How to save a video with iOS 5 on iPhone or iPad

Wondering how to save video attachments you get in Email to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad camera roll? In previous versions of iOS, while you could easily tap-and-hold to save pictures in Mail, Safari, Messages and other built-in-apps, trying to do the same with movies -- movies mailed or messaged from other iPhones and iPads! -- did nothing. (Except frustrate me. Seriously. I almost dented my iPhone trying!)

iOS 5 changes that. Now, just like with pictures, all you have to do to save a video is:

  1. Open the email, messages, etc. that you received the movie in
  2. Tap on the icon or preview and hold on it
  3. When the Save Video button pops up, Tap it!

That's it. The video will now be saved to your Camera Roll for you to use as you so wish.

For more on iOS 5, check out our massive iOS 5 walkthrough. Have any other great tips for sharing or saving video on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know!

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How to save a video with iOS 5 on iPhone or iPad


If they fixed that, then iOS6 wouldn't have a feature to fix. They need to keep leaving features unattended to have something to fix. :facepalm:
This is why Apple is loosing customer base to Android. For this type of stuff, it just works. Just like Apple should, just like the MAC does.

They are not losing customer base, they simply did not have free or fifty dolloar budget/junk phones for sale. They now offer the 3GS for fifty and the iphone 4 for one hundred, I think it will have an impact. I grew tired of my Droid and all of the freezes, dissapearing apps, lack of features in the same app made by Apple. Some Apple apps are evening beetter to use than the program on the PC.

Oh you are delusional... Apple is losing their customer base? Really? After their latest iPhone which the media deemed to be a small refresh and basically the same as the iPhone 4 sold 4 million in 3 days, you're going to say they are losing their customer base? LOL!
That's just hilarious. They are gaining more people than ever before. Can you even imagine any other device selling 1.7 million in 3 days as the iPhone 4 did? Let alone selling 4 million as the 4S did 1 year later!? That's absolutely insane.

It's called Copy + Paste, or the Action button within the Photos app. You don't need it within the Mail app... Obviously nobody else has a problem with this as the 4S just sold more than anyone ever thought it would.

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