iOS 5.1 features: Delete individual photos from Photo Stream

iOS 5.1 features: Delete individual photos from Photo Stream

The just-released iOS 5.1 beta 2 adds a small but incredibly important feature to iCloud's Photo Stream -- the ability to delete individual photos.

Take a very personal photo only to find, horrifically, that it was suddenly part of your Apple TV's screen saver? Leave your iPhone unattended and suddenly you've been [junk-bombed]( on all your devices? No longer... at least if Apple is good enough to leave individual deletion from Photo Stream intact in the iOS 5.1 release version when it's made public.

Here's hoping.

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Reader comments

iOS 5.1 features: Delete individual photos from Photo Stream


For $99 a year you can join to get the updates.
You'll be in the developer program, but it won't actually make you a developer....

So I might be able to use photo stream after all :) I have a horrific story regarding photostream and apple TV... it immediately got turned off on all my devices.

I like to think that I'm thankful the ScarJo thing didn't happen when the new photostream went live.
Almost had a few "HOLY MOTHER OF TOENAILS" moments.

Why do you constantly relate this to taking NSFW pictures? Seems like a bizarre obsession.
The iPhone camera isn't exactly perfect - I take a lot of blurry pictures that I then re-take. It will be nice to keep the photo stream free of clutter between devices.

Seriously, how many people over the age of 23 take NSFW pictures of themselves with their phone? 3%?
If you're stupid enough to do that, when you know it could end up in front of millions of eyes, you deserve all of the grief you get.

I love how things that should have been released originally inherent with the service are now added later and ridiculously referred to as "features"! Apple's hubris is palpable... and laughable.

You can always create your own perfect phone operating system that always ships with every single feature that should be there from the start. I'll wait for it with bated breath.

Come off of it.
Apple doesn't always make intelligent decisions when it comes to their systems. More often than not, they do.
However, the photo stream idea must have been QC'd and tested by mentally damaged rats, because every other person on the planet is aware of the stupidity in "all or nothing" with regards to pictures. Seriously, even for poor quality/blurry pics alone not being able to delete is ridiculous.
Then let alone the other less appropriate applications.

You don't keep inappropriate pictures on your iOS devices, good for you.
Some people do, somtimes accidentally.
Take your prudish arrogance elsewhere please.

It's about time. I don't really need screen captures, items I took photos of at the store (to remember price/specs) or the 20 pictures I tried to take of fireworks synced with all my other computers...

Now all they have to do is allow me to leave an iMessage group chat, and fix that static when I'm on the phone, and the phone will be perfected.