RichardSolo Macworld Discount Still Valid

So Macworld 2009 has come and gone. Sad, yes we all know. Although, that does not mean all of the special deals that were going on at the show are gone! One of discounts still floating around comes to us from RichardSolo.

Are you someone who has issues with your iPhone not having enough battery life to last you a full day? Well here is a option that you may be interested in. Enter the RichardSolo 1800, battery back up. From now until January 30th, enter coupon code 'Macworld' at checkout and you will get $20 off your very own RichardSolo 1800 which retails for a cool $69.99.


blockquote>Now we're introducing our newest backup battery, using Apple's proprietary connector: the rechargeable RichardSolo 1800 Battery — just snap it on and it begins to charge instantly. It is certified both "Works with iPhone" and "Made for iPod", and for both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

For full details of this handy device be sure to keep an eye out for Rene's review coming soon!

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RichardSolo Macworld Discount Still Valid

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I don't normally comment on blogs but your post was a real call to action. Thank you for a great read, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check in now and again. Cheers, Amy xXx.