iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad now available

iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Apple has just released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Just plug into iTunes and check for updates. Arguably Apple's most ambitious update ever, it includes iCloud integration as well as Notification Center, iMessage, AirPlay Mirroring, and a host of new features.

If you're updating now, let us know how it's going for you, and if you need help, here are your go-to link.

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Reader comments

iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad now available



Im wanting to get my phone out of developer "mode" the provision and all that. I just hit restore, and it gave me the update screen. i think this will wipe all the dev features off my phone.

I'll be doing mine after work, can't wait. I'm depending on the current 3GS users to let me know how it works and if it's sluggish or not. So excited!!

Its downloading but it is going to be quite a while. The time remaining is going up rather than down. 29 Minutes

Hey everyone, if you go to iTunes and hit ALT+F4 it'll make the download go faster!! (and by the download I mean just mine!) :) and for those who take things seriously, jk, dont do it

east coast, ipad 2, iTunes 10.5, it's saying 4.3.5 is the latest version :-( 1:25 pm
update: 1:44pm it now says it's available! yay!

Soo a few minutes ago is said 21...Now it says 29 minutes..Apples servers obviously took a blow to the balls...

Does the update work if you are running 5.0 GM Release? I get "5.0 is the latest software"

Everyone is competing for Apple's bandwidth, lol. Mine initially said 4 minutes remaining, now it's at 11 minutes. I haven't even broken 500MB yet, smh.

Making it happen over an ATT free hotspot at a greyhound station in Chicago! started off saying 4 hours, now its saying 82mins! and yes I was jailbroken on 4.3 and got the message to upgrade to 4.3.5 but when i clicked it it said 5.0 instead!

argh! I have rented movies that I just discovered I need to transfer to iTunes before I update.

Apple's servers must be getting crushed. My download time keeps increasing minute by minute started at 16 min now up to 33

Starting download!
7 minutes...
6 minutes...
No no no...
5 minutes...
6 minutes...

yup, downloaded to the Mac, not its installing on the 3GS....still can't wait for my new iPhone 4s to come though!

Mine showed as 4.3.5 then finally switched...downloading now...time keeps increasing tho so server's gettin hit!

Just started the download. Jailbroken at 4.3.2, said 4.3.5 was available for update. But when I hit it, the features screen showed iOS 5 features, so I agreed to download. Says 10 minutes, downloading actually pretty quick for me, about 1.1mb down per sec over Comcast.

The the HELL do they insist in releasing this to the world at the same time! why not stagger the release to each region? we all get it at 9am on the 12th local time then it's sorted! and I'm not fighting the rest of the world for server resources! c'mon apple!!! this is basic!

What did we expect? 200 million plus users probably all trying at the same time. I'm surprised I'm even staying connected at all and still downloading. Wish they would release by time zones.

Trying to...
Remaining time keeps getting longer & longer lmao this is gonna take forever...!!!
I will be updating iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 & iPad 2 as it let's me...?!?

Just an update for those following the comments. I finished my download (it actually took 12 minutes, unbelievable) and am now in the process of updating my phone.

390 mb down! I'm halfway there, it's all downhill now!! 43 min to go, when will the hurting stop?
I've got all my old awesome sms tones converted to MP4R. let's go!!

45 minutes WTH!? the anticipation is killing me, it's like 10 years ago with porn on dial-up, except i'm not going to lose interest and go do something else.

I used the developer beta, but when I try to upgrade in iTunes it says i have the latest version. Any tips?

The last GM version of the Beta IS the exact same file version as the one being released right now. In other words if you're like me and had the GM IPSW on your iPhone you won't need to update that IS the newest version ;D

I only see one other person here reporting the same contact server failure... anyone else having that problem?? I doubt it's a network/firewall problem on my end.

Been DL for 15 minutes now and it only DL 121MB. My 1.37GB Porn I just DL took 8 minutes. Go figure.

Well no because now the servers are being battered and I've had two timeouts and probably won't get it today, hoever if they released it to the UK at 10am local time I'd had installed without an issue.

downloaded and installed...restore in progress. Said could not activate verzion iphone but maybe after restore is will be up and running.

Yes you will see that green bar barely move for a long time and then it will speed up. I think it took me 20 minutes or so for that part.

Started downloading as soon as it was available.....still got 5 hours to go, and then I have to do my's like watching paint dry lol!

Has anyone actually been able to finish the download??? Im on my 3rd attempt after getting dumped at around 600mb the previous two tries!!!!!

Share some proof! Too many other users reporting restore problems. What is your specific set-up and upgrade method?

I've never had probs ever! I've even hard rebooted the iphone and rebooted my pc. How do I delete the downloaded copy of ios5 to re-download it? it just prompts me to update and I want to download it again incase it was corrupted.

it's finally going through...bloody jokers! this is poor! they NEED to stagger the releases next time so it's not hammered by the whole world at the same time! Grrrrr!!!!!!

Lesson for all: Don't update jailbroken devices until you read multiple sources saying a successful method has been found. Don't expect one for a week or more: these are done via trial and error and Apple deliberately has been making it increasingly difficult to do....

Thanks everyone for your comments . . . have been looking for the update all day! I'm at 40 minutes remaining . . . it keeps going up. Anyway, I was glad to have found you guys!

Negative, I have lion and and I updated everything last night. I'm getting this error as well.

Already restarted. Someone knows what's that error? Trying out on my iPad to see if that works without that error

I had the same issue, I left my iphone connected, and held down the power & home button until it did the reset and that did the trick. Hope it helps!

i tried updating to IOS5 this morning and error 3200 is gone and everything went smooth without a problem with Ipad and Iphone4

Mine constantly kept timing out...I finally just hit resume, not pause on the DL screen...seemed to start from where I was at. I also found better luck once I wasn't doing a bunch of other tasks on the web at the same time. Not sure if that was just dumb luck, but thought I'd offer it up.

Unable to get server connection in Eastern Europe. Says I have an update available, but continuous server error...maybe tomorrow...goodnight all

I can't update. It downloads, goes through the Backup then gives an error: "The iPad could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3200)."
Funny thing is, the iPad is remains at iOS4.3.5 with everything in place - ie it's not hosed and works just fine as if I didn't try and update.
Anyone else see this? I've tried it twice with the same results each time.

Anyone else having trouble moving from mobileme to icloud? it keeps saying can;t do it at this time to try again!!

At least one user at TUAW is reporting success by installing iOS5 as a "new device," them manually restoring data from the back-up (you did do a back-up before starting??). You'll have to manually reconfigure SMS and a few other things; but that's apparently avoiding the restore issues folks are reporting here....

I'm stuck backing up for the past 20 minutes. The progress bar isn't moving at all. If I press stop do I have DL it over again?

I keep getting an error code (3200) when trying to update my iPhone even though my iTunes is up to date... Does anyone know what the problem is?

Software/server hang-up. Since you opted to be on the bleeding edge, you're dealing with TONS of competing traffic. Keep retrying--folks on other blogs are reporting eventual success!

I keep getting an error code (3200) when trying to update my iPhone even though my iTunes is up to date... Does anyone know what the problem is?

I downloaded right at 10 and had no problems! Enjoying my iPhone with iOS 5! iPad is taking a little longer but not bad...

I am not able to download anything. I have tried several times to download the new itunes software first, and no option to save pops up. FML.

Not an Apple issue: the update requires server access and you're competing with....millions?......of simultaneous early adopters. If the device is critical and you haven't yet begun upgrading, WAIT!!!!

Can't really, work starts at 7am for me! Hopefully the servers have calmed down before I need to sleep.

ERROR 3200 --- Make sure you have the newest version of itunes, that there are no updates your computer needs to make, and that you don't have any other USB devices plugged in

make sure you have the newest version of itunes, there are no updates your computer needs to make, and that you have no other USB devices plugged in.

Yes...others are reporting success after repeated retries. Rebooting etc. has no effect--it is a communication issue and you're competing with tons of folks around the word attempting to do the same thing.... Keep trying!

Here's a post from a few minutes ago on Apple's discussion forum....
I had this issue on my 3GS. Here are the steps I took with Apple Engineering's Support:

  1. I rebooted my Windows 7 machine
  2. I TEMPORARILY disabled my virus and firewall
  3. Restarted itunes
  4. Reconnected the 3GS to the USB cable
  5. Clicked "Update"

The backup took a lot longer than normal and the whole thing was complete in about 20 mins. I now have iOS 5 and it appears to work great!

finally got downloaded and now it won't restore!!
I'm on my fifth try, if it doesn't work this time i'm going outside to kill a small animal and see if that helps.

you're neighborhood is in danger of being depopulated: some folks are reporting 15 required retried restores! You're competing with tons of server traffic: please be patient and spare the wildlife!!

No idea why it wont work. Perhaps the servers are a bit slow due to heavy traffic at the moment, otherwise it should work.