Siri down?

Siri down?

We're getting lots of mail and tweets from readers who say Siri is currently down for them, as in Apple's new artificially intelligent voice control system says it can't connect to the network. While Siri is in beta at the moment, and all online services have outages, that doesn't stop real users from being really annoyed when it happens.

Is Siri down for you? Are you being told Siri is having trouble connecting to the network? Are you on Wi-Fi or 3G, and if 3G, which carrier? Does restarting your iPhone 4S help?

Let us know if you're down, any fixes that work for you, and when it starts working again.

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Reader comments

Siri down?


It has been down since this morning for me, both on wifi and AT&T 3G.
Hopefully apple is upgrading their servers as I have gotten the "can't connect" message quite a few times since the 4S launch.

Yes I am having SIRIous issues! I absolutely live using Siri, as I work all day and live to text! Siri helps me do both simultaneously! But today her network is down! WhiteiPhone 4s on Verizon, on wifi and 3G tried both! Restarting didn't help! :(

I have this problem occasionally. Just close Siri, open up some arbitrary app foo and close foo, then retry siri and she should work.

It also has been down for me since this morning, regardless of me being on Wi-Fi or Sprint 3G network. I get the same error message as above.

Same here on AT&T and WiFi, "Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to network."
wonder if Siri is too busy contemplation the meaning of life?

mines down. 3G and Wifi on ATT. Tried restarting to no avail. Tried solution I found online (turn off siri then reset network settings then turn siri back on), didn't work either.

Siri was sporadically down for me on Friday when i first got the phone. Today it is definitely down. I hope they are simply upgrading to handle the new influx of users. 25 million new users and the 4 million iPhone 4s users, I am sure they weren't prepared. There is no way to stress test a server for 25 million users...

It's back and running again for me. I guess after selling 4 million iPhone 4S, everyone must be showing it off at work today

Down all morning for me... on AT&T 3G or Wifi. Amazing that after just 2 1/2 days, I feel dependent on it already... lost without it!!! I sure hope the server is up and running soon!!

siri has been down for me since yesterday evening. I've tried all the suggested fixes (disable siri, reboot, reset network settings, etc.) and none of them have worked. It would be nice if Apple would acknowledge the problem.

Went down for me around 10:30 am. Still not working on att via wifi or 3G. Amazing how dependent on it I have become.

Siri was down for me until I just disabled it and then enabled it .... I'm on AT&T both 3G and wifi

No more Siri. This sucks. Was just about to play with her. For all u iPhone 4 users, I heard an 18-year-old hacked into the Siri software and programed it to his iPhone 4 and it works.

Atlanta area. Down here for last hour. WiFi and 3G no go for Siri. Frustrating, but hopefully just temporary growing pains.

It seems like the reported issues with iCloud and Siri indicate that Apple may not have enough data center capacity to cope with the crush of iOS 5 users. Take whatever side you wish on the Android iOS issue, its clear that Google's huge lead in building out its global infrastructure provides Google services with a very stable platform. That's not to say there aren't occasional issues with Gmail or other Google services, but they aren't related server capacity side issues.

I'm not jumping to conclusions... no one knows the nature of any disruptions at this point. All I pointed out that running a tremendous cloud based operation is very resource intensive. Apple is at the beginning stages of doing this, but there are few companies with their technical expertise and deep pockets so they are obviously capable of building an amazing platform. But even the smartest and richest company will have a learning curve.

Meh, Apple's known for not testing out the extent of their technical ideas and how they might falter in the real world. They make nice aesthetics but at times their technical work could use better QA.
There's a reason why when Google releases a new beta service they release it in phases to public access rather than just dumping the whole thing out there at once.

I just spoke to Apple support. It's down for "maintenance." There is nothing you can do to your phone to fix it.

Siri has been down all morning...Wi Fi and 3G on Sprint. Shutting down Siri, reboot, turn Siri back go

Apple should send an email out to the 25 million iOS users and ask them to turn off Siri and restart there phones :)

Was down all morning, but just tried before the post, and now she's working fine, on Wifi, AT&T& 32G model

Mine is working, I just used it. Mine wasnt working last night but I reset my network settings and that addressed the issue.

Mine has been down for a few hrs and just started working. I don't tho k the people restarting things make much of a difference. It's probably more apple figuring out how to handle the 4 million phone load.

I just got off the phone with Apple tech support who told me the entire Siri network is down & they are working on it currently.

Well hopefully when it comes back it will be more reliable. Since I got this phone on Friday, Siri has been able to connect maybe half of the time.

It is down in NY for sure. My brother and I are having the same issue. We have 16 and 32 GB models. a black and white both on AT&T. I have tried with WiFi and over 3G and still the same. Re-Booting doesn't do anything. Strange thing is that it was working quite well early this morning.

It's been touch and go all morning. Mostly a no go. It's frustrating when you want to actually use the thing to get work done, dictate a message or email, and then it craps out saying it can't connect to the network. I love Siri when it works, but missing features aside, the current implementation is most definitely beta and often unusable.

I'm getting errors about the service not being available about 50% of the time I try to use's been like that since launch.

It wouldn't connect to the network yesterday for a few minutes. I went into settings, then siri and turned it off, then turned it back on, and it has worked fine for me since then. Everyone should try that instead of complaining all the time!!

I just hope that updates to Siri are server side and we do NOT have to wait for regular iOS updates in order to see improvements to Siri.

Here in the UK, the default Siri voice is - wait for it - a guy!
Puts a whole different spin on things over here. And we don't have all the features you Americans have on it yet (hopefully that will be dealt with soon)

Mine has been working fine all day... Verizon, 3G and WiFi at work...
It was awful on Friday and Saturday with all the traffic, but has worked great since Sunday morning...
Edit: Nebraska (btw)

I had a few hicups yesterday but now it seems to be working wifi it works great on 3g for at&t i had minor problems and it figures those problems happend when i was showing someone how it works.

I thought mine was down but I just turned my phone off and on again and it worked just fine. Try it. I am curious if this works for others.

I've had trouble with Siri all day, but also had my 3G and WiFi on (AT&T). The fix for me was to turn the wifi off so it could connect to just the 3G and not have to choose a certain connection. If there's bad reception, on comes wifi. Try to keep it to one connection, and it works great.

well, if the useless questions would stop being sent to Siri, the service might actually work for those who want to use it.

Yes. Mine was down for a while this morning too. Looked on twitter and didn't seem like it was everyone. Glad she's back.

Siri seems to be back up at working for me. 3:53pm EST Monday. It was working a little while ago too, maybe 30 minutes ago.

what apple services are not working properly,that cant be possible cause everything apple do is flawless

Sorry - it's my fault!
I asked "How long is a piece of string?" and "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
ps - I really did the latter, the response was funny :D

If you examine the data Google delivers every minute of the day it dwarfs the load you just described. There are well over 100 million Android phones, over 200 million Gmail accounts, it answers 3 billion searches PER DAY, serves up 2 to 3 billion YouTube videos PER DAY, 50 million Google+ accounts, provides countless Google Maps and a bevy of other web based products. All this is done by a network of over 1 million huge servers in dozens of data centers across the globe. So perhaps you might want to retract your statement about what Google is set up to do.

It has been down for me all day. I am on AT&T and on 3G. I have tried restarting my phone and it does not fix it.

Was not connecting to the Verizon network in St Lawrence County NY and a reset of network (Apple tech agent suggested) did the trick.

I went in and turned Siri off in settings under general. Waited a few seconds then reset my network. Waited a few seconds and turned Siri back on and it's working fine now.

Siri is down for me on AT&T, restarting did no good, and she is down on wifi and 3G. Bought my phone about an hour ago...really annoyed. Isn't it funny we can get mad at technology we didn't have just days ago?

Wow. I am browsing the comments on this page and I can't help but notice how much people defend Apple. "It's in Beta." It must be the high demand for such an awesome product." (Paraphrasing) If this outage was occurring on a Google, Blackberry or Microsoft platform, there would be people with torches and pitch forks at their gates. I am not even sure what is meant by "in Beta". Apple and/or the people on this message board can say that all they want, but it was still released on a production phone to users that don’t have a clue what Beta even means. Maybe demand on the network is the issue. That is something any tech company their size has the responsibility to recognize and address beforehand. The question becomes, did they recognize and address it successfully?
Apple releases some great products. From what I have seen of Siri, it is one of those products. But give me a break. They are not flawless in everything they do. It is okay to criticize when it is warranted. I think it is warranted here and on a few other things.

I have no problems with Siri in my home city of Plattsburgh, NY, but in the village where I work (11 miles south of Plattsburgh) Siri can not connect to a network.

SIRI is down this morning....waiting a long time for Applecare -- must be system-wide. Patience. She's overworked and probably just taking a little nap.

Siri is down. First tried to reset, then reboot phone and it's still down. I heard it's from too much traffic. Get the bugs out apple. It's just an expensive iPhone 4 without Siri.

I have an iPhone 3G and it seems that Siri is permanently down. I've tried resetting my network settings and iPhone several times and nothing works. In fact, Siri, which I have been using successfully for months, went down the same days as the 4S launch.

Siri is down again.
What's really annoying is that when Siri goes down, voice commands that work without turning Siri on such as voice dialing and playback control cease to function. I have no idea why that is, but it's really annoying.
Also Apple, if Siri is in beta, why do the commercials feature it?

Siri is down again.
What's really annoying is that when Siri goes down, voice commands that work without turning Siri on such as voice dialing and playback control cease to function. I have no idea why that is, but it's really annoying.
Also Apple, if Siri is in beta, why do the commercials feature it?

  1. Reboot(check)
    2."Disable" Siri, reset network settings then "enable" Siri(check)
  2. Nothing worked to get Siri up and running again(check)

I just got my 4S a few days ago and I must say this is diappointing. What's good about a new feature if it doesn't work when you want/need it to?! It worked fine the first couple of days but for the past 24hrs it says "sorry I'm having trouble connecting to the network". This better be fixed and soon!

Siri worked great the first 2-3 days, then we were getting messages that it had problems connecting to the network. It popped back in for a night, then for the past few days, Siri does work, but doesn't talk. So we can ask it a question verbally, but instead of Siri talking back, it searches and produces solutions to our question on either Safari or Wikipedia -- but Siri doesn't talk any longer. We are on Verizon in NC -- has anyone else had this "partial" loss of Siri function?

it worked all weekend, but is down today- trying to show it off to co-workers. No biggie though, it is beta testing. The thing is they will keep working on the software and it will get better and better.
It's still fun to ask it stupid questions!!! And I like thanking her, she comes up with cool things like "it is my pleasure to serve you", or "your wish is my command".

it worked all weekend, but is down today- trying to show it off to co-workers. No biggie though, it is beta testing. The thing is they will keep working on the software and it will get better and better.
It's still fun to ask it stupid questions!!! And I like thanking her, she comes up with cool things like "it is my pleasure to serve you", or "your wish is my command".

Mine has been down all day. Tried everything and nothing works to correct. Last Time I spoke to Apple the comment I got from them is "Well you have to understand it in Beta testing at the moment and you have to expect problems as they fix all the bugs" My reply is then stop building your entire advertisement campaign around Siri as it is not working most of the time.