Apple sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad case infringements

Apple sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad case infringements

According to BusinessWeek, Apple has apparently issued a notice of complaint against Samsung for patent infrignements tied to the cases Samsung uses on their tablet and smartphone devices.

Apple issued the notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia over the cases, and will file a statement of claim, Apple’s lawyer Stephen Burley said at a hearing in Sydney today. Samsung’s lawyer Katrina Howard said at the same hearing the company was served with the notice that the cases infringe at least 10 patents.

This comes hot on the heels of Apple loosing an effort to keep Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 off the store shelves in Australia last week. Samsung also recently dropped a bid for a temporary injunction that would have prevented Apple from selling the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in select countries.

Apple is currently taking time to gather evidence before the case begins, but it looks like we can add another mark to the growing list of Apple vs Samsung disputes.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Image credit: SlashGear

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Reader comments

Apple sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad case infringements


Hahaha. Awesome. I'm picturing the boss in Christmas Vacation when he's trying to get Clark out of his office. Except at Apple it's "Sue somebody. Anybody! And sue somebody while I'm waiting!"

It's not stupid at all...what is you designed something that was great and decided to patented it. Then some other company makes the exact same product, ummm hello... you'd be suing them as well.

Did you know apples iphone guy went over to Samsung...know your facts. This happens all the time. Unfortunately if apple employees didnt sign a non disclosure form then they are screwed

What would be the point of obtaining patents for your creations, if you then do nothing, when you feel somebody has infringed them?

seriously, why won't samsung just come up with their own stuff? their like the sister who says she hates the other sister, but obviously wants to be just like her