iCloud.com goes live for everyone

iCloud.com goes live for everyone

Apple has flipped the giant switch in their giant data center and taken the beta tags off iCloud.com, the web front end for their new sync store/push system. Head on over, enter your Apple ID, and free Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Find my iPhone, and iWork documents in the cloud, can be yours.

Sure, people have been sneaking in and checking it out for a while now, but with the wrapper officially off, no doubt more will come in for the tour.

If you've been a MobileMe user or Google user previously, we'd love to know your thoughts on Apples latest set of web app.

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Reader comments

iCloud.com goes live for everyone


it says i can set it up on a lion device though, and both my macs are obviously, i downloaded iTunes update earlier, but iCloud still won't work...

I used MobileMe before, and I have to say, I think the iCloud.com webpage is awesome, its got a super simple interface, and works like a charm. I've been running iOS5 since beta 1, and all my info is there and available!

Mobile Me users can't get on and move their stuff over until Apple releases a Lion update and officially releases iOS5 (although that one is pretty easy to get early)

Logged in but it won't let me do get past there. Tells me to check the setting on my iOS5 device and my Mac OS X Lion preferences......so much for staying up until midnight.....

Same thing happened to me on my MacBook Pro.
Lion is a pre-requisite?
Tried it on my 3GS.
iCloud page opens. There are 3 choices:

  1. Set up iCloud on this device
  2. Install Find My Phone
  3. Install Find My Friends

Tried #1.. 404 error Page not found.
Hmmm, why would that page even appear if IOS 5 isn't installed yet?

Just 5 more minutes and we should be able to download iOS 5, hopefully they don't make us wait until 10am (pacific time) to download it, since that's the time that Apple usually likes to do their events.

Wouldn't let me move my mobile.me account - probably because I'm in Australia? Anyway, NOT live for everyone...

Mine asks me if i want to convert over to iCloud..i click YES, but when i log into MobileMe, it tells me iCloud is still in Beta form.

Really? I've just logged in on icloud.com with my mobile.me login and it went straight in without any msgs. I can see the dasboard but only find my iphone works as there's a msgs prompting me to upgrade to ios5 to use the other services....

Are you on MAC or something else.?? I get the same results when trying to use iCloud.com... It let's me login but says I need upgrade to Lion os IOS 5... I was assured by APPLE on Aug. 29 that Snow Leopard (the very LAST version) would be able to talk to iCloud.... W T F !!!????

Can you use iCloud on a PC?
I tried to go to the website using IE and it says 'unsupported browser'. I am at work so I'll try with Google Chrome and Safari (installed on PC) when I get home... hmm, might be time to back a MacBook Air!!

Probably won't use it for much yet. Google is much better. Backups to cloud would be incomplete & require me to pay for more space anyways.
I Imagine Apple will have a lot of confused customers though.

Could we define "everyone" please? So far I've not found anyone who is a current Mobile Me user who has been able to switch over their account. My guess is you need iOS 5 on your device prior to conversion.
Ahh..feels like the typical Apple #@$* tease...they play and we wait

7am on east coast and still can not convert over to iCloud. So someone please explain what "iCloud.com goes live for everyone" means.

Hold your horses peeps - you'll need to wait until 10am PST 1pm EST & 6pm BST when iOS 5 is released...
THEN you can access & convert as required (apart from Europe who possibly won't be able to convert Me.com to iCloud just yet)

I'm a MobileMe user. I attempted to login and it directs you to the MobileMe website. After you log into there, a message comes up saying that you can't switch over at this time that it's just for developers.

Tells me i need to set it up in settings... so it's not usable till lion 10.7.2 and ios5 are live.

I downloaded the iOS 5 GM and created a new Apple ID from my iPhone last night and it's working for me, except iCloud is not connecting with my Mac yet but is with the iPhone.

People it's not the end of the world just wait Apple said october 12 not an exact timr so technically apple have till 11:59 pm of cupertino time to put everything live! If doesnt work yet go to see youtube, go to the mall, turn on hBO or do something with ur life!!!!!

Wouldn't it make more sense for Apple to stagger it's deployments of iOS5 in various countries? Surely it will be lighter on the traffic if each country got it at 9am local time otherwise you're gonna have everyone hitting the servers at the same time!

SO.... This looks a bit dubious so far... AFTER I log on to iCloud.com, I get the message that I either have to upgrade to LION or IOS 5.. WTF??
I was told about 6 weeks ago that iCloud would be available for Snow Leopard 10.6.8 upon arrival...????

Get a message that icloud.com is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and to upgrade to latest version....Really? Explorer 8 hasn't been out that long has it?!?

i'm running the iOS 5 GM and when i go to set up on this device it gives me 404 error page not found. It worked when i signed in on Lion though

The migration process for MobileMe users will move Mail and Calendars to iCloud, and MobileMe users will continue to be able to use Gallery, iDisk and iWeb publishing through June 30, 2012 even though those services are not making the transition to iCloud. A number of syncing services that had been available for MobileMe, including Dashboard Widgets, Dock Items, Keychain, Mail Accounts, Mail Rules, Signatures, and Smart Mailboxes, and Mac OS X Preferences, will become unavailable immediately upon moving to iCloud.
How do you keep all this other stuff sync'd???

Something that has always been a pain for me with Google Calendar is the shared public calendars not syncing to the iPhone. For example, I'm on a couple College Football schedules, and can see them on Google calendar and not on the iPhone.
I'm hoping this has some better way of dealing with that (although not holding my breath on it)

Ok i have a question about iCoud... with all of the carriers now limiting the usage... how will iCloud play into this... if i stream music on a long trip wont that use tons of GB of data? since i am streaming from the cloud it has to be using data somehow... Right?

I can't access iCloud using the older browsers at work. I can't install the latest browser. This is a BIG caveat! If I knew I wouldn't be able to access my e-mails at work, I wouldn't have made the switch. Ideally, you want to be able to check you e-mails ANYWHERE!

It's a problem when you pay for iCloud and it doesn't work I've been trying for two weeks to get to work unfortunately doesn't seem to yet. I'm wondering why Apple is releasing things in beta form- not ready yet!