How to create a Google+ Page for your brand or business

How to create a Google+ Page for your brand or business

Just hear about Google+ Pages for brands and businesses and want to know how to set up one of your very own -- just like TiPb's done? Google makes it stone stump simple to do, so launch your favorite web browser, get a beverage ready, and follow along.

  1. Log in to your Google+ account
  2. Head on over to
  3. Choose the type of brand or business page you want to setup - Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution, or Organization, Arts, Entertainment, or Sports, and Other.
  4. Each type has many sub-types so read carefully and choose the one that applies best.
  5. Fill in the name, website address, and agree to the terms of service.
  6. Choose a profile picture for your page and use the draggable handles to crop it just the way you want.
  7. Give you Page a tagline. Something short and snappy that conveys what it is and piques interest.
  8. Share your new Page with your personal account's circles, if you want.
  9. Start a conversation on your new page, connect it up to your website, and tell the world about it!
  10. And... you're not done. Creating a Google+ Page is just the first step. Now you have to share, hang out, and get all social with it!

Have you created a Google+ Page for your business or brand? Tell us about it in the comments and let us know if you have any tips on getting the most out of them!

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Reader comments

How to create a Google+ Page for your brand or business


On an Android phone, tap "red button" three times, then tap "the green button", then tap "enter button", then tap....oh crap, I need to go back one page and correct a which button do I use to go back....oh here it is....I think......AHHHHHRRRRR......that wasn't the back button, that was the exit button!!!! Oh well....let's start this again....

I don't get it : just created a Business Google+ page and wanted to add infos in the "About" section but for the world of me I can't access it !!!???!?
It keeps taking me back to my personal profile to (my google+ profile which I used to create the page) I Have a business page with no info I missing something ?

I had the same problem. You're most likely switched back within your personal account. Click on the little arrow next to your photo (on the hOme page) and switch to your Business Page. Then go to the profile page and you'll see the blue Edit button.

Thank you! I was having a terrible time trying to figure out how to get back into the page I had just created.

Blocked? I was able to post mine to the FB business/Fan page for the company. I'm still looking for how to add people to the page, to help admin it,... hopefully that'll be added soon. But yeah, FB didn't block my post.

I just did, too. When I originally tried it (5 attempts) it gave me "There's a problem..." messages. So, I google the error and found people were saying Facebook was blocking them (the earlier personal profiles). Guess they've changed their tune.

One good thing about pages is that you can create more than one page per profile and delete them at will -
Means you can freely play around and figure out things without worrying about getting stuck with a stupid mistake.