Welcome to iMore

Welcome to iMore

iPhone and iPad are the first mainstream mobile platforms -- of geeks and for geeks but not only geeks. Apple and Steve Jobs worked relentlessly to make computing more mainstream and more accessible, and they've succeeded. For some, iPhones and iPads are still the traditional mobile devices -- letting us stay in touch and get things done on to go. But they're also more -- they let us do everything from gaming to photography to music to medicine in ways never before possible. Because of that, beyond simply buying a phone or learning how to use a tablet, our community has grown to encompass so much more.

From concept to realization to rapid expansion, as Apple announced the iPhone, as they made it manifest, as they added iPod touch, Apple TV, and iPad to the iOS family, we've grown from Phone different to theiPhoneblog to TiPb. We've endeavored to bring you what you care about -- news, reviews, how-tos, apps, accessories, podcasts, videos. Everything.

But just like iPhone OS evolved to iOS to better reflect it's growing community, it's time for TiPb.com to evolve again to better reflect ours.Same team, same Mobile Nations network, only more.

You've seen some of that already. In addition to our flagship iPhone and iPad Live podcasts, shows that have always brought you the very best news and industry opinion, we've added Iterate for mobile designers, ZENandTECH to help center our inner geeks, Stock Talk and Enterprise for those in the markets and in IT, and we have more great new shows to come. We've started running developer spotlights, like DVD extras for the apps you love, and our Weekly Mods that show you how to change batteries, cameras, screens, and fix your own gadgets, and we have more great columns to come. We've started new iPhone and iPad in action forums, so you can discuss and get help with everything from videography to eBook reading to food spotting, and much, much more.

Steve Jobs believed that Apple stood at the crossroads of technology and liberal arts. We believe our community stands right there with them. More than technology, more than devices, we've come to lead mobile lives. We've come to do and need more. And with this new, faster, lighter, and more flexible site design, and more encompassing and meaningful name, we're going to bring you even more. More news, more reviews, more how-tos, more apps, more accessories, more shows. More everything.


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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Welcome to iMore


Take note some things may be out of whack as we convert everything from TiPb.com to iMore.com. Thanks for the patience. If you see anything that you think we missed, drop it on this forum thread

now you will have to watch what you say. in a video you shouldn't say, "iMore" followed by "on"
example, "Follow iMore on Twitter" it will sound like you are calling Twitter a moron.

Hey Kurt,
I'm a mod/blogger/all around fun guy on iFans.com, and iMore isn't affiliated with us. But apparently, i[Insert Four Letter Words That Aren't Curses Here] are quite popular! :)

We had to let Disqus go due to numerous issues, but we'll be migrating to a new comment system soon, can't wait for you to see it.

Holy crap - literally changed in front of my eyes.
Went to tipb.com and read a post, then noticed it said imore.com and didn't know why. So I clicked on the tipb logo and then got this post at the top.

If it cause you to get something bigger and better that you wouldn't otherwise have had the gumption and courage to move forward and initiate, then YES, losing your job can be a good thing. And even if you don't get something better then at the very least it will teach to be grateful for the things you do have and not to take the slightest thing for granted.

Boy that sure works for you when you have nothing and are starving, there's always two sides to a coin. Just go out and tell that to the millions that are unemployed. And see what they have to say about it!

Love the new site design! Feels more modern, more streamlined. (And iMore is easier to say and spell than TiPb.) Good job!

Great, because the way you guys said TiPb (tippee) was frickin annoyin'
Nice evolution in name though. I like it.

Great job everyone involved pulling this together. Exciting times ahead for this great site and the whole of Mobile Nations. Go iMore!

Far far far too much w h i t e s p a c e.
Remember how you posted stories on how to switch away from Twitter/Tweetie after their recent redesign? The one where you can only see 3 full tweets on the screen at once?

Love the new site design...hate the new name, it lacks any hint of what the site is about.

Agree, great design, name sucks. Feels like I am saying iMower. The site for iPhone controlled lawnmowers...

Yeah I'm not really diggin' the new name either. I understand the need to change the name since tipb.com refers to the old iphoneblog.com and the site obviously covers "iMore" than iphone. The name iMore has no real "character" to it. The site redesign is pretty nice though. Cudos there!

Whats up with the name? Sounds so dull and boring. Why not something more like iOSblog.com?

Love the site as this is one of my regularly checked tech sites now that I own an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S but I'm not really feeling the new name. iMore? eesh. Android Central and Crackberry are much better fitting names for their platforms.
Anyways, I'd assume you will be updating your Twitter handle as well? @TiPB

I hate to say it Rene iMore just sounds plain juvenile... I could not honestly think of a worst name.. To me when I first heard it, I thought it sounded like a cheesy porno site.. I=more-porn

I hear the name and I think of the Buymore on NBC's "Chuck". Then I picture Chuck played by Rene. Sarah played by Georgia.

Congrats on the change. The cleaner design is much easier on the eyes.
I'm with TenInchFryingPan...get Disqus back. This commenting is for the birds! :-D

I love the ease of use of Disqus. But, sadly, ever since it's become widely used it seems spammers like it just as much. The spam was atrocious :(

Disqus had too many technical issues, unfortunately. Loved it but couldn't keep it. We'll be getting something new soon. Most important thing for us was not to lose any of your comments before we switched.

Honestly, Disqus is just the easiest. It knows me, tracks my comments, etc and, most importantly, I get notified of replies. If your new system sends emails and I don't have to sign in all the time, I'll be pleased.

Rene, I hope you guys will also add news about the iMacs, Macbook Pro and Macbook Airs as well! Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings!

Like any change, it's takes a while to get used to it, but I like it!
I trust GoDaddy had nothing to with the new domain!

Any other fans of "Chuck" see the new name and giggle a little? I will now on think of Renee et all as the "nerd herd"

DUMB move! You have a well know name/brand/seo. Why screw it up?
It's like if Apple changed there name to Orange tomorrow.

Our brand isn't changing, nor the content we provide. Just our reach. Considering we don't only cover iPhone anymore and cover iPad, iPod, AppleTV, etc... it made sense. Same brand people know. :)

Your brand isn't changing? You must be joking.
You changed the NAME OF YOUR WEBSITE. Your name is the most important part of your brand.
Ya'll need to re-take Marketing 101.

Why not make it The iOS Blog (TiB) sounds better, covers all iOS devices, and actually gives you clue of what the site is about. At least get feedback first before switching to a horrible and irrelevant name.

I liked the old name. It felt better reading something that didn't start with a generic lowercase "i"...

FINALLY a name/URL that actually means something!!! I have to admit that I felt stupid pointing friends to a site called "tipb" that I always had to spell out letter by letter so that they could understand. Now much easier to let everybody know to simply head over to iMore.com. Keep up the great work!

When i'm in a thread in the forums and i click the forums link at the top to bring me back to the main forum page it sends me crackberry instead

Wow...definitely liked what @Davo said because it was getting anoyying hearing you guys think saying TiPB (tippee) was cool. It was indeed annoying. As far as the new name...I want to go back to my Blackberry so I can have a descent site to associate with.

Is this April 1st? Or is this a bad episode of Chuck? The iMore?
Where's Jeff and Lester at?
Terrible name... Why not iNation? It'd fit in better.

We wanted something short, sweet and not overly repetitive when it sat next to the other sites. As much as Mobile Nations is a network, each site is a unique community that deserves an identity. webOSnation got there first and grabbed the Nation name, so that's 2 already.
CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore...
Any change is hard. People hated iPhoneblog when we started covering iPad. They really hated TiPb when we switched to that.
Give us a chance. This time next year I'm betting you don't even remember we changed! :)

With a name like iMore, I probably will forget you changed and keep calling it TiPB. At least that was alright. iMore sounds like a cheap plastic accessory my tech-clueless sister overpaid for at bestbuy.

I think iNation stands apart on its own. I wonder how relevant webOS will be in the future anyway if worried about sounding alike.
But the point is being recognized as a Mobile Nations site yet independent. I don't see how you can do better than iNation. It keeps the branding intact. It better defines what you want to be..more than just the iphone and ipad..but the whole i-ecosystem, from stock players & enterprise to girls gone gadget...iNation. iMore begs the question..more than what?
People dismissed the ipad as a bad name off the bat as well. But there wasn't a more obvious name. It defined that product. No confusion. You knew people would get past the jokes after a bit.
I won't say anymore. I know you guys put in a lot of work and probably don't want to hear any negatives and perhaps can't go back now. I don't mean it in a negative way but constructive.

iNation was on our short list, but it wasn't our first choice and the domain wasn't available so it got dropped off fairly quickly.

Now the comments will be full of infinite suggestions for other names; should have had a contest or something.

lol @ iMore creative.. I don't really like the name either.. i actually liked TiPB though i still understand why they did it. it doesn't really have a nice ring to it. anyways just wanted to let you know the mobile site still has the tipb on it.

The sad thing is that Apple users always consider themselves creative, original, etc but then this blog actually goes with something as generic, bland, and uninspiring as iMore.

Sorry but I really like Tipb more. This almost reminds me of when Netflix was going through a re-branding and was going to use"Quikster". Fail.

thanks i started following iMore years ago when it was called tipb and i have noticed over the last year the changes that you've been making some of them i loved (like really starting to put some umph behind mobile nations instead of just saying its there and the forum makeovers some i hated at first but now i love at the moment i like the we site redesign but i really don't like iMore while it does represent what iMore is about its a cheesy crappy name Tipb was the no.1 iPhone ipad and iPod touch blog there was no need for a name change that was obvious

great with all these redesigns now you should release a free iMore app look at the allthingsD app for inspiration

Go Rene!!! Congrats! Finally a domain I can pronounce and tell people about and have them understand it and know how to pronounce it. I'll be honest. I wasn't a fan of the TIPB name when that change happened so have been hoping for a long time for another name change. It was weird to have a site I liked visiting so much have a name that didn't make any sense. Every time I've tried to tell a friend to check out TIPB it turned into a headache... have to say it to them and spell it out three times. Came to a point where I just didn't mention the sight to anyone anymore. But iMore = Easy! Love it!

iMore is a slight improvement over tipb.
But tipb was a horrible name.
iMore just sounds ...stupid? Maybe because more is an adjective.

Luvvving iMore... but did you guys think of the Italian way of saying it?
It's only one letter off amore, which means Love in Italian. When I saw the name change I didn't read it as eye-more... I read it as i-MORE-EH! Fits so well.. Love for everything I!

Ugh. How long can we continue to use tipb.com with a redirect? Pretty much have that stuck in the top of my browser on my iPhone and I don't want to have to retrain Safari. And, I'd agree with previous poster @cardfan that iNation would've been MUCH better. How 'bout getting some input from your readers next time?

Nice change to a minimal design,cool new name. Even with all the grousing I do about content, I still visit every day. Well done.

iMore officially just won worst site name of the year and it's only the fifth day of the year! But what's in a name right?

TiPb, pretty original, rolls of the tongue, I like it.
iMore, sounds like a crappy cheap apple accessory that I want to avoid because the makers can't be bothered to think up a name. Also not one I want to ever use in a conversation.
New design is great. New branding is terrible.

iMore? What the heck does that web mean? It's the dumbest, blandest, and unrelated name you could've picked. I would've sooner rebranded to The iOS Blog (TiB) than iMore? LOL.

Love the redesign, very modern but still keeps the basic structure of the previous one. Few things: I don't really get the green nav bar. Kinda reminds me of Android and Me, or just Android in general. Blue or grey would be more fitting as an Apple related site. Also, I'm a big fan of Myriad Pro, but using it as the body font is overkill. Myriad is more of a headder font to be used a a large size to appreciate its simplicity and elegance. Helvetice, Lucida Grande, or Ariel would be better, and easier to read. Otherwise, everything is awesome!
Congrats on the new name and site!

Can't say I like the name iMore. At least with TiPb, it stood for something. This doesn't really hint at what the website is about.

I personally like TiPB a lot better... It actually fits the site. iMore is upsetting and confusing.

I was just going to suggest that. Please make a poll, I want to see the results. I vote TIPB!

I really dislike the name....I read an article on Gizmodo yesterday where the author was ranting against all the companies that are releasing products/services with i-something in their name. I agree with him...if you're not Apple - you shouldn't be using "i" in front of your products name - its tacky. And iMore just really sounds silly :( TiPB made sense....The i phone/pad/pod blog. Now we have iMore....I just don't get it. Sorry guys and gals...not trying to be "that guy", but it really sounds gimmicky....

Just to add a bit (i)more to that. It seems like TIPB is really reaching these days. Is the "more" better? Girls gone gadgets, the weekly recaps with the NSFW chick, NSFW celebrities with iphones, etc. It's becoming iSpam mixed with rehashed rumors & stories from around the net.

i want More. I was shocked when I found out about the name change but it's for good reason. A lot of good changes have come lately. 2012 will be a great year for everything "i" including iMore. Keep it up!

Wow. The name iMore is just poor branding. It's not at all inclusive of site content. Sounds more like one of those cheap knock-off brands you want to avoid like the plague at NYC street retailers.
iTrends, i

iMore? Seriously?? Then I go to login, and it takes me to the Crackberry site...
There was a "Failsy" post earlier. That post needs to include this change to iMore, because it certainly is!

I'll admit, when HP hardware was canceled and I began looking for alternatives to switch to post BlackBerry should I have chosen to leave my BB curve I became much more interested in the iPhone and iOS in general. As a CrackBerry user, TiPb was my natural choice for information. At first, listening to Rene on the Mobile Nations podcasts saying tippy over and over was kind of a joke, but since I got my iPhone 4S I have become a TiPb regular and the name has grown on me and TiPb it has become one of my favorite sites. Maybe it will grow on me maybe it won't. It does seem rather bland and/or generic though.

Clearly nobody likes the name....but they aren't listening. And why should they...they never even posted up a poll like they always do with everything, and ask TiPB nation what it should be called. They don't include the people actually using the site....and like someone said,,,,if they where gonna do i-something, iNation would have been better.

I would love if they Were to post a poll, iHate iMore. I bet TiPb would win by a longshot.

Yea green is so gingerbread. Give it some time and Apple and the iwhatever blog will update to blue.

How about... iBore?
It's unfortunate that this site started with witty, snarky writing that was creative and interesting. Then, things changed. Writing talent gave way to pretty faces. Now, this site reminds me of watching a football game on television and having to endure the now-cliched on-the-field commentary from a shapely female personality that is pretty packaging with almost zero substance. Too bad the site sold out to style over substance -- I guess iMore promises more of the same 'ol. I sometimes benefit from searching the forums, but otherwise, this site is evidence that change is not always a good thing.

No, no, and no....
The name just sounded that much sheepish, the name that people who are not Apple hate. and quite frankly, I thought tipb folks could do better than this. but life will go on, right?

iMore sounds a bit odd to me, would have prefered something like "iOS Nation", but I guess the new name will sink in :)

It is your site to do with as you please, but I agree with others; the "i" thing is quite tired.

I read the blog post like 3 times and I must be retarded because I dont get what your trying to say. I looks like another rebrand. I dont care too much i will still visit the site but really another rebrand. Why just not extend the site with iMore (another section)

Come on everybody... it's iMore - all things i+More = iMore... it's growing on me.
Don't like it?? If you think it's crap - you know where the exit door is... use it.

I dont think its that people dont like it but they are changing the name again and really why not extend iMore as addition content

That's exactly what we're doing. We have tons more content on the way.
At the end of the day, very few readers liked TiPb when we switched to it but it grew on them, and now we're attached to it. But most people didn't know how to say it, if they heard it they had no idea how to type it so they couldn't find it, and in general it made the site more confusing and less useful for non-regular readers.
I'm better (almost literally!) iMore grows to be liked if not loved by even more of us than TiPb was, and the great new content not only brings a ton more readers, but helps them find us and come back for more!

One main reason people kept looking on tipb is your partof the smartphone experts. If this site was by itself you would have failed by now. SPE has spared tipb for now.

You guys shouldn't really be blogging under the influence. I refuse to accept that this decision was made when you were all sound of mind. Please change it back. Whenever you prounounce TiPb how it's spelled, I cringed more than enough. But this is just ridiculous. Don't fix what isn't broken.

We wanted something short, sweet and not overly repetitive when it sat next to the other sites. As much as Mobile Nations is a network, each site is a unique community that deserves an identity. webOSnation got there first and grabbed the Nation name, so that’s 2 already.
CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore…
Any change is hard. People hated iPhoneblog when we started covering iPad. They really hated TiPb when we switched to that.
Give us a chance. This time next year I’m betting you don’t even remember we changed!
Really?...listen to the people looking at your site....change the name. iMore sucks. Get the people's opinions. And stop erasing my comment.

When I read the iMore name I immediately thought of the Buy More on Chuck. I guess @Georgiatipb is going to need a new Twitter handle. I look forward to the new year and seeing what's coming to the site. I'm getting a new phone this year and I'm toying with an iphone, Galaxy Nexus or a Nokia LTE Windows Phone 7. Rene and company do a great job of promoting ios.

i really agree with everybody. iMore?? Come on guys Like someone else said, it is upsetting and confusing. Why change the name that fit so well?? is this going to be another "new coke"?...Please bring back Tipb!!

Once 'Zen and Tech' hit this site, it was all downhill from there. I miss The iPhone blog of three years ago. I think I'm one of a small handful of people even left from those days.

Indeed. I remember when... before the sell-out. What a shame. I still visit the site on a regular basis, but it's like MTV... what once was a quality channel with a pure, simple format... music videos interrupted with the occasional music news update... is now nothing but reality shows and hyper-commercialism. Ugh. Clearly, less is iMore.

It's unfortunate that nothing will come of our hatred for this atrocious, unwarranted change.

Add me to the "bad name" list. And don't let your marketing people tell you that it's just people resisting change. It really is horrible branding.
Btw, can we expect a change in the way stories are written? Personally I don't mind a homerish slant but the rabid fan boy type posts (like the latest one about the Samsung that looks like the first iPhone) make it difficult to take this site seriously.

POOP. Cant stand the new name i guess ill just go to IDB from now on. sell out. sounds like a knockoff on canal st in NYC. crap crap crap.

Don't be too harsh with the iMore team. We rebranded iDB not too long ago and it's not an easy task. Thankfully, readers really liked our concept. You're still welcome to read us :)

yeh web but when you rebranded you did what tipb did when going from the iPhone blog. just easier to remember but it dose not have that umph that tipb and IDB have. call me silly but like someone else said earlier its like coke2, bad branding and why fix something that is not broken.
last post here till tipb is back IDB and 9to5mac get my traffic now

the name TIPB had something unique, which made the site special already, "iMore" is just a name that can be easily confused with all the other iKnockOffs and looks more like fishing for the occasional surfer.
In my opinion, you lost style and credibility by giving up the nice brand name that you created.
Nevertheless, I hope it works out for you and the team and quality and content can further improve.

Terrible name and the site design is way too generic.
Did you guys just go with a free WordPress theme ? Come on, step it up. With sites like theverge.com , you can't continue like it's 2005.
Just like with Apple products , people now want and expect the best and not for people to play catchup to look like every other website.

Hey well if you guys hate the name and want to support a blog that keeps it less spammy and more education and news come check out my site and YouTube channel. Click my name to check it out. Thanks.

I will now bitch and moan about the change for twenty seconds, and will still keep coming to this site every day.
Carry on.

really dont like the imore, but its your site. having read the statement i came to one conclusion that i think you tried to invoke and that is a "core" of ideas. the way apple thinks and the way you say the products bring. i would choose "icore"........my 2 cents

I never had a problem with the name change from The iPhone blog to TiPb. I absolutely love the name TiPb. However, this site fell down the ranks in recent months due to the watered down blogging, news regurgitating and the endless pod casting with non-stop yap yap. Less is more!
I thought the nail in the coffin for me was when you guys started blogging about iPhone's and celebrities, what was a 5-10 visits a day reduced to about 1-2.
iMore? There's only one thing I can say to this...and that's sorry to see the slow death of this site, and for that.. iMourn.

Honestly, IMO, I strongly dislike the name change. Sounds a bit tacky and doesn't stand for anything. I also like the old look. I miss the old TIPB :/ Was way easier to read, looked simple. Now to me it's confusing and with the new imore...it's hard to see the font and looks like android. No hard feelings and I'm not trolling. Just my honest opinion.

Site looks good, iMore sounds horrible. Why not just make mobilenations.com the main site and everyone get a hub. Just seems to be a big mess with all the sites and all the podcast and name changes going on.

yeah, too many name changes. iMoron...i mean iMore is a terrible name. let's demand a new name picked by us. POLL TIME!
but of course we ought to pick names that are available.

Have to say That iMore may not be the perfect name but it sure will be easier to explain to people than tipb..
I love you tipb and I'm ready for the next step.
Awesome site redesign too !

How will it be easier? I asked my wife if she liked iMore and she was confused. Is it a store? No, it's the iphone blog i go to. That makes no sense she said. (She's never been to TIPB).
I then asked would TIPB make more sense? Definitely, she said.
TIPB wasn't perfect but it wasn't that confusing and had some branding built behind it not to mention it sounds better to say. IMore is just retarded.

"iMore"?! You can't be serious. I finally left webOS and bought my first iPhone 2 months ago and then ditched Windows and got a Mac about 1 month ago. I really appreciate mobilenations and now Tipb.
But I'll be embarrassed to refer anyone to a site called: "iMore." C'mon, you can do better than that! K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid.)

For no reason at all I feel compelled to say that I don't like the name change or the new layout at all. It will probably grow on me but like others have said the content of this blog has gone down lately. This is my only source for iOS news so I'm hoping things will turn around. TiPb was unique and had charm where as iMore sounds lazy and uninspired.

I have read this site daily for the last few years. It just keeps getting worse. This post barely even makes sense and the name is pathetic. Just deleted the site from my list of favorites... Later duds!

imore? This is a lame new name. The redesign is a great example of moving things around for no good reason too. Cheers.

Rene, I don't know if you'll read this or if this is the best way of getting to ya..
But I just wanted to suggest that you do something about the page numbers at the bottom of the page. It is a bit hard to know what page you are on because the current page number is not highlighted or anything similar.
Keep up the good work. Love the site !
Will miss Georgia saying "from TiPb.com" though :/
Looking forward to her saying "from amour.com" (imore sounds like love in french for me :P)

You all crack me up. You guys are complaining about the freaking name of the free site that provides a free service to you. What a joke and entitlement attitude. Get a life.
Rene and company, I greatly appreciate what you give to us. Call the site iCrap if you want to. It will still be my first stop for iPhone/Apple news.

I honestly cannot stand the name. So unoriginal. Seriously. But I do love the site. So I guess I have to bare with the bads to appreciate the goods ehh.

Who thinks, "iMore" sounds like "iMoron"?
Wow, what a terrible name. It cheapens the site more so than that dirty mouth girl on GGG. I forget her name but the one with all the moles on her chest, you know the chest she always has to show off her boobs.

Very nice redesign guys, congrats.
I'll have to disagree though that "Apple and Steve Jobs worked relentlessly to make computing more mainstream and more accessible".
From the onset Apple and Steve Jobs worked to make luxury products that were available to the wealthy tech savvy, and that did not contribute to make computing mainstream or more accessible. It took the PC and an arguably inferior OS like Windows to really make computing mainstream, that's why that plaform still commands 90% of all computers.
Apple and Steve Jobs worked to make it prettier and better, but never more mainstream and accessible.

They're trying hard on Twitter though. Retweeting those few that pretend to like the name so they don't burn any bridges.

On the home page in the green banner it says : "free shipping on orders over $5 I think it's supposed to say $50 :)

iMore is pretty terrible, sounds like a frozen food store where you can but 10 pizzas for $2
definitely more of a shop sounding name than an online mag/blog
back to the imoring board if I was you

Name is bad.
Did you not think of testing the name with your lovely audience after all we pay for you via clicking
on the ads etc?
Survey us or something?

This was the big secret? meh....I'd have been more excited if Georgia announced that she got a 4s! LOL!
All snark aside, I am sure you guys are excited about this new name so congrats!

iosnation.net is available and iosnation.com could probably br bought cheap. iMore is a poor decision considering those were available.

Agreeing with the minority - the iMore name, I'm not lovin' it. But hopefully the content will be great. So, "ahright, Mongorians...I pray arong..."

Such a shame, after building up brand recognition you go ahead and destroy it by changing the name. And really, iMore?

Unless the site goes back to tipb or something less terrible sounding in staying away. Hello Engadget.

Great site , terrible name .
This comment it will look like a copy/paste from the others above.
Tipb Team are you reading this ??? Most of us agree that we are not liking the name at all . It's never too late to change again.

I'm not sure I understand the reason for the change. I get the redesign, it looks good... I would have personally stayed with the blues and blacks... maybe some orange thrown in to tie everything to MobileNations but the green bar up top looks a little out of place. Nothing that can't be ignored or forgotten about. My confusion, like everyone else's, is the name iMore. Although you have expanded beyond simple iPhone blogging, the TiPb name encompassed the iPhone, iPad, and iPod lines. Most of your content directly relates to one of the three products. Sometimes an Apple TV or MacBook story makes the front page but not often enough to require a name change. Since most of Apple's products incorporate iOS, how about iOS Nation. It fits with MobileNations brand and is a blanket name for all your content. Is the site moving to an "Everything Apple" focus or is this still going to be focused on Apple's mobile technology? Can we expect a reply from Rene about the concerns we have listed? Thanks.

iMore sounds sounds like something a brat would say besides the i it had nothing to do with Apple or iOS

Oh, stop it with the website name criticisms, people! You're not paying for the domain so the onwer can change it to what they very well please! Move on and discuss some Apple products.

iMoron is better. You guy are getting too fanboy for even me. Stop the celebrity photos crap. Stop taking and posting photo's of yourselves every 5 seconds. Stop the rumours. Stop the speculation about next device because some chinese company has a new part out.
Stick with news about iOS devices. Everything else is wasting my time. Ready to remove you from Google Reader.

Precisely. The celebrity crap, the repetitive self-portraits, and the rumor-mongering is boring. Time to find that winning formula you had 2-3 years ago. Good luck with that.

Cool! I never thought Deskaway to be a famous site... I thought it's just a some other work organizer.... nice post!

As the wife of a minister and a fellow minister your thinking are quite accurate. Ultimately, minister's wives do respect and value what their spouses do, but also realize the grave statistics for families of ministers regarding the frequency of failure and missteps. Caring for the family is obviously a priority for all spouses and parents. But ministers must often also apply a great deal of care to the same issues they face to many other families as well. I applaud any minister who sees the inherent value in placing their own family high on the priority list and purposefully and deliberately works to keep it there. Thank you for taking the time to highlight such an important issue.