BlackBerry 10 superphones not arriving until late 2012

RIM announced their Q3 2011 results today, including the bloodbath that is PlayBook sales, and clusterfrak that is BlackBerry 10 superphones not being available until late 2012.

RIM needs to either get it together and become the competition we sorely need, or hope their stock drops low enough that CrackBerry Kevin can buy them with left over watch money and turn them around himself.

Either way, it deeply angers me to have to say, I told you thusly.

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Rene Ritchie

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BlackBerry 10 superphones not arriving until late 2012


I think this is RIM's problem. they try so hard to stay relevant so they release information about a project ages before it comes out (like the playbook) and buy the time it comes out people have lost interest or technology has surpassed it

It's the Co-CEO's. Fire them both and get one man to do a better job. Clearly, this CEO Team isn'g getting the job done.

Love the Big Bang Theory reference... I informed you thusly!!! Awesome and and to Kevin: Blackberry sorely needs to be owned by some one who is passionate about their phones, I carried a Blackberry for 4+ years and with the recent phones released I switched to iPhone because you could tell that level of craftsmanship and dedication to quality was gone.