iOS Jailbreak developer's take on Android's user experience

iOS Jailbreaker developer's take on Android's user experience

Noted iPhone Jailbreak developer Grant Paul, better known as chpwn, has started the ICS Papercuts blog to share his thoughts on user interface and user experience inconsistencies in Google's latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand has responded, agreeing with some of Paul's complaints and calling him out on others, and Paul has now responded to Hildenbrand's response as well. It's a great discussion and an important one and hopefully we'll see more like it across sites and platforms. UI and UX are iterative processes and criticism is the fuel that feeds iteration.

Consistency is something I've harped on as well, both here on TiPb and on the Iterate podcast.

While iOS has more than it's fair share of UI eccentricities -- stitched leather and felt come immediately to mind -- it has by and large provided a more consistent experience than Android to date. The same type of control is typically in the same approximate place from one Apple app to another, and many -- though certainly not all -- iOS designers take pains and pride in following the same conventions. Like chopping wood, or reading repetitive words, it causes the chrome to disappear and interactions to become near frictionless.

Google has stepped up their design game across the board over the last year, but it remains challenged by legacy apps and interface elements, and a culture that traditionally places engineering ahead of design.

2012 represents a new opportunity for both platforms, however, with iOS 6 and Android Jellybean (Jujube? Jaffa cake? Jawbreaker?) on the horizon. Let's see what they can do.

Meanwhile check out the discussion via the links below.

Source: ICS Papercuts, Android Central response, ICS Papercuts reponse

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Reader comments

iOS Jailbreak developer's take on Android's user experience


What I didn't like about his post was it targeted several third party apps, called out an icon [really?], and nitpicked simple stuff like "item(s)" vs "photo(s)" when selecting pics/videos. I'm good for a discussion [as you know Rene] but something more than the above and "why is this button so long?" has to be provided.

I agree with most everything Paul said, but he did nitpick a few things like the items vs photos stuff.
I also think that Jerry's response came off sounding very immature and childish. It's okay to respond and call him out and clarify some things for him, but you don't have to sound like some Internet troll doing so.
I'd also like to point out that Jerry's iTunes comment toward the end is obsolete since iOS 5, correct?
I'll end with saying that I very much enjoyed read both contributions and challenge Jerry to start using and iPhone and posting "iOS Paper Cuts"

iOS has the second best keyboard, after Windows Phone. There is NO antennagate AT ALL in the iPhone 4S (differently from many android phones that DO have it)! Airprint is NOT only compatible with HP printers, the list has grown a lot! It's compatible with HP, EPSON, Brother, Canon and Lexmark printers. It has HSPA+ at least, LTE wasn't too popular until now, so Apple decided to wait so that they won't have to pay much for the technology next year. Even people who HAVE a phone with replaceable batteries DON'T carry an extra battery around, it's just a stupid statement, gosh, there are android phones that don't have replaceable batteries because no one fcking cares! Only in very rare and specific cases people need a phone with a replaceable battery, but juice packis are for that. That "small" screen was considered HUGE in 2007, people's sight is still the same I think, that's just bullsht, we have pocketability. Yeah, except that iTunes is the biggest and the best service for music, movies and TV shows, but we don't necessarily need to use it, we have Google Music, Spotify, Netflix, there isn't a single content provider you can have that we can't.

chpwn called out some stuff for not swiping and then complained about having to swipe in other places, dude make up your f'ing mind.... Jerry f'ed up by responding to the bait in the first place. Both posts seem completely trollish. Both completely biased opinions from people who devote their life to a particular UI. You won't get an honest representation from reading the OP or the response.
I have a 4S and a Galaxy Nexus. Both have problems that are complete garbage and other features that blow me away. It's just the nature of the beast. I like both. Kinda wish I could mix and match the two to create what I want, MIUI roms on Android kinda give me that option, but not completely.

This post could be pretty much summed up by saying "Guy that normally uses iOS finds Android's interface strange."
Groundbreaking stuff here.

You should probably learn how to spell "retarded" before calling somebody one. Just saying.

You sibling site posts a lot of garbage Rene. I'm not a frequent reader of Android Central, but I'm starting to see where all the ill-mannered kids with hateful ideology come from when I read the comments here. Nothing in Jerry Hildenbrand's critique was constructive, only condescending. What's worse was reading the comments to his post afterwards and having a bunch of idiots agree with him. There are just too many stupid people in the world. It's about time to give up.

Really didn't like Jerry's snarky attitude in his response. Lost some respect for him today.