Track your shifts with PayCal for iPhone

PayCal is an iPhone app to help shift workers, freelancers, and students keep tack of their hours. It supports multiple jobs and multiple shifts per day and calculate gross pay per shift and pay days.

PayCal is a unique new iPhone app that allows you to easily schedule your work shifts using an efficient and beautiful gesture-based tray interface. PayCal also is the only app available that instantly translates your hours scheduled into gross pay per shift, as well as pay days.

  • Simple, Easy To Use Interface for Managing Shifts
  • Supports Daily and Monthly Views
  • Shift Templates for Recurring Shifts via the Shift Tray
  • Easily Add One-Time Shifts
  • Unpaid Break Time Option for Shifts
  • Pay Schedules Unique to Each Job
  • Automatic Gross Pay Calculation
  • Color-Coordinated Jobs
  • Easily Adjustable Shifts in Daily View

PayCal is available on the iPhone and on sale for free until the end of today.

[App Store link]

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Track your shifts with PayCal for iPhone


Hi guys,
We have just changed the price in the app store back to FREE until November 2nd so you guys have a chance to get it. It might take a bit to update so it may still show 99 cents right now, but I promise we have changed it to free and it should change very soon!
Sorry about that.

I don't think so - unfortunately we have no control over this. If you would like to email Apple's iTunes Support they will probably be able to help you with this.