France to get an almost transparent Apple Store

Aix en Provence, France is getting a new Apple Store according to ifoAppleStore. It'll be constructed in a way that'll make it almost transparent. It will be modeled somewhat from the New York City Apple store on the upper west side. A store near me in Lincoln Park, IL already has an almost all glass design as well.

Aix en Provence receives heavy tourism and could be considered a prime location. The area has seen a lot of construction lately with the addition of several up-scale stores and shops. The store should open to the public by late 2012 or early 2013.

Source: MacRumors via ifoAppleStore

Allyson Kazmucha

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tona says:

Itd' be hot if it'd be 100% transparent on ALL sides. (Have the bathrooms and whatever else you need to hide in the basement)

Allyson Kazmucha says:

hahaha with a secret bat cave like entrance

Brendan says:

I look forward to the inevitable "People Walking Face-First into Apple Store Door" tumblrs.

cl8baller says:

I wonder what kind of glass they will be using.

Apple Forever says:

HeEey ,they will off course use the Gorilla glass

MRF says:

A transparent roof would be awesome in a nice rainstorm particularly a night time one with frequent lightning.

tlo07 says:

I understand they want to make their stores like beautiful works of art but it seems to me they are putting form before function. It will have to be cleaned every hour on the hour or it will be full of fingerprints and bird poop. Yuck!

mesanford says:

Ah, the Emperor's new Apple store! Only those with pure enough belief in the company can see the walls.

Watcher says:

Hmmm... Transparency. Now only if they could operate with that concept!

Tim says:

This a private corporation, you dolt. The only people they have to answer to is the stockholders.

Watcher says:

It's called a joke "YOU DOLT"! I take it humor has escaped you?

francolasalsa#IM says:

i'm more of a Georgia guy myself

Freiteez says:

All the apple stores near me in so cal are in malls :/ unless I drive past 5 of them I get to one that's not in a mall over an hour away

Cody Allison says:

Someone please flag and remove the above comment. This guy is an idiot.

christina says:

cool, id really like it to have transparent roofing and all that shiz, itd enhance business

christina says:

it should be see through on all sides, it'd draw people to france, and enhance business

hediye says:

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