App Giveaway: for iPhone is a new iPhone app that plays music to suit your mood. That's right, let know what kind of mood you're in and it'll automatically build a playlist to match it. If you like a little more control, you can save and edit your favorite playlist to fit your exact needs.

Making great mixes shouldn't be a chore. Whether you're out-and-about, or relaxing at home, you want the right music and you want it now. automatically builds playlists to suit any mood, at the touch of a button.

Simply pick a mood, and will build a playlist for you, using the music that you love.

  • Community-recommended playlists, based on a mood of your choice.
  • Automatic rating of song moods via the community.
  • Manually rate song moods according to your own personal preference.
  • Save and edit your favourite playlists to get them just right.
  • Let your friends know what you're listening to via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Share your favourite playlists via Twitter and Facebook.


The good folks at App Sandwich Limited have given us 5 promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below telling us who your favorite artist is. is available on the iPhone for $3.99.

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There are 86 comments. Add yours.

Iocon says:

Will it work with Tom Waits?

Iocon says:

Will it work with Tom Waits?

msprunck says:

U2 is and will always be the best!

Donnie Adams says:

Right now I am liking Future of Forestry.

Laelipoo says:

Metric (and this looks really neat)

Jack Davies says:

cutsie: Bloc Party
sad: Death Cab For Cutie
happy: Manchester Orchestra
angry: System of a Down

terryzx says:


Ramon Niebla says:

my best artist would have to be arctic monkeys :D

DamnSkippy says:

Honestly I can't name a all time favorite artist I tend to jump around all the time.

Andrew Shah says:

My favorite artist is Brand New.

Jessica Ramos Edholm says:

fav artist of the moment would have to be Adele.

techmom#IM says:

This looks great. I usually put my iPhone on shuffle in the car and then get a strange mix. This should tone it down some. Favorite artist? Storm Large. Today.

Wesleynakamatsu says:

My favorite artist is zak brown band for happy sublime and morphine and angry or work is disturbed and system of a down and road trips are at king cole and when it's kiddy time Taylor swift for my little girl and the muppets soundtrack!

Jaime says:

Jango cannot play Dino Saluzzi, argentine bandoneonist. Can you?

Kristy Lo says:

Lily Allen and Bob Marley...depends on my mood! lol

MRiatti says:

Great song w/ he and Sarah Brightman "Time to say 'Good-bye'"

BillyG says:

I like when Andre Bocelli sang w/ The Mormon Tabernacle Choir "The Lord's Prayer!" (Mt 6)

deanandbek says:

Gotta go old school! Earth Wind and Fire, the Commodores, all that great 70s sound! Then of course cannot resist Ole Blue Eyes and Dean Martin to go back even further! That will put you in a good!

Aaron R says:

Eddie vedder and peral jam.

Dr Isiddiqui says:

Any Indian (Bollywood) song.... Only if this app can make it happen (a challenge)

Purpl3moon says:

Pink Floyd can't wait to try the app!

Ikendrickd says:

I would L❤VE this app!!! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE can I have it?

Ikendrickd says:

Adele is my favorite artist. Her voice sends tingles up my spine.

jrephoto_op says:

Heart my old time favorite

Krodman says:

Nodes of Ranvier or Lamb of God - I like to keep it heavy

Terrence says:

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Ptillar says:

this look like a must have app

Jenn Wiard says:

Not one favorite ... digging Reliant K's Christmas album currently!