TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings: Blake Lively, Courtney Cox, Ellen, Jessica

Hello everyone and welcome to TiPb’s weekly celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings roundup! Time to take a little break from your daily routine and relax with some gossip from the world of the rich and famous. What do all of these celebrities have in common? They all were spotted with an iPhone or iPad, of course. Check out a ton of pictures after the break, and if you spot a celebrity rocking an iPhone or iPad, drop us a note at news@tipb.com so we can include them in the next roundup, next week!

Please note: Some pictures may from time-to-time be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so use discretion when viewing.

Here is Adriana Lima before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with her white iPhone.


Blake Lively checks her iPhone while she soaks in some sun in a tiny bikini.


Courteney Cox flashes... her iPhone... at the paparazzi while exiting a car.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi enjoy an afternoon out.


Gwen Stefani rocks her iPhone in a white case.


Fitness expert Jennifer Nicole Lee keeps her iPhone safe in red.


Jessica Alba keeps her iPhone handy while she feeds the meter.


Kate Hudson turns her iPhone camera on the paparazzi while fiance Matt Belamy hides in a Tesco bag.


Maria Shriver strides along with her glasses and iPhone.


Loyal TiPb reader Erin got to meet the one and only Marilyn Manson at a signing. She was surprised to see he rocks a white iPhone, which she asked about. He loves it!


Sara Gilbert was spotted with 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry. Is that an iPhone in Sara's hand?


Country singer LeAnne Rimes shows off her..iPhone.


Something looks amiss with Miley Cyrus' face, but I can't figure out what's up with her. Still got her iPhone though, so that's good.


Darryl gets his iPhone game on while doing some leg lifts on The Office last week.


Thanks for the tips this week _heatherly, the brother, and Cafeina!

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Reader comments

TiPb celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings: Blake Lively, Courtney Cox, Ellen, Jessica


I enjoy this site but seriously what the hell is the point of this? The iPhone is so commonplace now it's not out of the ordinary to see, yes even famous people, using it.
I'd prefer to see you post pictures of celebrities still using a Motorola RAZR. Now THAT would be out of the ordinary.

Come on guys, give them a break,its neat to see different celebs with their iphone, but why in the hell is Ellen Degeneres amongst celebs? I loathe her/him/it !

Hmm. Last I checked she is actually a celebrity. I didn't know the people for these postings had to go through screening by Asdollah Mirza.

The question you should be asking yourself is, "Why has my pathetic life circles around hating on a blog site?"

Now an x-ray of a celeb with an iPhone in their colon or vag would be worthwhile...