Poll: Are you going to pay Verizon's new $2 convenience tax?

Poll: Are you going to pay Verizon's new $2 convenience tax?l

If you listened to Girls Gone Gadgets last night, you heard Ashley, Kim, and me debate Verizon's new $2 convenience tax -- where and when it's actually applied and how much money they stand to make from it over the course of a year. (Plus, perhaps, some mature language and impassioned ranting.) But at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anybody thinks but Verizon customers. If you're one of them, is $24 a year insignificant to you? Is it annoying but something you'll just pay attention to avoid? Or is it the last straw that drives you to another carrier? (Who might just be smart enough to phrase or hide their fees better -- cough, Sprint, cough.)

We're running a cross-site Mobile Nations poll, so vote below and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Poll: Are you going to pay Verizon's new $2 convenience tax?


It's not the $24... it's the principle of the thing. I was paying via MyVerizon, using a debit card... I'd have to pay an additional $2 a month for the "convenience" of that... its pure used oats.

agree, it;s the principle....does not make any sense that if you enroll in automatic payments with the same credit card we will not be charged....

PRINCIPLES won't keep my lights on!!
I am already paying a $3.50 fee JUST for paying my light bill.
I DON'T have ANY CHOICE.....if I don't pay it my lights go off!!!
At least with Verizon, the fee is waived if I pay e-check, which I already do. ALL of you better get used to the fact that companies are going to start passing these costs on to us. Because remember, that the REAL BAD GUYS here are the BANKS that are passing on the fees caused by the financial mess that they caused IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Um... Ok?
They are charging you a fee for using a specific payment time, they're charging you a fee for using a specific payment channel. I could understand charging for phone payments if they are through a service rep but charging a fee for making online payments that never need to looked at by anyone to be processed?

Just another way for a wireless carrier to screw more money out of their customers. I fully expect AT&T and the rest to follow suit.

I cant believe people are so uptight about this lol. I don't even see it as an issue. I voted in the store because that's how I've been paying the last few months since I moved. Its on my way back home from work. Even if, I wouldn't mind the $2.

I love TiPb but I have to ask what the point of these polls are. We do all realize that they have no scientific significance at all, right?
According to the poll, currently 30% of Verizon users are going to leave Verizon over these fees. That's poppycock & nonsense. It's cute to have a poll but Verizon is not going to lose 30% of their iPhone customers and, if they don't, I ask what the point of the poll was in the first place. Entertainment value? I think we all get that people don't like fees that carriers charge us. Duly noted.

And it's not just Verizon's iPhone customers... it's also their Android customers. Seems TiPB & Android Central are both using the same poll, the result numbers are identical on both sites.
I only know this because I view both sites several times daily. Yes, I have an iPhone 4S and I have an AT&T HTC Vivid & a Verizon Motorola Xoom tablet.

I plan on paying my bill (usually around $80) in pennies in store. I figure there's no way they could possibly figure that's convenient.

People do realize that if you normally pay online/phone with a debit card, doing the payment by electronic check (ACH) is the same thing and it comes out of the same account. I always pay my vzw bills by check acct (not autopay) and i have never had any problems. its not the end of the world.

I like the pennies idea. Better yet, pay it in a mix of pennies and nickles so that it has to be sorted and counted. ;)

Irritating? Yes. Enough to force me away from Verizon? nope. I have been with them for 10 years, and the phone service is the best. I travel out west to remote areas, and have had signal where my friends on other carriers did not. When I call customer service, I get assistance immediately, and they have stepped up their game in the stores as well. I can pay right over my phone, instantly, and it only takes me a minute to do it.I'll pay $2 for that convenience, the call quality, the service, and if I don't like it, I'll just set up auto pay.I'm grandfathered in with unlimited data, so I am not about to jump ship and lose that if I decide to come back.

everyone saying its just $2 get over it aren't seeing the big picture, yeah its only 2 but what if every bill you pay starts doing this? do you still say its only 40 a month for conveince, come on. I already give V 150$ a month for 4 phones so another 2 bucks for something they aren't even involved in for me to input numbers myself is a bit hard to swallow.
yeah i can afford 2 bucks, do i want to? no. that 24$ a year would be a lot better spent on a book, a graphic novel. almost 2 months of a online game.
i do find it funny that its $2, the exact number of everyones mysterious charge's in the past year. I guess 2 is the magic number to verizon

I used a credit card to gain the reward points. It would be worth the $24 per year for the nearly 2500 miles it adds. But since I pass a VZW store on my way home from work, I'll just stop in on my way home. I love the idea of paying with pennies though. I think I will absolutely drop about 17500 pennies into a jar and waltz into a VZW store to pay my January bill.

Verizon is noted for going after the money in goofy fees. Let's go back to the flip phone era, say 2009. It was easy to open the phone, and accidentally push the up arrow, and start the web. You hit end right away to stop it. For that barely 0.02 kilobites, Verizon charged you $1.99. 87 million customers did that little accident a month. Verizon made $300 million a month off that. Now we all have smart phones, and data plans. Well I guess Verizon needs another $1.99 fee. "convenience". Sounds more like a scam. Verizon always warns us of different scams to get our money. Guess they should add their name to that list.

All the people who don't mind being charged the extra $2 because it's not a big deal, I have a favor to ask. Please send me $2 each month, because it's no big deal.

File your VISA complaints now!
If you were using a VISA branded card, please file your complaint with VISA directly about the Surcharge Fee violation via this form... https://usa.visa.com/checkoutfees/contact.jsp
If you were using another card brand, search for their merchant violation complaint form and file your complaint please.
Fight Verizon's Surcharge Fee via these channels because it's in direct violation of the merchant rules regardless of what they call this fee.

There's an easy way to continue to be sustainable and avoid the fee: auto payment online. You can still check your bill any time, and you won't incur any fees.

You forgot the option: "I'm going to support the U.S. Postal Service by re-enabling paper billing and mailing them a check monthly."

As a Fios and VZ wireless customer, who is under contract, this appears to me to be a breach of those contracts. When a company imposes a fee on common payment methods, it changes what I originally agreed to pay to sign that contract. I smell a giant class-action brewing

I'm just going to use the fact that they changed the contracts without my signing as a breach in contract to get out of the 2 year deal I signed when buying the 4S. And most likely get the i5 instead.
P. S. I won't be paying the $2 fee either. I'll send a check

Even though verizon has changed their minds and have backed out of that fee, I would have LOVED to see you try using that line. Considering there was 3-4 other ways to pay in which you could avoid paying that fee and it would have been your choice to choose to pay in the one manner that incurs the fee, I'd love to see how far that argument got you. Why don't you actually try reading the contract you signed without even looking at because you were too excited to get your hands on your new shiny 4S? Then you'll see what you actually agreed to, before you get "all empowered". Do you REALLY think the Verizon legal army wouldn't have checked to make sure that the new fee wouldn't be an escape clause for millions of customers, but David the Ordinary Guy Tech Website Comment Poster would be smart enough to find the legal loophole all the Verizon lawyers missed? You're dreaming.