Review + Giveaway: Golla Bags for iPhone 4S

If you're the type of person that doesn't like to put a physical case on their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, the Golla line of pouches may be more up your alley. While you aren't using your iPhone they'll do a great job of protecting it as well as giving you a bit of storage space for things such as credit cards or an ID.

I took a look at two different kind of Golla pouches - the Golla Jacinda Smart Bag and the Golla Bay Pouch. The main difference I noticed between the two were the material type. The Bay Pouch had more of a corduroy feel to it while the Jacinda pouch was more of a mesh on the inside.

Both cases fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S extremely nicely. I felt like the fit wasn't loose enough that my iPhone would fall out but it wasn't tight to where it was a pain taking it in and out each time. I also liked the ability to keep my credit card, bank card, and ID in the front slot.

I hate carrying a purse so anytime I can get away with not having one, I do. This case made that possible. I found myself frequently using the carabiner to attach my phone to my belt loop or laptop bag. I thought this was extremely convenient. I never really found a use for the lanyard.


  • Very nice fit with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • I felt as if it honestly did protect the phone in most instances
  • Great for anyone who wants to carry their device naked or with just a body shield
  • Extra room for credit cards built into the case
  • The included carabiner makes it super easy to clip the case onto virtually any bag or pair of pants
  • A wide variety of colors, patterns, & styles to choose from


  • Doesn't play nice with form fitting cases which will make the phone too thick to fit. Certain thinner cases seemed to work but thicker ones won't.
  • Doesn't provide protection while you are actually using the device
  • You will have to take the device out or put it in bottom up when you need to charge your iPhone


I'd recommend this case for anyone that typically prefers keeping their iPhone naked. If you use an actual form fitting case on your iPhone you'll most likely have to remove it in order for it to fit inside a Golla bag. This would probably go along nicely for those that use products like Wrapsol or InvisibleShield.

The Golla Bay Pouch and the Golla Jacinda Smart Bag are both available in the TiPb accessory store.

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated


We're giving away a couple (2) of Golla bags! Just head on over to the TiPb iPhone accessory store Golla bag page, pick the one you like best, a

Ready... set... go!

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bl4ck0ps says:

Yes please! I like the GREEN ONE!

Bethany!!!!! says:

Love that I can put my iPhone and my cards in the spot! and of course i love PINK!

teejaywhy says:

I would like this one because it's pink and flowery and would look great with my white 4S!

jarodsfisher says:

Do those remind anyone of the cigarette holders that people use?

jarodsfisher says:

Anyone else think those look like the cigarette case that people use?

Michael B. says: the pink one. I would love this. It would get my wife off my back when I keep telling her to put her phone in a case and she replies "It's not as pretty in a case"

Kristy Lo says:

Totally love the Thug one, I'm Canadian, however I would pay thr shipping if I won! ;)

Rutger Tiesma says:

I would like to get this golla, because i don't want that my Iphone 4S getting cold. Also i want the black one, than i can reconize my phone in the snow when i drop it.

Mike says:

This one is pretty cool. Looks like an "outdoors" type with those colors. Thanks again for the chance to win!

Ian Eberle says:

With this case, I can store my credit cards for easy access instead of having to fight through my wallet.

Wynncy says: like Golla very much because it is stylish. I used to buy this when I was still in the Philippines.

Wynncy says: like Golla very much because it is stylish. I used to buy this when I was still in the Philippines.

Sam717jr says:
wow! this is exactly what I have been looking for. A wallet style bag that holds my naked phone and some of my stuff. excellent idea!

Sam717jr says:
wow! this is exactly what I have been looking for. A wallet style bag that holds my naked phone and some of my stuff. excellent idea!

Geoffrey Robert Miller says:

I like them best they last forever. And you can use them anywhere.

GeorgeM says:

Golla Zone Phone Wallet for AT&T iPhone 4
Cause i need to get myself a gift

Bacco says:
I like the look and everything black when it comes to my iPhone.

Owlcitybelanova says:
Im new with my iPhone this is my fisrt iphone and i loooooove it more than my life

Andrew112 says:

Check this out APPLE freaks !!! >>>

imatty says:
with this pouch, maybe my wife will stop dropping her Iphone or at least cushion its fall !

Wmc2330 says:

Love the fancy Golla Bag. Throw it in your bag and not to worry about your phone getting scratched. Perfect item!

ranna azam says:

these are very nice n unique Golla bags for the safe keeping of i-phone.

Shellit9719 says:

As I write this, I am going through iPhone withdraws. My home button stopped working, and then Voice Control possessed my phone. Waiting for Apple to send me a new one - should receive it tomorrow. Perhaps if my iPhone had been safe and snug in one of these ( ) handy dandy bags, it would have been protected from Voice Control Possession.

Shellit9719 says: Pink, of course. Because pink is scientifically proven to reduce the chances of Voice Control Possession.

Beth Grushka Cox says:

I love the Golla Bag with Butterfly!

Ylimani says:

the black one
it will be a gift for my gf since she is getting an iphone soon