Apple and Microsoft Working to Bring Exchange DirectPush To iPhone, and Cure World Hunger


God and Satan join forces to bring Microsoft Exchange Hell spawn DirectPush support to iPhone, offering all the benefits of Windows Mobile (and then some) to Jesus phone users. This according to Mary Jo Foley at Zdnet.

Here’s what I’m hearing: Apple will announce this week — possibly as soon as June 27 — that it has licensed the Exchange ActiveSync licensing protocol. Via the licensing arrangement, Apple iPhone users will be able to connect to Exchange Server and make use of its wireless messaging and synchronization capabilities.

This will no doubt elicit a loud HUZZAH! from those of you that use a hosted Exchange service, like myself. Though personally I'm thinking of dumping the Microsoft ecosystem and using a mashup of various solutions like Google apps + .Mac.


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Apple and Microsoft Working to Bring Exchange DirectPush To iPhone, and Cure World Hunger


This new capability will obviously be announced once the AT&T business sales can offer the iPhone....What compant will buy a ass-expensive phone like that for their employees is beyond me, but it's great news!

True, but iPhone isn't targeted at enterprise customers. This feature will have more impact on individual subscribers using a hosted Exchange service like 4Smartphone or 1and1.

Don't read anything at Roughly drafted and without knowing that site is full of more crap than the Augean Stables. It is totally pro MAC and anti-Microsoft and post blatant lies. I may have major issues with Microsoft but they do make business products and Apple makes great consumer products. The IPhone is a consumer product until it no longer is.