App Giveaway: Movies HD for iPad

Movies HD is an iPad app that provides you with a way to catalogue your movies. It will also look up data about your movies so that instead of just movie and TV series titles, you have access to all details. Additionally, if you lend a movie to a friend, this too can be catalogued so that you can easily keep track of who has your movies.

Movies HD is a movie and TV series catalog application with stunning graphics. It allows you to quickly add, find and view movies in your library (with the ability to add new movies by seeking by title using lots of data sources - so all movie details are filled in for you!). It also allows to lend movies to friends, so you can easily keep track of who you gave that copy of "Quantum of Solace" to.

  • Shelf view or list view
  • Custom genres
  • Coverflow movie browsing
  • Add movies by barcode scanning (on iPad2)
  • Supports major bluetooth barcode scanners to quickly add movies to your library (like the Opticon OPN-2002) (all iPad models)
  • Quickfind (tm) your movies (based on director, author, title, location, ...)
  • Filter movies by media, lend-to, genres, director and actors
  • Email your movie list
  • Random movie selection by shaking the iPad
  • Fully customizable movie catalog
  • Small labels to identify sorting details (based on sorting mode)
  • Handles all modern media (DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) as well as oldfashioned media (VHS, 35mm, 16mm) + ability to add custom media
  • Movies are shown using their cover (and optionally their title)
  • Movies can be lend to Contacts
  • Backup & restore


The gold folks at Netwalk have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, let us know how many movies you have in your home collection in the comments below!

Movies HD is available on the iPad for $4.99.

Have an app you'd love to see featured on iMore? Email us at, tell us about your app (include an iTunes link), and we'll take a look.

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There are 105 comments. Add yours.

Fafafoooey says:

I have around 400 DVDs dating back to 1980s stuff. Thanks iMore!

TosaDeac says:

With three kids under 4 years old i have tons of raw iPhone4 footage that I keep meaning to convert to viewable and shareable videos but like I said, I have three kids under 4 years old so it's not going well! I've been meaning to pick up iMovie for my new iPad2 and get to work in my spare time...when I have it!

TosaDeac says:

Oops, thought it was for iMovie not MoviesHD! Really wish there was an edit button on the comments so I didn't look like a fool....anyhow...I do have a lot of kids movies on my iPhone and iPad too, so this would be a way to find them a lot easier.

garynky says:

I have 750+ movies and TV series in my home collection. This would be a very nice tool for cataloging and tracking. A daunting job, but, nice nonetheless.

aidan says:

well i have just counted all the movies took me 45 minutes and i have 363 blu rays and 578 dvds so this would definitely help with my organization of all my movies!!!!!!!!

Claire says:

These videos are exnraorditary! Oh my, what a treasure. Many thanks to all who have contributed photos and videos, and mostly to Lloyd for putting this together. You have given our families roots', and a history beyond our limited pictures at home. Blessings back to you a thousand fold. Judy Fels Rasmussen (Lorie's (or Jim Jr's.) wife., Andrew and Amy (Rasmussen) Buckley and family, Mike and Heather (Rasmussen) Kozup and family

Cuilo says:

I have 800+ movies and TV series in my home collection!!! Please hook me up

Femi says:

Wow hmmmmm i have 100s going back over 10 years. So i'll estimate 350. Most are in storage tho.

John says:

I have around 500 movies in my home collection. would love to use the app!

Armo says:

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deliriousjayhawk says:

Too many! I need this app to count them!

UKFan643 says:

I used to have well over 500. Then my roommate started loaning them out without telling me so I'm down to around 400. I need a better way to keep track of them!

RevJar says:

I have more movies in my collection than I can count. A lot are stored in boxes because we don't have enough space to put them out. I wouldn't be surprised if I have duplicates of movies because I bought it without knowing that I already have it because it's in a box somewhere.
iMore peeps: hope you're all having fun in Vegas enjoy CES. Keep all the updates coming!

iKasch says:

About 130 i guess. Better sort them now before its to late..

JeremyG says:

I have too many movies to count...this would be great.

Himoe says:

I've only got about 80 of them, mostly DVDs and blurays for the kids. The collection is growing though and this little app seems to be just the right thing to help keep them sorted.

Amin says:

I have more than 300 Movies, Really good app to catalog them.

Derick says:

We have about 400 movies. It would be great to keep track of their whereabouts!

Joseph Mays says:

Wow, and I thought I had a lot of movies! Some of these comments put me to shame. My current count is just a hair under 400 (NetWalk's iPhone app tells me 394). Love their iPhone version. Wish it were universal; guess I'll have to pick up Movies HD soon. Bet it looks great on the iPad.

xionel says:

I have around 480 movies so far, between DVDs, digital copy and Blu-ray. I have a lot of TV series too, I don't know exactly how many of those I have...

bshums says:

I don't have as many movies as some of the others posting here, but I'm working on a collection, and it would be nice to have great organization from the start!

Daniel Martinez Farthing says:

I have about 500+ DVD/Blu-Ray movies. Out of those, around 300 are in my apartment, and the rest are still in boxes, since I have not been able to get around to organizing them. Not as many TV Series, but still plenty of them.

Zlannie says:

I don't have nearly as many as my sister. When we want to see a movie we don't have, who do we call "Patty Buster".

George Monahan says:

Well I only have about 5 or 6 I lost everything when I moved its been hard trying to recollect and manage a family and small online company

Dave says:

I've about 600 in a full home theater.

Pamela Grey says:

I have around 600 DVD's, and growing!!!!!! PLEASE!!

Nycbgall021 says:

I have about 300 dvd + 80 Blu.

Tallon says:

my kids make fun of me cause I have a bit over 3000 movie and TV shows... I recently grounded them and they had to start cataloging them... with this they may have to get grounded again... :)

rkbrown81 says:

I have 75-100 DVD movies and TV shows that I would love to catalog this way. I lent a show to family a while back and realized I should have kept better track of where it is. This would help!

jasonleevick says:

I have slightly over 1500.. I know, maddening.
I would LOVE this!

Ryan W says:

I have about 300 DVD and Bluray to catalog.

mndude#IM says:

over 100 titles and counting

silvetti says:

I have 184 dvd's to be precise :)

Ben Ragunton says:

I have about 80 Blu-Ray discs and over 300 DVDs. I do loan them out for people to borrow (some of which I've YET to have returned).

iCat3GS says:

I have about 5TB of movies and TV shows.

dpolletta says:

This is sweet, would love to have. Thanks.

vicsiphone says:

I have all my movies locked up and hidden...every time a family member or friend comes over they want to borrow one...I tell them I'm not Redbox... LoL...but end up letting them "check" one would definately help me keep track and at least know what I'm missing... :)

Matt says:

Too many. One reason I should probably catalog them.

Mark Kochinski says:

Around 850 dvds and blu rays at this point....and I do loan them out from time to time...

Joe Buck says:

I have about 200 on my extral hard drive, but I cycle them through the iPad probably 7-8 , movies at a time.

Habibur says:

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Liliana says:

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ED says:

I have a about 430 digital movies and about 150 dvd/blu-rays

bookimdanno says:

454, I have the iCollect Movies Pro app on my iPhone and well, it kind of sucks!

arin.failing says:
  1. lol. the reason i know that number off hand is because i just started cataloging my dvd/blu-ray collection last week. i am resorting to a spread sheet, currently, and let me tell you... it is NO fun. haha. this would DEFINITELY make that task easier.
arin.failing says:

i'm not sure how that was converted to "1", but the number i entered is ACTUALLY "487". weird. here's to hoping the right number is inserted this time.

Cyrano says:

I was a fan of DVDProfiler when I used Windows. Looking for a good replacement for the Mac and IOS.
Hope that MoviesHD will fit the bill.

Kyle says:

I don't know the exact count as my home movie collection has changed over the years from VHS to DVD to now iTunes. If I combined them all I'm sure I'm getting close to 500.

Rajaneesh says:

rrngeaover06sc on July 20, 2011 @MySamisbest actually, there is no low range. it just has high range, and i believe it has an automatic awd setting, which works the same all most others in this class.

gonzotwins says:

I figure I have over 500 movies, and could SO use this app! Thanks for the opportunity.

Jay Luft says:

I use to own a video rental store and have approximately 750 DVD's remaining that I kept. Would be a great way to catalog them for sure!

Cheznor says:

I have over 800 movies, and this app looks fantastic! I've been using the web service dvdaficionado for the longest time, but this would be much more convenient!

Jude3435 says:

I have literally thousands of DVDS and blu rays. I had to resort to throwing away some of teh bulky tv set packaging and going to DVD/CD sleeves by case logic. Anyway, I've been a movie lover and collector since 1997 when my Uncle bought me my first DVD player,would love this app!

pilotcap#AC says:

Hi, I have about 60. Thanks!

Calder says:

Oops, I have about a 100 or so and would love this.

Max says:

more 300 dvd! Thanks for the opportunity.

DarlaMack says:

I probably have over 100 dvd's that I've been working on copying to an external HD. Most of them have been scratched thanks to 3 kids and not so careful husband, lol.

thebaap says:

Have about 500-600 movies and could really use this software

Finkimeyer says:

I have about 150 Blu-Ray's and 540 DVD's. Think it would take a lot of time to catalog all Films.

E Granillo says:

I'm around 250 movies on disk & another 200 on my drive.

hjeni123 says:

1000+ DVD's and 1 TB on the computer

mgmiller68 says:

I have over 100 DVD's in my home collection. Hope I win a promo code, as this sounds like a great app! :)

Eric says:

I have well over 400 movies and really need something to help me keep track of them all. Especially love the loan tracking feature. I have lost many movies by loaning and forgetting till years later.

bbreckling says:

I have 23 movies, not too many but After I have seen a movie I give it to someone who has not...

DoubleAron says:

I have a little over 1000 (1013) and it would be awesome to have the database on my iPad.

mk3s says:

I have like 125 DVDs in my collection.

soNburst says:

i have 1 like 600 movies. thanks

snowbutterfly says:

Hi! I have about 300 DVDs (TV series and movies) that I've had to rip and put onto a hard drive to bring with me to university. I loathe having to keep them with someone as I worry about them being damaged, but worse off, I hate not having access to them!

maddmaddmaxx says:

I would love to have this. Been looking for a way to inventory my collection for easy reference!

Brandon says:

I'm not big on DVDs(PPV up in this), but of course, I have my favorite Christmas movie; Die Hard. I also have all the Harry Potter movies(in a special drawer with my Slytherin scarf, wand, and all the books). And who could forget my favorite movies of all time? Titanic and The Notebook! Thanks iMore, I love your site! :)

Seamus says:

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zsukm007 says:

I have 125 blurays and 525 DVDs.

Annette says:

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Fede says:

Just starting... but already 25

dobomo says:

Last estimate is about 650 in my collection. About 150 opera DVDs, and about 100 in PAL format.
Currently, they are arranged by case size in my limited storage space. Need more slim cases.

frydiggity says:

I've got about 400 movies. I've seen a friend's copy of this app and like the looks a lot. Seems like it would take a lot of work to catalog everything, but.....worth it?
Still one I'd love to own.

Aaron M says:

I have about 100 DVD's and a few hundred video files. This would be great to actually see what I have instead of having to dig only to find out that I never had it in the first place.

Carol says:

Would really love MovieHD, as I create and make movies I could at least keep track of them. Now I use a old office 2003 version to keep track. I also have over 80 laserdisc that would be nice to enter. Thanks for the chance.

Depri says:

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skykid says:

I have about 700 movies in my collection

Cristina says:

Over 300 movies and TV shows. This would be so nice!!

HGG says:

About 50 DVDs and 70 BDs
This app is sweet, by the way, I have the free version.

smmiami says:

This would be great for me.

Jay Mobile says:

I have about 455 DVDs this would help me categorize them

LarryFlynt says:

Well I can't compare to some of the numbers people are posting here, but currently I have approximately 240 movies in my media center folder, and probably another 300 DVDs remaining that I haven't yet had time to convert over for the center.

Bacco says:

Not as many as most people here...about 50-60

dmt316 says:

about 400, lost track after the 5th bin that i filled

Delrahim69 says:

I have 100s of movies from VHS, DVDs and even a few laser discs but I love watching on my iPad 2.

Raymond says:

I hope I win. I have about 200 movies in my collection!

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Don says:

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Roney says:

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