? A buddy of mine got his phone shut off (long, long story) and we have been trying to figure this out and haven't really found anything that works. Haha.

That's certainty not the way it's being pitched.. So if I try to send some pals of mine around the country notes thru iMessage, they have to upgrade to IOS 5 to just get the message?? N O T !!

This article is not completely accurate. I was able to set up 2 iPhones and an iPad with SEPARATE contact addresses, all using ONE Apple ID. Granted, it took some finagling with settings, but now my wife and I can message each other without creating another Apple ID. I was concerned that creating another Apple ID in message settings would mess with the app store and other things that we want connected for the family.
Basically, once you log in, add the new email address to the device that you want to not have your default Apple ID address. Then delete the Apple ID address after the new one is verified. This does not affect your other machines.

I can't enable iMessage. It keeps bringing me back to the sign in screen when I try to toggle it on. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Chris (writer) I appreciate your article but I think you should add a few comments to the article...especially for those having issues registering alternate emails.

  1. A family can still use one Apple account for setting up imessage and then add an alternate (none me/mac/icloud) address too to associate with that device. Thus giving each device a unique identify once verified by Apple. Thus their own DNS system routes an imessage to the proper device.

There is often more then one way to skin a cat. Although individuals can now get icloud and Apple accounts w/o buying anything (other then a iOS5 device!) many of us still prefer to have the family on one Apple account...

  1. If you get a message about an email address already being in use then chances are you already used that on your computer to register your facetime account. Since you don't have a phone number on your OSX system you need an email address (like imessage) to identify to Apple how to route the connection. Apple will only allow you register one email address with this system. Since my primary personal email was used for facetime at home and my primary work email was used for facetime at work...I used my .me account for my iphone and ipad so they are synced. But my wife who uses my Apple account for syncing apps and such used her personal email on her iphone and ipad to get those messages syncing...and thus all our devices are not sharing the same imessages.

I think item #2 with my hunch about emails registered to facetime accounts is very troublesome for a lot of people...many of my peers have been asking about this until I figured it out.

You don't need to create new apple id just enter ur another I'd n apple will send you email to verify. Verify it n you on the go if you using more the 1 apple devices and let your friends know your other id. :-)

I keep getting "Unable to verify email because it is already in use." I want to be able to use the same email address for my iPhone and iPad. The iPad is not allowing me to activate.

Me too. I think it has something to do with the iPad having its' own phone number that cannot be specified in the initial iMessage setup.

Am I supposed to get a new icon for iMessage? Cause I didn't get one when I followed through these instructions. Is this app for iPhone 4S only?

What's the point of read receipts if someone can simply turn them off. If one person has theirs off they shouldn't be allowed to see if someone else read there text... Get rid of the option. Just make it always on like bbm. Apples attempt.. Fail.

"First off ensure YOUR running the latest iOS 5 software"
Really? YOU'RE in the business of writing and you can't get something so simple correct? Wow.

I find it ironic that you would use an obviously sexist term to correct someone. Apparently you're bitchy enough that bad grammar is acceptable for clear communication (more irony).

Trying to set up my ipad, for imessaging, keep getting the message"could not sign in, please check your network connection and try again" any suggetions?

So I understand that an iPhone can be set up to send a SMS when iMessage is not available. My question is if iMessage is supposed to work on wifi and 3G, why is it not always available? I just find it strange that all of a sudden I am sending a text message to another iOS 5 user when the past 15 messages and the next 15 messages we're all iMessages.

It says could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again. I am entering my apple id correctly and have good wifi connection. I have iPod touch 4th gen. what can I do to stop this??

Does anyone know if I can use my iPad iMessage when I take on holiday to a different country to message my family back home on their iPads ??

I have the iPad 2 with wifi but no 3G and went to settings and then messages but there is no iMessage button to slide across. Should I have it there or is it because I don't have 3G?

i still don't get it. i have a close friend that has an iPod touch 4G running ios5 and he set up his iMessage account using his apple id. i live in the US and what to text him using this but i can only sent him the text but he cannot reply to them and we haven't figured out how to do it. can somebody explain how?

So i need wifi connection to set up imessage with my phone number... As of now i'm omly on 3g connection and i get error message "activation unsuccessful". I can activate with my aplle id though, but i want my phone number to be registered as well...

I try sending a message from my iPhone 3GS to my iPad, acts like it sent it with no error message but I don't receive anything. I try sending a message from my iPad to my iPhone but get a red alert saying my number is not registered with iMessage. I currently have ios5 on but devices and have registered my iPad is 3G also so please help. Thanks

I've encountered an iMessage configuration conundrum no one else has reported, so here goes:
Before my iPad updated to iOS5 I was using an Apple ID registered to an email account that wasn't at
That email setting carried over from iTalk to iMessage after a successful upgrade.
Afterwards iMessage doesn't want to work with that particular POP3 account. So I've tried adding my ME.COM identity to iMessage. No luck!
When I add my account to iMessage it returns an error message to the effect that the account is already in use. (somewhere)
Of course it's in use! It's in use for my Mac and my iPad2's mail systems, in use for iTunes on various Windows computers, my Mac and my iPad.
What gives? Apple claims the same iMessage account can be used across various devices.
Why would my iPad object to configuring my account for iMessage?
I have no wish to engage in App bashing.
Using technologies this sophisticated means we all hit bumps in the road sometimes.
Recommendations leading to a fix will be appreciated.

Do you have your cell phone number listed with your Apple ID account?
I couldn't get the darn thing to work either... till I did.
Now I can TXT anyone who has an Apple ID listed Cellular Number.
It's so simple. Why the heck doesn't Apple CLEARLY EXPLAIN the requirement in their documentation.
It's in there somewhere. But those docs look like they weren't written a native speaker of English. (Geek maybe...)

I have an iPod touch and whenever I go to send a message it says not delivered I have pressed try again so many times and it doesn't work PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Listen, To settle all this It should work all the way around the board. It gives me the same message, that the numbers is not registered. Everyone is not going to have this same function on there device so do that mean I should not be able to enjoy mines. Apple needs to fix this. ASAP!!!! bottom line

its rubbish you can only text ipod to ipad to iphone i like texting other phones. I have tried
to download free texting apps for ipod, but there all scams

its rubbish you can only text ipod to ipad to iphone i like texting other phones. I have tried
to download free texting apps for ipod, but there all scams

Why i cant connect the imessage using my apple id? It keep saying 'please check your network connection'. I checked my connection an its ok. My ipad is ipad 2 and wifi only. Someone please help me. I really do appreciate ur help. Tq.

I'm trying to set it up on my iPod and after I log into my apple id, it sends me to another screen asking for what email I want people to see. After I type in that email it sends me back to the beginning with the apple id. How do I fix this?

I have a iPod touch and I tried my iMessage but every time I would type in my email and password and I click next befor it finished verifying it goes back to the same freaking page and it's not working at all what Is going on I've even made a new account and it still won't work please help!!!!!!

I was having the same problem setting up my daughters, the answer is in one these threads. Try changing your date/time setting to "automatic". After I did that, it FINALLY worked!!!!

Thanks so much!!! I was trying to set up my daughters iPad foe weeks now, and she was dying to use FaceTime and iMessage but could not get it to work. After reading your comment I changed date/time to automatic and it FINALLY worked!!

So first you you will have apple product
But The mac or macboook pro it does not work

  1. Put settings on
  2. Find the Folder messages
  3. Set an i message ID

Finally you got imessge

how about the cellular usage,is it wifi dependent or u can use your cellular data package (provided by carrier)

On my iPod touch, I went to settings then messaging and tried to toggle the switch on. The Problem is that there is no toggle switch. I entered my apple ID and then it goes to a page that asks which email I want to be contacted by. I entered my email and hit next but after a second, it goes back to the apple ID page.

I did all this and it still won't work!!!!!! Every time I try and send a message it makes says ," inhaled Please try again" it is getting frustrating and I spent my hole Christmas setting this uP and the I message won't work but the face time will

You need to check your ordinary email address to verify your apple I'd. I had the same problem and this made it work

If you can leave a message, it's probably because the recipient doesn't have iMessage or is not and iPhone or so is not up to date.. My phone and iPad work because they have the new os. My wife's doesn't because she hasn't updated yet.

I have a ipad. Can't get the imessaging to send to a friends iphone as a text. I get a massage saying the number is not registered?? Do I have to register the number or does the owner of the iphone register?

I have an iphone, my wife an ipad and my two kids an ipod touch each one. If I want to use imessage between all the devises I need to have different Apple IDs? Also, I wanted to have only one Apple ID so that the apps bought in my iphone be available for all the other devises. Is there a way to share my apps?

I do all this and when I type in my password for my apple ID it goes to do you want all messages to go to this email? I say yes and then it goes straight make to the typing in my apple ID password and it keeps doing that and doesnt let me sign into my imessages

When you make the apple I'd you put in your ordinary email address so when you get told you need to check your mail it is your email account your family and friends use to email you

I have just set up imessage on my ipod touch 4th generation, but my message will only send to some of my contacts but not all. It says that they have not setup imessage but i know that they have. Someone help me out please thankyou

I was able to text messages from my Ipad and receive messages, but all of sudden I can'r receive messages on my ipad. the messages that I am able to send go to iphones.

my son got a ipad but doesn't have Iphone how can I text him on his ipad are is that possible?

Whenever I try to message anyone in my contacts, the name next to where it says 'to:'
It comes up with a red exclamation mark. When I tap it it says that the phone number isn't registered. Please help me!!! P.S. I have an iPod touch.

The people u are trying to send it to don't have an iPhone with iMessage so u can only send it to people with iMessage on iPod iPad or iPhone

i have the same problem!, and my friend was sitting right next to me and it gave me the same message! my friend has an iPhone.. and i have an iPod. it wont work!

Setting up my daughters iPod touch for iMessaging error message that the internet connection was not available well while hunting down an answer for this on another thread the answer appeared tried it and it worked! STEPS to follow press Settings press Wi-Fi [this should be the router you're connected too] press the settings arrow for this router because you are going to change the DNS setting the new DNS should be include the dots. Scroll and Renew Lease. Let me know if this solution works for you as well.

I try to send a friend a message in my iPod touch but it says I need to register with iMessage. Its making me veryy mad. That little exclamation mark shows up with their name! Idk what to do!! Help me please

I have an I podtouch and whenever I text my mom something it says that her number is not registered but her iPhone is up to date and she has iMessages working fine on her iPhone somebody pleased help mee

I had the SAME problem as Ciara. I keep having to type in my apple ID. I'm a little frustrated right now. I've tried all of your solutions, but I need more! PLEASE help me!

I just got the ipod touch 4th generation,and when I activated the imessage,and tried to send a message to my friend that has imessage a red exclamation mark poped up next to there name. It will not let me send the message. what do I do???

I just got an iPod touch 4th generation at the first of December and then my friend got one for Christmas and hers has imessage and mine doesn't she only got hers a couple weeks before me I don't under stand

it wont verify my email, ive done 3 new emails and none work. do i have to wait 24 hours?..

after signing in with my apple id i try to enter my email address that i would like to use a notice comes up saying unable to verify email because it is already in use. i have no other email and dont know what to do?

How do u configure imessage to a wifi that blocks apps like viber and imessage? My imsg works in other wifi spots except in school

HELP!!!!!!! I have an ipod touch and im trying to get set up with imessaging. I go to setting and click on message so i can turn it on but the thing is...I dont have a on/off. It just has enter apple ID. I do that and it keeps on coming back to the page where you put in your apple ID. it will not stay on the page so the apple ID can get verified. What am i doing wrong??? someone help before i throw this dang thing across the room!!!!!

I've been having the same problem ! i honestly think it has something to do with apple !

iMessage does not install on my ipod touch. I get iMessage Activation error "Could not sign in. Please check network connection and try again".

i have the newest ipod touch, i get it less then a month ago. i have an apple id, and imessage on my ipod, im connected to the internet.
Here is the problem,
i go to the imessage icon ( It's already turned on ) and i type in my apple id, and click "Sign in" then i pick my email, and hit next, at the top of the screen it says that it is "verifying", after a few seconds, it will return to the sign in menu... i have tried everything ! Someone please help! it would mean alot !!

sorry this isnt any help but i just wanted to say: i have the exact same problem. I have tried everything as well!! And I also got my ipod less than a month a go....and yes it is 4th generation. I really want to figre out what is wrong! so if you figure it out, could you please tell me as well?

I have the same issue and struggling to find a thread that explains how to resolve. iMessage & FaceTime worked fine for ages, I wonder if latest version iOS 5.1.1 has caused the problem to occur. I'm not aware of any other changes occuring.

My when I use iMessage it only receives at my email adress. How do I change it to recieve it at my iPhone number????

i put in my password and i have my password down on a sheet so i know it......and it said not the right password!!!!!!!! HELP ME

okay, i did everything it said above. I have an ipod touch 4th gb. So the ios5 is updated. I have an apple ID. And whenever I go to activate imessage all that happens is it takes me far enoough to ask me what email I want to use. once I say next, it takes me back to signing in with my apple ID. Me and my friens would really like to start texting! Oh, and I do have wi-fi as well.Please anybody help!!!!

I have an iPad2 and have recently upgraded to iOS5 and now have the iMessage app.
I tried to send a message to my daughter and son who both have iPhone 4S.
I can construct a message but the send button remains greyed out. Why ?

I bough an iPod 4 gen but it doesn't have Imrssage on it. I tried to go onto theappstore and download it but it starts downloading then deletes itself and when I went back to app store to try again it said that I already had it downloaded but I checked everything and I don't. Plz help!!!!

I am having trouble logging into the imessage app. i put in my icloud account details and say sign in, it loads and loads, but doesn't login, am i doing something wrong? PLZ HELP!!

The sender is my email. How can I put my number as the sender? I now that I need to verify the number mas I didn´t find yet how to proceed to do that.
Anybody help me?

I'm really disappointed with Apple. The major upgrades in their latest IOS devices iMessage and 4S specifically Siri have been major disappointment. Siri is more beta and major kinks need to be worked out. iMessage should recognize and be intergrated into the iphone so the phone # is recognized within the account. This way when an ios user sends me an imessage using my phone #, it's associated with my account and recognizes to send the message to all of my ios devices. I'm really dissappointed with Apple right now. What bothers me the most is the way they advertise this product and nowhere on their website does it explain that the imessage needs to be sent to the email address rather than the phone # which is how most people communicate. Really disappointed Apple!

Ive got the latest ipod touch(4th generation) and i cant send any messages to anyone it says that their not registered with imessage.I wanted to know how to get them to register so i can send them messages.

So I just helped my wife update her iPhone 3GS over the weekend, today I sent her a text message and she said she never got it. She txt me in the afternoon which I got, but when I looked at the contact info, it shows her email account, not the phone number. Why is that? If I follow the instructions above, will it correct this?

hey when i try to sign in to imessage and facetime i get bumped back to the sign in page
what do i do?

How do u get the latest iso? Cause I should have I message automatically but I don't I've updated it and I've got the latest iPod and I should have it! When I go to settings there's nothing that says message my friends try to do it hut they can't please help :)

While I do not doubt there are legit surveys out there, I haven't found one yet. I have tried this off and on over the years. As the poster stated, the real money is in getting referrals to sign up. Some of the surveys work well if you can actually use the products you end up getting but it can cost you more than it is worth.Bill Swan recently posted..Just What is Layaway Anyhow?

I send a message to one of my friend and I tried to send another and it won't let. Please help me???

Whenever I click on iMessage, it says to get started with iMessage. So I put in my AppleID password and hit next. Then it says people can message me with my email and I hit next. It starts verifying but then it goes back to the second screen where I put my AppleID in. I need help!!
P.S I have an iPod touch

Read my post below #18. Another user Debbie post #15 suggests turning on face time. Hope one of these helps you.

Erm, "you can send text messages, photos, video and much more..."
Exactly what else can you send?
Morse? Semaphore? Braille???

The whole Imessage process would be much better if you could send out a mass invite to your contacts so that they can simply sign up and add you. Sort of like when you sign up for facebook or other social media. IT has promiss but really not very user friendly for an apple product. This could be better then the blackberry BBM service so I hope they work on it !!

I also have an iPod touch 4. I've been trying to iMessage my daughter who has an iPhone. Someone suggested I turn on FaceTime. Don't understand what this has to do with anything but I am now able to send and receive iMessages from my daughter. Hope this helps someone!

Read my post #18 just in case this ever happens to you again & turning on face time doesn't help. Thanks for your input as well

Excellent goods from you, man. I've remember your stuff prior to and you're simply extremely fantastic. I actually like what you have got right here, really like what you're stating and the way by which you say it. You make it entertaining and you continue to take care of to stay it wise. I can not wait to learn much more from you. That is actually a terrific site.

Pls help! I want to delete my email and just receive iMessage on my phone? How do I do that? Tnx:)

It seems to work when it wants to. It has worked for me but when I turned it off & turned iMessage back on and put my Apple passcode back in it said Activated but wouldn't send a message from my iPad to my iPhone.
What I had to do to get it to work was send a message from my iPhone to the iPad (I used my email address). The message was received on the iPad, then I was able to send a message from my iPad back to my iPhone.(using my cell phone number) As if by me sending it from the iPhone to iPad 1st activated it. Idk. Apple really does need to fix this problem. It is definitely a glitch. I hope maybe this trick works for anyone else here having the problem until Apple can get it together.

I update my iPod and my music and contacts erased and i got iMessage i Wish i didnt update it

My iMessage says its on and all but when I try to sent a message it has a red explanation point saying not deliverd and my sister has iMessage and it still says this person isn't with I message or Somthing like that help!? (:

The best to be expected for a filmed production of Shakespeare. Mckellen is superb, as well as many others. But can anyone explain to me why Lear and the fool kiss on the lips?

I have an ipod touch and I was trying to sign up for iMessage. The problem is when I enter my apple ID and password, it automatically logs out and says : "You were signed out of iMessage because your apple ID or password changed. Sign in to turn on iMessage." I don´t know what it mean because I have never changed my apple ID either my password

Thanks for the help......NOT!!! every other web site says the same thing. all my ipod lets me do is put my email in their is no place to put in number or the rest. I am very upset because I spent all my money on this ipod. Dont get me wrong i love it i am just upset because i cant do a lot of things that it says its suppose to do. I have checked website after website looking for a way to fix my problem and found nothing. I have ios 5.1 on my 4th generation ipod touch 32gb. Is that the reason I cant do some things because im on ios 5.1 and not ios 5.

i message sucks! thats my opinion for the time being until it gets some good upgrading done. it only took me a few tries till i made this decision. most of my friends dont have ipods ipads or iphones so this is useless to me.
if you want to call or text any phone number from ipod touch, ipad, or iphone try installing the talkatone app and get a phone# from google for free. that was my solution and now i can text or call anyone from my ipod touch over wifi, i also receive calls from that #!
hope this can help some fellas ;)

I tried to do what it sai but I don't know how to download the new iOS 5, can you give me instructions of how to download it please!!!

First of all people are now learning this . You need to be more dam helpful I Just tried your ideas and that did not work these people still probly still font know what to do
Have a good day sorry for my anger