Google Voice update preventing users from actually making Google Voice calls

Today's Google Voice app update seems to have -- wait for it -- actually broken the ability for users to place calls with their Google Voice number.

When attempting to make a call it appears as though it is connecting like normal, but if you look at a caller ID it will show you your actual cell phone number, not your Google Voice number.

Hopefully Google will fix this will all due haste. In the me

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Google Voice update preventing users from actually making Google Voice calls


my problem is when receiving a call it will advise to press "1" to receive or "2" to send to voice mail. When I press one or two noting happens it will just keep asking me to press either number. Very frustrating just gave up on it a disable call screening.

broken for me as well, on an AT&T number. i can't believe how shoddy google's qa on this app has been since day one.

Are they required to make it with like you want it to? I only hear iPhone users complain. Seems to work fine on other platforms from what I've read.

Would someone please clarify for me whether Google Voice makes VOIP calls over 3G and/or wifi? I thought it was blocked from doing so by the carriers.

I use Talkatone on both of my iPhone 4s. VOIP calls are an option over WiFi or cellular - through Google's servers. Cellular over ATTWS 3G is pretty good, but just OK over VZW EVDO; I'm using the Standard compression - I've made a few VOIP calls on a friend's ATT iPhone 4 over 3G using the paid Premium compression and it's really good.
I paid for the app awhile ago - Talkatone allows for multiple accounts/GV numbers. Worth it.

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After the install/update, reboot your iPhone. We use GV in my company - every install without a reboot didn't work, every install with a reboot worked.

I'm using GV Connect instead - much more flexible than Google's own app and works great on the iPad as well!

I returned from Dominican Republic in September and for my shock I had over $600 in international charges. I was sure I used Google Voice and very confused were those charges came from.
I can not believe Google can fail this bad but it happen over and over again with most people.
Now I no longer dare to use my google voice app. Instead i buy google credit to talk internationally from US and use my land line with the access number they give you.

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