Recalled first gen iPods now being replaced with current models from Apple?

It appears as though Apple's iPod nano G1 replacement program is now sending out current model iPod nano's instead of refurbished originals.

Some users initially reported receiving their replacements quickly but the process slowed substantially over the last few weeks and a backlog built up. Now appears as though Apple is using current models to speed up the process.

So,if you're in the replacement program, have you received any word on your iPod yet?

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

Recalled first gen iPods now being replaced with current models from Apple?


Just sent my info in. Waiting for the packaging. If I do get a new nano I'll be golden with it. Can't find the proper cases for the old nano anyway. This way I'll get the watch case for it.

They were overwhelmed with demand (who knew so many G1's were out still there?!?!) so return packaging delayed. Just received my packaging and mailed in my wife's old white nano. Brand new Nano as replacement for super old Nano equals very classy move on Apple's part. Hard to top that for customer satisfaction.

Confirmed. Just checked the note that Apple just sent me about my return nano. Cross referenced the serial and it's a 6th gen iPod nano. Sweet!

I can confirm this on my end. Sent in my black 4gb 1st gen for replacement; got a silver 8gb 6th gen back. Count me as pleased.

shoooot didn't even realize the new ones are the touchscreen ones. Figured they were sending out the last click wheel version.. Shouldn't have told my mom that I sent it in :-(

Hi Henry,Not that I know of. But if you head over to SurveyDeck and rqueest it, I'm sure they would look into it for you.Thanks!Brittany on Tue, Mar 22 11 at 11:37 am

'product replacement pending' since Dec 14th. How long does it take from this point to receive the replacement?

Mine was "pending" from Nov. 16 `till yesterday. That said, it's going to depend on Apple's refurb stocks. (...and is probably on a per-region basis, considering mine shipped from inside my state.)

James, when Steve Jobs was psieentrng the new IPhone 4, the screen suddenly froze. Even Steve, who is known to be an excellent presenter was unsure of what to do. When he asked an employee if he had any ideas about how to fix the issue, someone from the audience exclaimed Verizon! . Despite perfect comedic timing it looks that Apple will stand by AT&T.

Nice oponiin, Abe, but could you tell me why iPods don't have Bluetooth? Macbooks have that fantastic iSync feature but why no Bluetooth for iPods?

read this article and put in my serial.
have had this thing in a drawer since going through 2video ipods 2 touches and 2 iphones.
if its a 6th gen id gladly take it to the gym over my touch or iphone.

Still waiting for mine, I really hope they send me a 1st gen iPod as the speakers have will only fit this generation iPod, unless Apple want to send me new speakers too!!!

Just got shipping info. Serial number matches up to an 6th gen model. Pleased as punch here. I just hope doesn't come pink.

Registered on Nov 14 and just got the return package on Sat, Dec 17 and just sent it back to Apple on 20th. Now waiting and counting the 6 weeks period.

New 6G or refurbished 6G? Have received return packaging and Apple has received old Nano and now under "Pending replacement" Looking forward to new Nano soon!

I received my replacement today. It is a 6th generation, multi touch 8GB model and I think that it's awesome. I had pretty much wrote off my 1st generation so getting this in the mail was a nice start to the new year. I'm also happy to say that it's gray and not the pink that I feared.