Apple TV iOS 5 update now available with NHL, WSJ

Apple TV iOS 5 update now available

Want to use your Apple TV 2 with fancy new iOS 5 features like Photo Stream and AirPlay Mirroring? Well go navigate over to Software Update and start your download because it's available now.

Other new features include (ayt :

  • NHL Hockey
  • Wall Street Journal

To find out more about these features, and to get help:

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Reader comments

Apple TV iOS 5 update now available with NHL, WSJ


So can you mirror from an Iphone 4 or not...... Keynote suggested that you could (which was before the 4S Announcement) ...... but subsequent references refer to Ipad and Iphone 4S only.. Having just got an apple tv 2 Im going to to be well pissed off if I cant mirror from my Iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt iPhone 4 will mirror to the AppleTV. The original iPad can't, and it's basically the same hardware as an iPhone 4. The iPad 2 and 4S both have A5 processors, and I'm guessing that added oomph from the A5 is what allows full-device mirroring. You'll probably be stuck with content-streaming only on an iPhone 4.

It probably won't, but I will cross my fingers for the addition of Hulu+. I hate having to use my PS3 (video always lags) and Xbox (the interface is horrid) to watch Hulu on my TV.

i really would like to able to use the mirror for my ipad2 but i dont want to loose the jailbreak as that the main function i have for screaming all my content to my main tv.

I'm not seeing the update and am on the latest iOS 5 beta software for Apple TV 2. Restoring through iTunes caused an error. Anyone else having trouble?

wsj live?? Not the most popular app. Good going there Apple..
Should be able to airplay Hulu using the 4S though.

I just bought a iPhone 4s and apple tv. Still trying to figuer out the software. Question I cannot seem to mirror the Internet on my 4s, only video and pic. Is it possible with the 4s?