App Giveaway: GoodReader for iPhone and iPad

GoodReader is a family of iPhone and iPad apps for editing an managing PDF files. You can add annotations, including freehand drawings, and manage, transfer, and sync your files.

GoodReader® is the super-robust highly-rated PDF reader with advanced reading and annotating capabilities.

ANNOTATE! Annotation is a feature long sought after by users who want to add their own mark-ups to PDFs, especially those collaborating as a team on shared documents. The types of annotations that can be created and edited in GoodReader include typewriter text boxes, popup comments ("sticky notes"), text highlights, freehand drawings, lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, cloudy shapes, text underlines, strikeouts, text insertion marks.

REFLOW PDF TEXT! With the PDF Reflow feature, reading your documents is a pleasure because it extracts pure text from PDF files and automatically wraps words. This amazing feature fits all of the text to your screen perfectly. That means you never have to scroll left and right to read the text. For a better idea of how on-the-fly reflow works, sneak a peek at the Reflow screenshot down below.

MANAGE FILES! GoodReader lets you create folders, move, copy and rename your files; zip, email and unzip them; plus send your files to other apps.

TRANSFER FILES! Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you’ll be transferring files in a number of ways: directly from your computer over a USB cable or WiFi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with iDisk, Google Docs, Dropbox, SugarSync, and other WebDAV, AFP, FTP and SFTP servers.

SYNC YOUR FILES AND FOLDERS! The amazing Auto Sync feature will work with MobileMe iDisk, Dropbox, SugarSync,, and any other WebDAV, AFP, FTP or SFTP server.


The good folks at Good.iWare Ltd. have given us promo codes to give away to 10 lucky winners. For a chance to win, just leave a comment below letting us know which device you would like to use GoodReader on - iPhone or iPad (or both!). We have 5 codes for each!

Have an app you'd love to see featured on iMore? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at

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Mark J says:

iPad, but, do you have to buy it for each device?

Kasim says:

Ipad 2 please :):):):):):):)

johndforney says:

iPad2. Would very much compliment my suite of business software on my iPad.

Frank D says:

iphone version please!

Abhinav says:

I will love to have the app on my iPad2 .. will come in handy for my business needs & news update! :)

wi.lacayo says:

Please a copy for iPad and iphone

Uwe says:

the BGM is so cute __ love this tune ) it suits the video just pefcert does anybody know which is the name of this song? ) Sidney at night.. it makes me wanna plan a holiday soon

syamilshahimi says:

need it for my iPad. lots of lecture notes need to be annotate

Patben12 says:

Definitely iPad, I wish they would just release a universal app!! I hate when developers do that with apps!

Eric says:

I would use it on the iPad. Thank you!

Ralph says:

Iphone please! Cheers from venezuela! Wish i have some luck today!

Kirby says:

iPad version, please!! :)

Torrens says:

I would like to use GoodReader on both iPhone and iPad.

Jiri says:

I guess iPad is ideal device for goodreader.

Ken says:

Wow. What a practical valuable app!

Bjorn says:

This is an app I've been wanting to try a long time for my ipad

Nigel says:

Ipad version would be nice thank you

Shutriys says:

sometimes vsiitor too lazy to give responses they only came to our blog and read our informations but not contribute at least leave a comment..

Branz1 says:

iPhone. I will need this for my on the go file sharing, storing and reading app. Will love to win =) Thanks.

Wesley says:

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Muskan says:

here and there and I am gftearul to report this latest article is frankly sort of good quality and substantially better than 1 / 2 the various poor quality trash I read today

Dilpreet says:

Would love it for the iPad, please?

Bobjs says:

Ipad off course, preferrably the 3 :-)

Jonnah says:

I will use it on my iPad. Im in need for app that will help with my business and for a simple navigation for files and stuff.

Aaron Cheah says:

I need the iPad version too. Thanks.

Jozsoo says:

The iPad version, please.

marc says:

iPad-Version, pls (;

Aidan says:

Cool! iPad version please. Thanks

Oxleyrd says:

Iphone and iPad. Thank you!

gbit says:

iPhone please and thank you!

Lal says:

ktelrsyrox1 on October 24, 2011 This really does work.. It's called freebie trading.. I'm a freebie trainer.. Send me a message if you have any questions about it

Matt says:

Nice, iPhone version would be great

Chelsea says:

I would love GoodReader for the iPad before the spring semester begins!

Linas says:

iPhone please (or iPad, have both) :)

Moid says:

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Adira says:

iPhone would be great!

Justin S. says:

Would love to use this on my iPad 2! It would come in handy with school, hope you pick me! (:

Flair says:

Iphone and iPad, either will be great!

Rezabul says:

Need it for ipad . Thank you very much

t says:

iPad please and thank you!

Shawn D. says:

Please sign me up for the iPad version of this app. Thank you.

Singh7 says:

Would love to win this for both the iphone and ipad.

Martin says:

Iphone version for me please!

Sven says:

I'd Love to use this app on my iPad!

Revoliño says:

Goodreader for my iPhone please!

Elias says:

For my iPhone and portable documents, please.

sven says:

would love to receive an Ipad code!

Dave says:

Good Reader for iPhone

MikeCTZA says:

Would love to win a promo for the iPhone version, I own the iPad version and it is great

Jonathan says:

iPad version please....

Pauline says:

Very nice post, the lead in torwads the purchase, and I especially liked the build up.Keep up the great writing, I have to get my blog more interactive, and this is just awesome information.

Fyna says:

She11y on August 9, 2011 @CherylKimberleylover Yeah I was just tnnikihg about that the other day! That would've been the most ridicilous luxury SUV ever!

Kyle b. says:

My iPhone would love goodreader and a promo code would be outstanding!

Gregory says:

I bought the iPad version last week & now I'm looking to get the iPhone version.

martz says:

i want it. please hand me one for iphone4.
thanks. :)

Josh says:

iPad please please please, would be very helpful/handy. :)

Lennart Hieke says:

I would like to use it on the iPhone :) I hope I have some luck today :D This would be perfect ;)

Azzam says:

I'd like GoodReader for iPhone.

Marie says:

iPhone & iPad - hopefully don't have to buy 2x

Deidre says:

My rrsieeahdp is not very chatty at the moment and I hope that I can get a community going and then I can start trying this kind of thing out.Thanks for a great post.

Kumkum says:

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Combatdoc says:

I have been using the iPad version for a long time. I keep tons and tons of PDFs on Goodreader and links to about 4 different cloud services. I Love Good Reader and would love a license for the iPhone 4!

Fred says:

Even in Holland we like GoodReader for Ipad

Daniel says:

Hope to get the iPad version, please.

Sutasinee says:

GoodReader iPad version always on my wish list. I like all the features since it gets update.

Eric says:

I sure like to get one for my iPad 2

HawaiiGuy01 says:

Id love it for iPAD. Aloha - thanks! Or both.....

Mark P says:

iPhone and/or iPad please!

Ace samson says:

IPad! Goodreader is best viewed in iPad!

slls says:

I'd really like a copy for both iPad & iPhone. Thank you for another great giveaway...

Daniel says:

iPad please. This looks like a pretty nice must have app

Sonu says:

bro, i nllmaroy dont comment on videos that help me but after all the videos ive seen and tried, this FINALLY helped me jailbreak im ipod 4g. thanks so much

Lea says:

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Appleluver23 says:

I would love the iPad version.

Bondman says:

iPhone please! Thanks, iMore! :)

Lim Yuasheng says:

definitely the iPad. Best device to read with

Mohammad says:

ipad. You must give me this because i need it. No please.

fieznur says:

i would like the ipad version, but... i have no ipad yet. so iphone version would be more than enough for me and my family. thanks!

Nazbrok says:

Great giveaway, thanks.
Ipad for me.

Jon says:

I'd love to have one for my iphone! Great productivity app!

Robb says:

Both for me please :) Have used this app before and it is simply fantastic and one of the few that allows display mirroring on iPad 1

Robert Ramos says:

Both please... But mainly Ipad

Aaron Lee says:

i waiting for it.....the BEST & powerful Reader!!

dreeves76 says:

It could certainly come in handily on my iPhone.

Darkjake says:

iPad, iPad!! I have it or my iPhone and it's awesome.

Mircea Radeanu says:

I hope that it will be the iPad version...

Sk says:

iPad version will be appreciated.

Matt says:

I would love this app for my iPhone 4s that has the ios5 battery drain :( and my iPad 1 which got a speed boost from ios5 :)

Savas says:

Both iPad and iPhone pls

Ahmed says:

Never won a prize in my life ever, help changing my luck, even for one time....

tons-Q says:

This would be very useful on  iPad!

Craif Paterson says:

Use on both devises. And to sync with which is perfect with the 50gb free account. Great stuff.

Joseph says:

For my ipad, it will be a great addition to all the business apps that I have already. A great app for business use that would be greatly appreciated!

Mario says:

My iPad will be pleasure to have Goodreader better than iBooks.

darrinpruitt says:

Rockin it on the iPad but would love to Roll with it on the iPhone.

Mnemonical says:

An iPad code would be much appreciated.
Already have my fingers crossed :-)

techmom#IM says:

Iphone please. Don't have an iPad yet unfortunately.

Hans says:

Both my iPhone 4S and iPad 2!

Marco says:

For iPad would be great!!

hggs says:

Would love the ipad version! Thanks for the opportunity!

RichieHD#AC says:

Iphone please. Just got it, trying to fill it up with some good apps.

Ben says:

I'd love to have the iPad version, pretty please! :)

BoBby Williams says:

Would love GR for the iPhone! I have it on iPad and love it

Darlene says:

Ipad please. App shows up on quite a few of the most useful app lists.

Gilson says:

I already use Goodreader in my iPad, would like to have the iPhone version as well.

tacogy3 says:

I would use this on my iPhone

Cckok says:

iPhone version please! :)

Murshid says:

Ipad please. Always wanted to have this app.

Saed says:

Both. My gorrilla needs to read shakespear on my iPad.

Littlefishchan says:

I would really like to have an iPad version of the software, I would likely use it very often.

tjaxter says:

I'd give this to one of my teachers if I won.

Alex says:

iPhone Goodreader would save me so much time at uni messing around with PC's
Would love it.

brent lacy says:

This is just what I need for meetings with my ipad!!

Cbay27 says:

I would absolutely love a copy for my iPhone! I bought a copy for my iPad and I love it very much, but had a hard time justifying a "duplicate" purchase for my phone. Thx!

Trent says:

Iphone please! Already have it on my iPad :)

p says:

ipad please. Thanks.

Fermac says:

Amazing app, the one and only that can open .ai files on iOS.
Got it on my iPhone, looking forward to win it for my iPad!

bnpdp says:

I would definetly use it on my new ipad2 and my new iphone4s.

Dale gaumer says:

Longed for something like this

Dale gaumer says:

Longed for something like this for my ipad

mfm77 says:

I'd love the iPad version of GoodReader. I'm a teacher and a grad student, so I definitely could use a strong PDF app to help make my life easier!

Pugalenthi says:

iPhone please :) i used it from my friends iphone and it was awesome. and i liked it verymuch

Tom Heinz says:

Most definitely, my iPad!

Fred says:

French iPhone travelling all over the world!

Joe says:


kritter217 says:

Oh my gosh, the iPad version of this would be AMAZING! I work at home for case managers who are always in the field and being able to edit on the fly on my iPad would be so great and convenient!

Omar says:

iPhone 4S and iPad :)

Silvetti says:

iPad version for meeee! :D

dpolletta says:

This would be great for my iPad2! Thanks

Corey says:

I would love to use this on my iPhone 4S!

Avelarix says:

hi there. this app is great. just what i need to get my things in a better way...
if you please i prefer the ipad version but the iphone will be fine too!!!

chrisb3 says:

I'd love the iPhone version please!

dloveprod says:

The iPad version, I've been waiting for it to go on sale, it never does.

kman-iphone says:

Wow, I've been searching for a decent PDF reader for my iPad, this seems to get all of the good reviews. So would love a copy for my iPad, please. Thanks!

Mary says:

Looks Iike the comments are way beyond the ten free codes. :-(( Would have loved this for the iPhone

Ronald says:

Ik wil heel graag eentje voor ipad 2 hebben!
I really want to have one for the ipad 2!
Quisiera tener uno para ipad 2!

Bjmramage says:

Wow. This would be great! I have both but if selected would prefer the iPad version. Would help out with work too.
Thanks in advance.

Brian says:

I would love to have the iPad version please. My brother demoed this over Christmas and it is an excellent App! says:

iPhone please. I have the iPad version and it is awesome!

shikilee says:

 iPhone please !
Yeah ^_^

Jeeverz says:

iPad please! I read PDF's like it's running outta style.

Tiago Cena de Oliveira says:

I'd love to use it for both iDevices.

Bojan says:

Would really like the iPad version to complement my iPhone version of GoodReader.

NfRodrigues says:

One iPad license, please.

Cyrano says:

iPad version preferred but would be happy with iPhone version too.

RevJar says:

I would really like this for the iPad. It would be nice to work with PDFs natively on the iPad rather than work with them othe computer and the have to get them onto the iPad. My one-stop shop for PDF working. says:

I would like the iphone version.

Anthony C says:

Both would be fantastic.

Ducimus says:

iMore than ever need something like this. On both IPhone and iPad.

Colin W. says:

I would use GoodReader for iPhone to review and annotate PDFs for my job. I get tonnes of PDFs every week and an easy way to orginize and view them would be awesome! Thanks!

beyondtap says:

iPad version please. I wish this app was universal though. Your site feed in my rss reader still shows TiPB.

AC says:

I want it for the ipad 2!

Jack says:

For iPad please.

Alli says:

That'd be awesome on my iPad!

Mickey says:

My company uses Good Reader for access to network documents on the ipad. Would love the ipad version to do so.

placa5150 says:

Nice!! iPhone would be swell

stevendo says:

iphone and ipad please!! im going back to school and I could really use them!!!!

beevee says:

Great stuff, would love the ipad version.

Mariusz Bansleben says:

I would love to get iPhone promo code ! :)

Bigchris says:

Iphone 4s, this would be great to have..

MarioVeera says:

iPhone! :D it will look great!

LoriG says:

I would love this for my iPhone (if I had an iPad, I would want that, too!). I have heard nothing but good things about this app.