Apple TV iOS 5 update now available with NHL, WSJ

Apple TV iOS 5 update now available

Want to use your Apple TV 2 with fancy new iOS 5 features like Photo Stream and AirPlay Mirroring? Well go navigate over to Software Update and start your download because it's available now.

Other new features include (ayt :

  • NHL Hockey
  • Wall Street Journal

To find out more about these features, and to get help:

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PaddyClark says:

So can you mirror from an Iphone 4 or not...... Keynote suggested that you could (which was before the 4S Announcement) ...... but subsequent references refer to Ipad and Iphone 4S only.. Having just got an apple tv 2 Im going to to be well pissed off if I cant mirror from my Iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Balogh says:

I sure hope so!! I'll be pissed as well. Still have a year to go on my contract for my iPhone 4.

Mike says:

I doubt iPhone 4 will mirror to the AppleTV. The original iPad can't, and it's basically the same hardware as an iPhone 4. The iPad 2 and 4S both have A5 processors, and I'm guessing that added oomph from the A5 is what allows full-device mirroring. You'll probably be stuck with content-streaming only on an iPhone 4.

francolasalsa#IM says:

I'm sure they're will be a jailbreak tweak for the iPad and iPhone 4 to allow you to do it

Mike says:

It probably won't, but I will cross my fingers for the addition of Hulu+. I hate having to use my PS3 (video always lags) and Xbox (the interface is horrid) to watch Hulu on my TV.

DeLeon Hughes says:

So it supports wireless mirroring and photo stream? Sweet!

phinx404 says:

i really would like to able to use the mirror for my ipad2 but i dont want to loose the jailbreak as that the main function i have for screaming all my content to my main tv.

MusicMan says:

I'm not seeing the update and am on the latest iOS 5 beta software for Apple TV 2. Restoring through iTunes caused an error. Anyone else having trouble?

GustavJensen says:

And subtitles on Netflix!!!!

cardfan says:

wsj live?? Not the most popular app. Good going there Apple..
Should be able to airplay Hulu using the 4S though.

Mark says:

I just bought a iPhone 4s and apple tv. Still trying to figuer out the software. Question I cannot seem to mirror the Internet on my 4s, only video and pic. Is it possible with the 4s?

Nosal Alexander says:

You have to update to the latest software!