Send in the iClones! Windows Mobile 6.5 Services Edition!

Welcome to 2009, where Microsoft will -- at some point later this year or next -- release versions of what Apple released in 2008!

Our frenemies over at WMExperts have the details, and we have the snide remarks:

  • SkyMarket looks to be the App Store done Microsoft's way. Does that mean each app will ship in Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Really Professional, Ultimate, and 8 more server SKU's?

  • SkyBox, which if MobileMe is "Exchange for the rest of us", makes SkyBox "MobileMe for the same of you?". We can only guess it's a repackaging of Hosted Exchange and Live! services, so join in on the Sync Toy/Live Sync/Live Mesh/Azuze MPD-brandfusion. It will, reportedly, run on non-WinMo devices (which is actually a Very Nice Thing).

  • SkyLine, either a business version of SkyBox(!) or a Mobile clone of iDisk, depending on who's reading the tea leaves.

Microsoft, like RIM, Google, and Palm have to go in this direction. Apple opened a floodgate with the AppStore, no doubt about it, so while we poke some friendly fun, we also hope this gives Apple more competition, like the new Palm Pre, so that Apple has to up their game and give us iPhone faithful more functionality faster than we might otherwise get.

Anyone racing to pick up an HTC FUZE and try it out?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Send in the iClones! Windows Mobile 6.5 Services Edition!


I love Windows Mobile. I only have to put it in a customers hands for 90 seconds, and they happily sign a 24 month contract to get the iPhone.

I don't think Apple is going to change much for the competition. They are most likly going to rely on their customer base and reputation for clients. Steve Jobs said somethings along the lines that he had never seen anything like the AppStore do as well as it has. My guess if anything - they are going to allow more categories of applications into the AppStore.

Exactly. They never do change for competition. They simply ignore people's stupid ideas and let the competition cater to them.

Umm, Windows Live and its ability to sync between Windows Mobile and "the cloud" has been around longer than the iPhone and MobileMe.
Apple makes great products - I own quite a few including an iPhone - but please stop pretending like Apple invented every product / service out there and everyone else is just copying them. In many cases Apple offers the best and most user friendly of what's out there, and just like the original Mac OS Apple saw the true potential of something that already existed. However, Apple didn't invent wireless Sync, touchscreen phones, or even multi-touch. They were first to market with an all touchscreen phone and deserve a lot of credit for that, but quit pretending like they are the only one to ever have the idea.

Apple doesn't seem to react to what others do so I don't see a panic " ohh my god the iclones are coming" iPhone in the future

Iphone was not the first all touch screen phone.
This phone looks...boring something from like 4 years ago.
The only phone i like is the PRE ^_^ but don't think it can stand against the iphone i doubt people would cancel their contract for it.

Here's an apple. We're going to compare it to our orange. Shine on you crazy fanboys, shine on.
Let's just look at several things the Iphone wasn't first to do and claim others who do them are ripping off Iphone ideas.
Best of luck with all your fapping.

Why do iPhone batters troll this site so much if the iPhone is so horrible let it fail on it's own. The pre better be damn good the way people are hyping it up

@Jeffdc5: Its called "jealousy and bitterness."
They'd rather just continue suffering than admit defeat. Since we don't have that problem, we never visit their sites because we're not interested in anything they have... but they ARE interested in what we have.
The Pre will suck, of course, like everything else not made by Apple.
Poor baztards. :lol:

as a gadget lover the PRE looks awesome to me!! but i will not be buying it because i am an iphone fanatic. One of my bosses has been looking for a good alternative for the iphone on the SPRINT side(where the companys fleet is) and this looks like it will be it and all I can say is I wont hate setting it up for him :).

What's up with you guys?
The iPhone is a very fine piece of technology. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's the best handheld converged computing and telecommunications device I have ever used (and I've tried a few).
But, and here's why I am seriously questioning your intellectual capacity, most of what it does has been done before, by other handsets.
The first touch screen only smartphone I owned was the Qtek 1010, built by HTC in 2002, running MS Pocket PC Phone Edition. In 2004, the 1010 was replaced by the Qtek S100, also a touch screen device running a Microsoft OS.
Most of what the iPhone can do was available on Mirosoft phone devices in 2002. It didn't look nearly as good or perform nearly as well, but most of the basic functionality was there. Apple even licensed the abysmal Exchange mobile push technology in favor of using the more robust, less battery draining open source solution of IMAP Idle.
And there are loads of things that MS devices have been doing for years that the iPhone just fails to perform. Like copy-paste, video calls, A2DP, BT contact beaming.
The capacative touch screen, the responsiveness and usability of the interface, and the simplistic design makes the iPhone a remarkable device that I feel no desire to replace with any of the current "competitors". But apart from that, it does not do anything out of the ordinary.

We get it the iPhone wasn't the first tondo anything move on. I was a long time windows of user and windows mobile/blackberry addict. I have no hate for those products. I recently jumped ship to apple for one reason their products work and the work the way I want. People go around spending hundreds of dollars on the next big thing breaking contracts buying handsets all because if hype. I have a dozen friends that had blackberry curves ran out to get the storm only to be crushed. Just buy what fits you and your lifstyle stop worrying about whose a "fanboy" because they defend a good product. Who cares in one year a cooler phone will be anounced and again and again as long as I got my iPod and phone in one I will never jump ship those are my only two concerns. If you want to be connected to as many people as humanly possible all at once get the pre

I am rooting for other phone to get better it's the only way the iPhone will get better as well.

Out of curiosity how old r u?. I didn't know there were girls into gadgets let alone ones that kinda sound like they know what they're talking about...... definitley not where I'm from

Don't take it the wrong way I was just curious after reading your replys to other posts and how you owned a couple of the guys here

huh I'm 21 and your point is???....i'm still unsure of what you're trying to get at. Are you stuck in the 18th century under a rock? you must be if you didnt know girls liked gadgets ....our cell phones are just as important as any accessory.