App Giveaway: Farnsworth Video Communicator

Become an agent of Warehouse 13 and transform your iPhone into your very own Farnsworth with Farnsworth Video Communicator! You can send videos, audio and texts to other Farnsworth users, Facebook, and email.

If you couldn't tell from the video above, I'm having fun with this app :)

Turn your iPhone into a working Farnsworth just like the agents use on Warehouse 13!

  • Send and receive videos from fellow agents that look exactly like the messages do on Warehouse 13.
  • Send messages fast over any Internet connection: WiFi, 3G, CDMA and even EDGE.
  • Under deep cover or have an iDevice without a camera? You can send audio-only messages with an oscilloscope effect on-screen that matches your voice!
  • Post messages directly to Facebook - or email them directly from your Farnsworth.
  • Communicate securely. Only those you invite or those who have invited you can exchange messages with you.
  • Receive notifications of new messages – even if the Farnsworth app isn't active.
  • Install the Farnsworth app on multiple devices and your messages will be automatically copied via our server to all devices as you receive them.
  • Use the app on most iDevices, including the iPhone GS and up, iPad and iPad 2 (pixel-doubled graphics) and the iPod G4.
  • Check out the real-time shadow effects: They move as your iDevice moves.
  • Get messages directly from Warehouse 13! Artie has been known to check up on new agents in the field. And you never know when you might get an assignment from Claudia. Don't be hurt if she calls you a noob. That's a term of endearment. No, really.


TiPb is helping Mrs. Frederic recruit 5 new agents to Warehouse 13! To be considered, all you have to do is leave a comment below! Must provided a valid email address.

Farnsworth Video Communicator is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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There are 63 comments. Add yours.

Intheknow604 says:

I'm dying and this app is my make a wish request... ;)

Intheknow604 says:

I'm dying and this app is my make a wish request... ;)

MarcB says:

The next best thing to a tesla.

Francoissssssssss says:

this looks really fun, my friend would love to use this app on my phone, she loves warehouse 13!!

Garyn says:

I've wanted this even before it existed

Yongchaopeng says:

I want a copy~ count me in

Mr & Mrs says:

Looks great! Need two for the wife and I.

Mike says:

Very nice! I love this show. Count me in!

Bill Kim says:

BEST APP IDEA EVER! If I don't win it I'm still going to buy it.

fastlane says:

Looking at these photos without lightbox is a nightmare.

ezday42 says:

love the show sounds like fun

Gr8fulted says:

Perhaps only Arite truly understands Philo Farnsworth devices. So the question is, if Mrs. Frederic is now truly dead, as it appears, is Artie actually doing this or is this a ploy by someone like HG or Sykes to plant an unsuspecting double-agent. Get me Claudia!!!! And her guitar!

Allen says:

All I want for christmas is a Farnsworth! Yes a Farnsworth, oh a Farnsworth please!

Adam S. says:

I want one sooo sooo bad.

garylapointe says:

This looks way cool! Sign me up!
PS - I always loved Aaron Sorkin dialog about Philo Farnsworth on the show Sports Night...

Azlan says:

Please Let Me Have a Copy.
Thank You

Ok_maybenot says:

Now this really looks like a fun thing.

theridge#IM says:

I'd love a copy! yes please!

Sandy says:

Wow so much fun! I'm a great fan of Warehouse 13. This would be so much fun to use! I think Arte would approve!

Xterracannondale says:

Exactly what I have been waiting for.

Rolf says:

I love Leanna's big teeth. Adorable.

joeghacker says:

Living in the "Secret City" of Oak Ridge, TN, I have been a warehouse 13 agent for a while now, but never could get a Farnsworth issued to me. This is my chance. Please help me out with a copy !!!

Kristy Lo says:

I just like winning

Ken says:

it was only a better of time before someone made this.
warehouse 13!

Banobos says:

This looks like it would be a lot of fun. says:

Warehouse 13 has revived X-Files at its best. Pete and Myka are the best. The only way to emulate is with a personal Farnsworth.

i_am_ray says:

I've been a fan oh WH13 since the first season. I knew it was only a matter of time that someone would make this. I hope I can find an iPhone case to match this!

Justin says:

Too bad it's not for the 3G

parvezjj says:

ohhh sweeet! would love this app

Jestr2 says:

is a great fan of Warehouse 13. I would love to add this to my iPhone. Thank you for your consideration. (

Juan Garcia says:

Agent Garcia reporting here!

Newbornfugur says:

Love WH13, this app is too funny. Would be cool if you could send video messages to anyone as a MMS. What's next, Tazer is going to releas a Tesler, LoL.

Kit VP says:

Wahoo!!! Now I can help save the world :)) I'm so proud to have a farnsworth.

John Bowersox says:

Sign me up. W13 is one of my favorite shows.

John Bowersox says:

Sign me up. W13 is one of my favorite shows.

JayDJr says:

One of our favorite TV shows

CoDy McCollum says:

This is pretty awesome. I love Warehouse 13 and would love to become an Agent myself...

DKNOW52 says:


kbduvall says:

Hah! Awesome. Sign me up!

Tuikka says: