How to set up iTunes Match on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

So you've subscribed to iTunes Match and now you want to know how to set up your iPhone or iPad to use it? No problem, it' just a few ticks and taps and you'll be on your way to iCloud music goodness!

  1. First you'll need to jump into Settings and Music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  2. You should see a new setting at the top for iTunes Match. Simply enable it. It will ask you to confirm as well.
  3. Your device will now start to match your library in the background. You can also choose to show music on your device that you have the ability to download but don't currently have on your device. I have this turned off but you can enable it if you'd like it to show up in your library.

That's pretty much it! You're now set up on iTunes Match. If you run into problems or issues during the process check out our TiPb Forums for answers to commonly asked questions as well as to ask new ones!

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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How to set up iTunes Match on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


So let me get this straight. I have 30GB of music, I have to buy itunes match for 24.99 and then subscribe to an icloud plan that has 30GB+ for music alone? I have about 4gb of stuff in icloud now but I certainly dont feel like upping my icloud plan to support icloud for all of this extra cash.

Thanks for the clarification. I felt like I would have heard more about this and heard more about people complaining that music takes up all of their icloud storage.
Thanks for the tip!

i'm not sure i fully understand the google announcement but i think google music just dropped the beta and now offers 20000 song streaming with a service that works just like match, that is no uploading. All for free. that's according to engadget. if what i say is true and an accurate understanding it's a serious threat to a pay service from apple. i already wasn't going to buy a subscription because it costs money and for many of a mindset like me this will be a very nice alternative to icloud.

i'm not sure what you mean. i don't understand without a complete sentence. sorry. Are you trying to say Google music still requires you to upload songs individually? Regardless if so that means the engadet article is wrong or poorly written.

ahhh. there is not matching. Engadet just edited their post.
'Update: There is no matching function to the new Google Music, so uploads are still a part of the equation, though the service does sync your songs across devices once you've sent them to the cloud. "

Got Match set up on my home PC, work PC, iPhone and iPad. While the matching was far from perfect, it did work pretty well overall. I really like having access to all of my tunes everywhere. Well worth the cost of a cup of coffee or two per month.

i love it how they get so ectexid over video call and a new display and have to make a 6 minute video to explain why this excites them

I have bought and syncronized iTunes Match on my laptop and home computer with access to all my library. They recognize it find, however, when I try to "turn it on on my iPad and iPhone" it says I am not subscribed. Any ideas?

We were interested in the iPad 2 and Facetime because of their mobility, but come to find out that it will only run on WiFi. Why not just use Skype from a laptop?

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I did what was asked in the video; but once I turned the iTunes Match on a pop-up came up saying "You are not currently subscribed to iTunes Match. Use iTunes on your computer to subscribe."

What am I supposed to do now?