Sneaky iPhone Developer Wobbles Around Apple's "Boob" Ban

Warning: Video possibly NSFW-ish. If bikini bouncing will get you in trouble, stay clear.

We previously mentioned in passing that Apple had rejected iBoobs, an iPhone app that presented accelerometer-powered cartoon jiggling. Apparently this crossed even the (sigh) fart app line. Well, the Register says Wobble decided to get around this by not providing any built in booty, cartoon or otherwise. All it does is enable user-definable "wobble" zones in ANY photo or image. We're guessing that while the above video makes the real focus clear enough, Wobble was likely submitted to Apple with more innocuous images, like jello or cartoon puppies or what not.

As such, Wobble is now one of the more than 15,000 apps available via the iTunes App Store. You buying it? Protesting it? Protesting out loud while nonchalantly hitting the download link?

And guys, before you get too jiggly with it, just imagine what the ladies might do in Wobble revenge...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Sneaky iPhone Developer Wobbles Around Apple's "Boob" Ban


I'm not sure that sneakiness is the right word. Right or wrong, Apple set some guidelines for decency, which were followed.
The App respects those guidelines and doesn't ship any offensive material at all. In fact it works quite well if you want to position a wobble region over someones face - their head bobs up and down.
Of course we know what people want, and what they are going to use it for, but it is up to the user. That said, this application will go down in history as being responsible for the wobbling of most breasts since the Baywatch opening credits ;-)

Love it! Definitely an equal opportunity application with more entertainment value than most of the games. No offense taken.

Darn... I dropped my iPhone and it accidentally downloaded Wobble. Guess I'll have to find a use for it now. :shock: