Quick App: Warcraft Characters

Here we have Gathorc, Dwarf Paladin from the Skullcrusher server (Gathorc gives a big shout-out to Guild Benevolent!). Sure, he's one of those annoying Alliance toons, but nevertheless to our eyes he's definitely got some bragging rights: getting exalted with Stormpike takes some serious grinding time, maxing out Herbalism is nothing to sniff at, and check out the list-o-purple, below!

If you have no idea what the previous paragraph is getting at, move along, nothing to see here. If you're proud of your World of Warcraft Toon and want to be able to show it off on the go, might we recommend our favorite of the iPhone WoW apps, Warcraft Characters (iTunes link, Free).

You can search by character name without having to specify your server, get full views of Basic info, Stats, Combat Stats, Gear, and Reputation, and of course save your favorites to more easily show them off.

Because, honestly, we know that you can't stop thinking about WoW and are going to bring it up the next time we're out -- you may as well have the ability to explain why in the name of the Earthmother you spec'd your Tauren Hunter Marksman instead of Beastmaster. Seriously, don't you read BigRedKitty?

Small gallery after the break! [gallery]

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Reader comments

Quick App: Warcraft Characters


Another alliance toon... jeez, what is this world coming to.
Although, this really is an awesome app. Best part is, ITS FREE!

this is a nice App, to bad WoW sucks. It's a timesink addiction based formula only to pull in those who are weak of mind.
Remember folks. video games are meant to be fun. Not work.
that is all.

Hmmm. We have a WoW hater!
Remember folks. Not every WoW player plays all day every day. Most, in fact, actually have very successful "real lives" and have FUN playing when they do.
I wouldn't consider myself "weak of mind" being that I graduated with distinction with a math degree and got an awesome deal for grad school (tuition waver + stipend) while playing WoW at the same time.
Sorry for the rant. I hate stereotypes.

I completely agree. Yes, I play WoW, but only when it does not affect my real work/life. Just as much as I play COD4 or GTA4.