Vote now for jailbreak app of the year [TiPb Awards]

While Apple did their best to Sherlock a ton of jailbreak functionality with iOS 5, the community took it as an opportunity to raise the bar and make even better apps and tweaks in 2011. Some of the updates, like for SBSettings, LockInfo, IntelliscreenX and BiteSMS updated and integrated with spectacular effect.

DreamBoard tried a new take on the old theming engine. aTV Flash brought Jailbreak power to the new, iOS-based Apple TV. And iUsers brought multiple accounts to the iPad.

As always, a group of very different, but very good apps and tweaks, and it's your job to pick the very best one. Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

Vote now for Jailbreak app of the year [TiPb Awards]

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Reader comments

Vote now for jailbreak app of the year [TiPb Awards]


IntelliscreenX. It's better than Lockinfo, does everything SB Settings does and integrates BiteSMS. It's a little buggy (currently my Notification Center page is blank) but it's Beta so can't complain.

I love BiteSMS and Lockinfo but after IntelliscreenX came out, I only use ISX exclusively. It incorporates NC seemlessly. Hands done one of the best app for this year.

ABSOLUTELY! I have a few other small tweaks installed like grid tab for safari and the app that lets you move multiple apps at once but intelliscreen x is all i need!

AppSlide should be on this list. I also have to say that f.lux makes my iDevs usable way into the night without interrupting my circadians.

wow. dreamboard and atv flash are by far the most important JB development s of the year.
ISX? are you kidding me?